Best Grass Fence Covering Services

Grass fence is an invention that is applied to prevent people from seeing the interior from the outside and at the same time provides a decorative environment.

Best Grass Fence Services in All Around the World

By applying a grass fence, you can create a natural look in your gardens and make your gardens attractive. It is advantageous for natural greening and offers a spacious appearance. Apart from giving it a natural look, it does not require maintenance, which makes it useful. Cleaning is just as easy. Grass fences are one of the new generation products. The artificial grass used on the floors of the carpet pitches has a different structure from the carpet. It has been specially designed to be applied in certain areas. These products are practical to use and easy to install. Dismantling and moving operations can also be done easily. It is also very economical in terms of price.


Like our company, we work to deliver our products to you first in our country and then abroad. We are in the leading position with a more professional, experienced, and expert team compared to other manufacturers in the sector. Our company provides the best service in Europe and in our country with our high quality, stylish and economical products. If you want to work with us, you can contact us with the number you give below.

But first, if you want to know the answer to the question of why you should use a grass fence, we recommend you to read our article.

What Should Be Considered in The Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

There are various variations of artificial grass fence covering processes. The most important issue to be considered here is that the skeleton on which the grass fence will be applied is solid. Iron profiles can be used as a skeleton, and wire can be drawn as well. After the wire is drawn, the artificial grass-like material is placed on these wires.

The artificial grass fence produced within our company is very strong and durable as well as light products. Today, with the advancement of technology, besides the development of electronic devices, quite new ideas and productions have begun to be made in the world of decoration. Grass fences are one of these ideas. It offers us a very stylish, natural, and high-quality image around the walls.

The use of turf has become so widespread that most municipalities in our country even cover the garbage containers with turf in order to obtain a beautiful and clean appearance. In addition, not only the walls but also the inner sides of the underpasses have begun to be covered with a grass fence. If you want to beautify the environment around you, if you do not want to look at a cold and closed wall, you can contact us and establish a new world with an artificial grass privacy screen.

How Is Grass Fence Covering Made?

Grass fence covering is made some of the products. These products, which have a natural appearance and are produced with great care against aesthetic concerns, are made of PVC material. This product, which is resistant to high temperature, flame, and ultraviolet sun rays, is also not affected by humidity and cold air.

With its qualified structure, grass fence can be easily applied in all desired areas. This application can be made on a certain base or on the metal, wooden or reinforced concrete fence structure formed from the ground, in the form of coating. This fence system, which has an aesthetic appearance from the external point in every area where it is applied, can reach a height of 250 centimeters, starting from 50 centimeters in terms of size. As our company, we can produce grass fences in the size and length you want and deliver them in a way that you can easily use.

Where are Grass Fence Usage Areas?


The use of grass fences is mostly used for decoration purposes today. In addition to being used for decorative purposes, you are protected from UV rays with the use of a grass fence. You can use the product against rain, sun, wind, and all kinds of weather for 4 seasons without any problems, and you can survive this and many other natural events without being affected.

Tall grass fence is resistant to sunlight. It owes this durability to its PVC structure and to the fact that it has undergone many processes to be durable. Fences produced from galvanized dense wires do not catch fire. Grass fence not only covers the images of the village but also provides a flawless service in terms of security. These structures, which provide an aesthetically beautiful appearance, are resistant to all seasons. Due to their longevity, they can also be considered as a price-performance product. They are nature-friendly structures. The use of grass fences, which are used for decoration for gardens, is not limited to this.

Some of the other usage areas are as follows:

Construction site, roofs, garden fence, facades, site surroundings, parking lot, mosque gardens, parks, school, hospital gardens, container coating, Cafes, Roadsides, Terrace sides and balconies, Carpet pitches.

You can have all these special grass fences by contacting us. For detailed information about artificial grass wall models, you can contact us at or by calling +90 (212) 678 13 13

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