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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Evaligrass Artificial Grass Fence is manufactured from high quality and UV protected yarns to provide maximum resistance against all weather conditions.

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Expertise in Professional Installation

Our expert installation teams work diligently to perform the most accurate and fastest installation, even in projects designed in the widest application areas.

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High Customer Satisfaction

Quick response and correct interaction is our basic principle in customer service. Our most reliable references are the customers that we have served so far.

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About Evaligrass

Evaligrass, an Integral Group brand that has become professional in artificial grass fence manufacturing and applications, is always with you to provide sustainable ways of creating green fields! Our environmentally friendly, cost-effective and maintenance-free grass fence panels and rolls are the commitment of a new approach.

With our talented and creative team, we have been serving in the artificial grass fence sector based on quality for many years. We create high-performance and unique atmospheres by greening many living spaces at home and abroad with the expertise of Evaligrass.

The focus of our projects is to manufacture the most accurate artificial grass fence systems that meet the needs of the area, are safe, long-lasting and tailored to the needs and create more attractive spaces by implementing their applications.

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Grass Fence Services


Revamp your outdoor space with expert design services from Evaligrass! Combining innovation and aesthetics, Evaligrass provides customized solutions tailored to your preferences, seamlessly integrating artificial grass fences into your environment.

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Experience a seamless artificial grass fence journey with Evaligrass's maintenance services. Our team provides regular maintenance to uphold the durability and aesthetic appeal of your artificial grass fences. Leave maintenance concerns behind; we take care of the details.

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Turnkey Solutions

Discover the simplicity of turnkey solutions with Evaligrass. Managing every step from production to installation, we offer a one-stop solution for your artificial grass fence needs. With our comprehensive turnkey services, we reshape your spaces from start to finish.

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Research - Development

Stay ahead of the curve with Evaligrass's cutting-edge Research & Development services. Investing in innovative technologies, we strive for continuous excellence, bringing you the latest advancements in the field of artificial grass fences. Trust Evaligrass for pioneering solutions in the industry.

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Agreement with former Malian national football team player Samba Sow.

Agreement with former Malian national football team player Samba Sow.

Grass wall panel

Best Wall Grass Applications for Commercial Areas

Grass fence systems, which are visually appealing due to their ornamental appearance, are employed in many settings.

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Trend Garden Fence Ideas

Artificial Garden fences are now much preferred. As the usage areas are increasing day by day, many garden fence ideas are also emerging.