Evaligrass offers turn-key solutions with its experience in the field of artificial grass fences. We have the capacity to handle your projects studiously, including design, production and implementation. Dozens of successful turn-key projects that we carried out so far both in Turkey and abroad are an indicator of our commitment to quality and speed. In our turn-key projects, we offer from a to z testing and ready-to-use solutions.

Taking on the project management from you, we take full responsibility and provide an advantage for you. As a turn-key project executor, we offer planning, infrastructure services, construction works, implementation, performance supervision, maintenance and warranty support, and deliver your projects to your hands without leaving you alone with subcontractors.

As Evaligrass, we are ready to take on the entire task with the competence we have in actualizing your custom turn-key projects in accordance with your synthetic grass fence needs for gardens, sports and landscaping areas.