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Discover the simplicity of turnkey solutions with Evaligrass. Managing every step from production to installation, we offer a one-stop solution for your artificial grass fence needs.

With our comprehensive turnkey services, we reshape your spaces from start to finish.

Frequently Answer Questions

Grass fences are landscaping elements that provide a natural grass-like appearance while defining areas. They are commonly used in gardens or parks. They resemble real grass but require minimal maintenance. Made from high-quality plastic or synthetic materials, grass fences offer an aesthetic appeal along with durability. They are easy to install and come in various sizes and colors. Grass fences serve as an ideal solution for organizing your garden and marking boundaries.

To install an artificial grass fence, start by preparing the area and ensuring a flat surface. Unroll the grass panels and secure them to the fence posts using zip ties or screws. Trim any excess material and ensure a snug fit. Finally, inspect the installation for any gaps or loose edges and make adjustments as needed.