2023 Synthetic Fence Types

Synthetic grass has been at the top of the customers’ wish list this year and it seems that this product will stand the test of time in the upcoming year, 2023 too. Its remarkable properties are the reason why behind this popularity. Released into the market as rolls and panels, synthetic fence will definitely be the customer’s first choice when it comes to decoration and security.

As we are slowly approaching the end of this year, we leave our old habits behind and look for novel things. Decoration is fun and grass fence wall add a little spice to it. There are various matchless ways to use them in your decoration projects when you want to change the atmosphere of somewhere as well as well-known ones.

We mentioned that what makes synthetic grass an in-demand product is that its qualities. To have a clearer idea on that, let’s discuss them together in the following section.

Why Synthetic Grass Fences?

Synthetic grass fences come into our lives as life savers, especially when we think about how dangerously our world is facing with the consequences of humans’ thoughtless acts. Our natural resources are reducing day by day, deforestation is becoming a huge problem and our nature is about to diminish.

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    We are focused more and more on protecting our world and nature. Using natural grass in several areas for decoration and security purposes, might have adverse effects in the long run. That’s why fake grass is the perfect alternative to use in many areas instead of natural grass: Simply it is an eco-conscious choice to make.
  • You don’t need to irrigate them and waste so much water in this process. Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering as the natural one does. Therefore, it is safe to say that cleaning them is much easier. Brushing them regularly will keep the product in shape.
  • Synthetic grass fence elevates the atmosphere of the place it is installed to. It gives the area a chic, luxurious look. It doesn’t differ from natural grass in appearance; thus, it is difficult to separate them from each other at the first glance.
  • They are economical and help you save money since they don’t require to be irrigated or disinfected regularly like natural grass. The product is not expensive to buy as well.
  • Synthetic grass fence panel is practical, easy to install and easy to remove when needed.
  • They are hardwearing even in the harshest weather conditions ranging from cold climates to warmer ones.

Types of Synthetic Fences

Grass fences are released into the market as rolls and panels. Both of them are practical and functional products that are sold like hot cakes. Thanks to their advantageous nature and eye-catching lush appearance, these products can be applied to anywhere easily. They are especially used in landscaping areas but also can be installed to parks, restaurants, shops, living rooms, etc. As well as outside, they can also be placed inside of the places for interior decorations too.

  • Grass fence roll is a product that is 2m in width and 10m in height. Each pile is opened and connected to each other before applying.
  • Grass fence panels on the other hand are known as portable products. They are manufactured and prepared in line with the dimensions that the customer needs.

Please note that even though the standard color of grass fences is green, customers can choose between different color alternatives if they wish. Finding novel grass fence ideas and getting creative with these functional products are so easy. In accordance with what you need, you can choose the one that suits your project best.

Who Are We?

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Welcome to Evaligrass! Have you been looking for synthetic grass fences? Then, you are exactly at the right address. As Evaligrass, we are manufacturing and selling best artificial grass products, following the technological advancements in this industry step by step.

Using high quality raw materials and delivering eco-friendly solutions as well as customer support is crucial for us. What we value most is communication and answering the needs of our customers. Therefore, working in touch with our beloved customers is how we follow up the process in their projects. We deliver solutions in accordance with the specifications made by you.

As Evaligrass, we release different types of grass fences into the market such as panels and rolls. You can view them in detail by visiting our website.

The Cost of Synthetic Grass Fences

Calculating the exact price of artificial grass fences depends on several criteria such as the grass fence type, the color, and the size of the product, etc. Upon deciding on these points, the total cost can be calculated.

If you wish to get informed in detail about synthetic grass fences, you can contact us by filling out the form given below. Our professional team will respond as immediate as possible.

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