Best Wall Grass Applications for Commercial Areas


Grass fence systems, which are visually appealing due to their ornamental appearance, are employed in many settings. This fence, consisting entirely of artificial grass, will give your spaces a natural look. This grass look can be easily applied to fences, wall coverings, and mesh wires. You can ensure your safety with a natural look by choosing these grass-like fences for your outdoor spaces. Wall grass is a coated product consisting of grass-like synthetic threads and covered on a silk curtain. Although generally used as green, artificial grass panels are products that can be colored upon request. If you have a different landscape project, you can use the color you want for the purchase.

Grass Fence Panels

Grass Fence

Grass wall panels made of stainless steel wire are special PVC materials. They have the functions of fire resistance, fade resistance, aging resistance, and splash resistance and can be cleaned as needed. Although they are used with the panel in the part without a support element, the wire mesh between the wall surface and the column can also be used as a support element. Additionally, artificial wall grass panel is washable and paint-resistant. It can be assembled according to the desired dimensions and dimensions. You can cover the exterior walls and walls of various buildings with grass using grass fences.

Usage of Grass Fence Systems in Commercial Areas

Since artificial wall grass has a natural grass appearance, it is frequently preferred in commercial areas, sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, around pools, cafes, restaurants, gardens, terraces, venues and villas, roadsides, and walls. In addition to creating a green and spacious appearance, it is also durable and saves the company from the maintenance costs of green areas. Since it is made of artificial grass, its structure remains unchanged for a long time like the first day.

Grass fences are used for decorative purposes and are widely used today as it is resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays and is easy to clean. In fact, you can apply it to the artificial wall grass panel and use it anywhere to give it a natural look in commercial areas and you can use this product for 4 seasons to prevent rain, sun, wind, and all weather conditions without any problem. At the same time, the application range of the product can be expanded, as the product is not easy to burn when it catches fire.

Fake Grass Wall Decor

The use of fake grass wall decor has become very common today, and some cities have even started using grass fences to cover their trash cans. This material covers not only the walls but also the inside of the underground passage. If you have a garden or are implementing a construction project, you can safely use this product. New projects bring new products.

Grass fences are cut between two wires with sharp blades and winding is done. In this way, grass fences are created, and at the same time, it is a very durable product with the use of durable materials. Grass fence systems are very often preferred outdoors, especially in gardens. Stainless steel and PVC coating are used for grass fences. In this way, even in bad weather conditions outdoors, the fence is not damaged in any way. In particular, it has a stainless and non-oxidizing structure. This way, you can use grass fences outdoors for long periods.

Grass Fence

You can choose grass fences not only for decoration but also for security and private space. These fences, which are in a frequency that prevents the view angle, ensure that your private space is kept in your home. It also keeps strangers and stray animals out of your garden. Furthermore, grass fencing is used on a variety of levels and locations.

Evaligrass and Wall Grass Applications

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"This grass look can be easily applied to fences, wall coverings, and mesh wires."

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