Using Fake Grass for Wall


Fake grass for wall is used in the areas where we spend time, to feel good and to get a beautiful view. Artificial grass used on the wall is preferential because it provides a natural appearance. As Evaligrass, our expert team is always ready to create spaces where you can have a good time in your home, workplaces and gardens. Having remarkable design ideas, Evaligrass provides the chance to use grass fence panels in different areas.

Evaligrass fake grass wall decor has products that you can use in summer and winter with its color preservation and grade production in all seasons. If you want to turn your living spaces into places where you can have a good time with your family and friends, you can touch us. If you are looking for a corporation related to fake wall grass, Evaligrass will be the right choice. We serve not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world. For example, France, USA, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Austria, UK, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, Nigeria, Sudan, Turkmenistan and many more countries.

In this article, you will find all your questions answer about fake grass wall panels. In the rest of the article, what is a grass wall? how to make a grass wall? Where are fake grass walls used? You can find answers to questions such as.

Where is The Grass Wall Used?

fake grass for wall

The use of fake grass for wall decor is increasing day by day. It is preferred both visually and because of the regularity of the spaces. It is also very easy to install and use. Grass fences wall do not fade and age when exposed to sunlight. It offers the user the opportunity to use it for many years. It is a product that you will be satisfied with in terms of price performance. The usage areas are also very wide. We can list the usage areas as follows;

  • garden walls
  • around the site
  • building sites
  • restaurants
  • terrace edges
  • balconies
  • road edges.

The most preferential areas are gardens, eating house and cafes. Artificial grass panels are preferred in kindergartens and nurseries. It is also used in these areas in order to spend pleasant and quality time for children. Artificial grass is preferred more because the use of natural grass is both expensive and difficult to maintain. As you can see, artificial turf has many advantages.

How to Install Fake Grass for Wall?

Fake grass for wall

The installation of grass fences consists of very simple steps. We can explain these steps in two ways. We can explain it by dividing it into two as users who have previously had a grass fence and want to change it, and users who have not had a grass fence before.

  • For users who have built a tall grass fence before, grass fence is installed on the existing wire mesh fences.
  • For users who have not built a grass fence before, grass fence can be installed regardless of concrete, soil or stone wall. It will be enough to specify on which ground you want to have a grass fence.

When you choose Evaligrass, you can be sure that we will take action immediately upon your order and complete the installation of your fake grass fence in a short time. We attach importance to customer satisfaction during ordering and installation. We provide services to you as a fast company during information transfer by giving importance to communication. Our priority is to listen to our customers carefully and present the product you want with the questions we ask.

In the article, knowledge about the use of grass walls is given. Where the grass walls are used and how they are installed are explained in detail. You can contact us for the mentioned topics or different questions and also to get price information. If you want to order a grass wall, you can contact us at our e-mail address and place your order to [email protected]. If you want to get more knowledge about grass fence roll, cheap grass wall, it will be enough to fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

"Fake grass for wall is used in the areas where we spend time, to feel good and to get a beautiful view."

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