New Trend Lawn Fences, Eliminating Walls

new trend lawn fence panels

The decoration concept of each period develops very differently from each other and a certain period takes place in our lives. Changes in tastes, requirements of the age, developments in raw materials and technology change our understanding of decoration and include different applications in our lives. Artificial grass fences are one of these decorative applications. Now the new trend is grass walls and stylish wall decors designed with artificial grass materials!

Artificial grass has already taken its place in the living spaces as a new decorative solution and continues to take it. Artificial grass is increasingly used in gardens, sports fields, residences and workplaces and transforms the applied areas aesthetically.

Artificial grass has many uses. From ground to roofs, terraces to bus stops, it finds a wide range of application areas. The benefits of artificial grass, reasonable costs and aesthetic appearance, the use of artificial grass on the walls paved the way and the grass wall became widespread.

Artificial grass walls have two different application methods. The first method is horizontal grass fence panels, where artificial grass acts as a wall, and the other is to cover the walls vertically with artificial grass fence. Both methods will offer you a natural beauty in every aspect according to your needs and usage area.

What are the advantages of artificial grass fences and what are the benefits for the users? First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of covering your walls with artificial turf.


Are the stone walls bothering you? So how about turning your walls into artificial grass wall? With grass fences you can get a more natural look in your living spaces and workplaces, and turn the coldness of stone walls into grass wall temperature and greenery. With lawn fences that allow you to aesthetically cover the walls of your gardens, you are no longer condemned to the cold face of stone walls!


One of the first decorative methods that comes to mind is to paint your walls to make them look more beautiful or to decorate them with various objects. So how does it feel to cover your walls with artificial grass? You can easily cover your gray walls which gives a bad look to your work and living areas with artificial grass and create green spaces in a short time with an aesthetic touch. Artificial grass wall, which provides a pleasant and fun wall decor in your home or work places, will add a natural wealth to your living spaces.


Do you know that you can get artistic images with artificial grass walls? Yes, it is possible! You can apply artificial grass hedges, which have many different color alternatives on your empty walls, and bring an artistic perspective to your gardens. Whether you want beautiful flower figures, landscapes or a very different design on your walls, Evaligrass specialists can help you with your wall decor.

Of course, the application areas of artificial grass are not limited to wall decorations. How about removing the walls?

Yes, lawn fences are now an aesthetic and natural alternative to walls. Then it’s time to break down the walls between you! Or you no longer need to build new walls around you. Because grass fences both serve as walls and give your living spaces excellent decorative images. Instead of stone walls around your home or workplace with artificial grass walls you can get a green image, you can take advantage of the advantages offered by grass fences.


Building stone walls around you is a high-cost job. Infrastructure works, excavation, dust, noise, and the cold stone wall image after a long time spent… None of these are used in artificial grass fence applications. You can surround your home or work place with artificial grass wall in a short time with low costs, and spend your budget economically and enjoy the natural look.


We all want to feel safe and at the same time show our place, don’t we? Therefore, we surround our living spaces and create our own private spaces. Grass walls offer a decorative solution to our special space needs. Using artificial grass wall instead of cold walls to determine the boundaries of the area we live in is a rising trend! Grass fences began to replace stone walls to create interesting and beautiful looking areas. Easy to install and made of light materials, artificial grass walls can be installed in a short time and give you safe areas.


Another reason artificial grass’ to be preferred as a wall decor is its being durable and long-lasting. They are able to retain their first day appearance and performance for years without being affected by bad weather conditions. They are made of materials that are resistant to cold weather, rain and water, and resistant to hot weather. With their resistance to UV rays, they keep their vivid images and colors in every season.


Artificial grass wall does not require long time to be installed. Practically applied artificial grass fences quickly become walls and offer you comfortable and beautiful-looking areas. Grass fences are the favorite of those who want to have natural solutions in a short time with their light structure, practical installation and easy installation features.


One of the most advantageous features of artificial grass walls is ease of maintenance. Because they are durable, you don’t have to spend time and budget on your artificial turf for maintenance. You do not need to water them, cut them, pruning them and fertilizing them often. This means saving time and maintenance costs. From time to time artificial grass wall decor to remove dust with a hose is enough to wash. They retain their decorative appearance without being affected by seasonal factors and do not need a gardener.


The artificial grass wall allows you to create natural areas around you where you live with its eco-friendly features. Artificial grass, produced from materials compatible with nature, does not emit hazardous substances to the environment and does not show nature pollutant properties. Moreover, it contributes to the efficient use of resources and a livable environment by saving water.


Artificial grass fences are obtained by wrapping PVC on galvanized wires. Grass fences produced by compressing artificial grass between two galvanized wires can be applied easily on soil and concrete floors. The concrete fence is fixed to the ground by the concrete throwing process, and the assembly is completed in a short time by connecting with the help of stretching method and wires.

Wall covering is easier than horizontal grass fence applications. In vertical applications, stretching operations are made by fixing the galvanized wires to the wall with the help of dowels in accordance with the height of the wall. The installation of artificial grass fences, which allow the application in desired lengths and sizes, is completed in a short time and gives your walls a unique appearance.


Artificial grass wall applications have become more commonly used in many different areas due to their easy operation and installation features. Especially in the landscaping applications of the municipalities, he started to create colorful images in the city life. Garbage containers, bus stops, bowers, roadsides and facilities to create a modern and aesthetic image, maintenance costs and effort to save money was the reason for choice for municipalities.

Grass walls, which are often preferred in sports fields, provide opportunities for creating more sporty and natural spaces. Instead of building walls around the sports grounds that could pose a danger to the athletes, surrounding them with artificial fences provides more comfortable, stylish and safe playgrounds for athletes. Artificial grass walls (artificial grass walls) allow you to use sports fields in a functional way, and you can create special compartments for each sport branch and make sports fields more special.

Artificial grass, which is a natural way to decorate gardens, landscaping areas and children’s playgrounds, can create more colorful and entertaining atmospheres. Grass walls offer an alternative way to get rid of the cold and ugly appearance of the walls, creating a beautiful decor for gardens and landscaping where aesthetic imagery is most intensely presented. Providing a healthy and safe solution for parks and playgrounds with its features suitable for children’s health, grass fences eliminate walls and enable more fun spaces to be designed.

You can remove the walls between you and your neighbors by using artificial grass fences which are used in houses, offices and commercial areas. You can get help from Evaligrass experts to meet your needs and budget and to provide you with an aesthetic contribution to the environment you live in.


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