What is The Grass Fence? Where are They Used?

grass fence using areas

Making living spaces more beautiful is one of the oldest passions of mankind. We all want to design our homes, workplaces and the environment we live in a way that is pleasing to the eye and realize this design in harmony with nature. This is where artificial grass fence comes in. Artificial grass fence, an alternative to real grass fence, grass wall and vines, is today’s new decoration trend. Moreover, this trend offers many advantages in terms of both decoration and cost.

Artificial grass fence is one of the kind of designs used in artificial grass applications with its decorative appearance. It is applied around houses, workplaces or sports areas for decorative and security purposes, allowing the aesthetics of the living spaces to be more special. So, what is artificial grass fence? What are the features and advantages?

Artificial grass fence panels, steel wires are obtained by applying PVC. Artificial grass panels, which can be produced in desired lengths and sizes, are preferred due to their natural appearance and ease of use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor places, with grass fences you can create decorative partitions, your own space. The PVC material used in its production makes artificial grass fence resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV rays of the sun. You can use your Evaligrass artificial grass fence for many years without being exposed to rust, decay and deterioration. Fake grass fence, which stands out with its washable properties and resistant to color changes, is widely used in landscaping and wall decoration works.



Artificial grass panels offer long-lasting usage advantages with their material quality and resistant to external conditions. High UV protection and superior resistance to sunlight. Highly resistant to water and flames. It preserves its natural appearance for years and gives a fresh and fresh image to the areas it is applied in every season.

Secure Areas:

Another advantage of artificial grass fence panel is the possibility to create safe and private spaces. You can make it special for you by surrounding your living spaces in an aesthetic way. Decorating the surroundings of your home or office with artificial grass panels in a natural beauty gives you safer and more aesthetic spaces. Artificial grass fence is the most economical way to construct spaces that are isolated from the eyes and isolated from the outside environment.

Environment Friendly:

Artificial grass fence provides environmentally friendly solutions to create spaces that are compatible with nature and human life. Unlike natural lawns, you can save money on your water bills with artificial grass fence panels that do not require irrigation. With artificial grass fence, which allows you to create green areas in four seasons, you can design more spacious and pleasing spaces and beautify your environment.

Budget Friendly:

Being budget friendly is one of the most effective factors on artificial grass fences being selected for many purposes. Natural grass maintenance difficulties and high maintenance costs are not present in artificial grass fence. Since it is very durable, it does not require renewal for many years and protects your budget from maintenance and renewal costs.

Easy Setup:

Artificial grass fence panels are also very easy to install. In just one day, you can make your living spaces look more beautiful. As with natural lawn, you can design green spaces without fertilizing, sowing and growing, and you can easily perform the decorative applications you want to suit your taste.



Refers to the material covering the lower surfaces of artificial turf. It is a type of adhesive coating. Thanks to the tread applied to the bottom layer of artificial turf fields, artificial turf fibers stay together intact and without deterioration.


Refers to the reaction of the ball to the playing surface. The ball-surface interaction is important to determine the performance of the ground as the ball moves along the surface. In each sport, the competent bodies have the ball-surface interaction of the playing fields tested by the accredited institutions and report compliance.



Do you want to have a perfect garden in your home? You can make your garden more special with artificial grass fence. You can meet your security need aesthetically by surrounding your house with grass fence which is both decorative and safe application. Artificial grass fence, which you can use on your home terrace or balconies, will make your living spaces look more natural.

Commercial Areas:

Artificial grass fence is one of the most important decorative applications for businesses and commercial areas. You can use fake grass fence to transform workplace environments into more specific areas, set workplace boundaries and meet your security needs. You don’t have to spend time on fake grass fence, which is budget-friendly with maintenance-free features. You don’t need a gardener anymore thanks to the fake grass fence applications that offer unique beauty opportunities for commercial spaces!

Parks and Gardens:

Artificial grass fence, which is preferred because of its aesthetics, is an excellent solution for parks and gardens. Artificial grass fence, which is a preferred application in parks, gardens and children’s playgrounds, not only gives the landscaping a pleasant appearance, but also allows the design of safe playgrounds for children. Artificial grass fence panels come to the forefront as a product preferred by the municipalities because of their maintenance-free features, they offer the same comfort in summer and winter and do not require cutting, pruning, irrigation.

Sports Fields:

Artificial grass fence panels stand out as a decorative application for surrounding football, basketball, athletics and other sports fields. Artificial fence panels that make sports fields more pleasant and pleasing to the eye are a good solution for creating healthier and sportier spaces. Artificial grass fence panels can easily determine the boundaries of sports fields if you want to create separate sections for each sport branch.

Road Sides:

Artificial fence panels, which provide opportunities for modern urbanism, enable the design of more aesthetic and green spaces by applying them to the roadside. It is possible to make the streets look more modern and add pleasure to the roads with artificial grass fences. Since it does not lose its natural appearance in four seasons, it offers unique images for the city dwellers and it is among the indispensable decorative applications of modern cities with its environmentally friendly features.


Nobody wants to look at empty walls, right? Artificial grass wall applications are an excellent alternative that will save you from the empty and gray appearance of the walls. Artificial grass wall panels, which can be easily applied to the walls, can make the garden walls of your home and work places look perfect.


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