Manufacturing means quality and excellence for us. We manufacture artificial grass fences in our own manufacturing facilities and we make many living spaces at home and abroad with unique products that offer a durable and aesthetic point of view.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and our expert team, we have the ability to manufacture the most reliable products in a quick, error-free and trouble-free way.

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Artificial Grass Fence Manufacture

Nature-friendly grass fencing panels are found in almost every area of ​​our lives. Grass fence walls, which are mostly used for decorative purposes, are a kind of ornamental and decorative artificial grass that is most preferred by houses, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. As a result of this, it is possible to see artificial grass fence manufacture by many leading companies.

Grass Fences

Artificial turf, which was invented for the first time in 1964, has survived to the present day, and thanks to the developing technology, many alternatives are produced and it is preferred for its beautiful appearance in many areas with its beautiful appearance as nature-friendly. Grass fence walls are also made with artificial grass.

You can have these grass walls made of artificial grass in the shape you want, in the design you want, as much as you want. Additionally, you can also add beautiful natural-looking artificial grass to your walls in places such as houses, cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

You can make a nice exterior touch with grass walls by closing bad fences and even walls in terms of appearance. These grass products, which are covered with PVC products, are also made of rubber materials, and we can say that artificial fence walls are actually just molded and shaped artificial grass.

These low-cost artificial walls are chosen by many people because they are very easy to maintain and build. You should take care to buy these artificial grass panels, which you can easily wash with water, together with the paint-proof feature, offered by reliable companies.

Features of Grass Fence

artificial grass fence coveringDecorative fence partitions can be created indoors and outdoors with artificial grass fence products made of artificial grass. The grass that is put on the stainless wire is made specifically from PVC.

An artificial grass privacy fence does not catch fire, fade, deteriorate or it does not spill. The artificial grass fence panel, which can be washed, can be made to the desired size. The most crucial elements in determining the green fence’s preference are these characteristics.

Artificial Grass Fence Usage Areas

A grass fence roll finds a wide range of uses such as parks, gardens, sports complexes, pool areas, and facade cladding. The other usage areas may be listed as follows:

  • Roadsides
  • Sites
  • Villas and their surroundings
  • Industrial zones
  • Land
  • Landscaping

Artificial Grass Fence Cost

Rolls of grass fences are available for purchase and are made with a variety of features depending on the usage location. Grass fence prices have different options depending on the brand, model, thickness, height, color, and material structure. Price increases are possible when models’ height, thickness, and quality change.

You can choose the models in the color and type you want and benefit from the easy installation features. By following discounts and campaigns, you can find suitable options and provide security in living spaces economically. With grass fence models that offer many advantages to its users, you can protect your privacy and set your limits.

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If you also want to buy artificial grass fence or become our artificial fence dealer, you may get support from Evaligrass, which is a specialist company. You will not only use the product for many years but also save money. For this reason, you can get in touch with us or visit our website. You can also create a request by completing the relevant form if you want. Our specialists will respond to your questions and forward your requests as soon as they can. With our experience, expert team, and hardworking employees, we will provide you with the best and fast service and help you for being a dealer.