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If you are open to garden fence panels ideas we, as EvaliGrass which is a leading garden fence manufacturer in Qatar, offer you garden fence ideas that you can consider and decorate your areas easily in a modern way.

Garden Fence

Garden is a place where everyone wants to relax and become peaceful. For this reason, many people try to create a lush environment and they search for garden fence ideas that they want to consider. Garden fences not only provide a peaceful place but also a secure place for the owner. Because they prevent inside being seen from outside and other creatures to enter your garden.

Features of Garden Fence Panels

Garden fence panels are products that surround the gardens and limit their relationship with the outside. They offer safety and elegance together. One of the most preferred products by users in garden decorations is metal garden fence panels. These fence products are obtained as a result of covering the metal with grass-like synthetic materials. The wires of the products, which have a solid and high quality structure, are produced from stainless steel materials. The products, which are suitable for outdoor use, show high resistance against natural events such as sunlight, rain and snow. They do not fade and wear in the color of the products that are used outside all the time. In the production of grass, special PVC materials are often preferred. Models that create a seamless appearance always exhibit a stylish stance thanks to their easy-to-clean feature.


The products, which attract attention with their wide usage area, are very effective in outdoor security. Products installed through various equipment may need different techniques depending on the area of use. It is very important to determine the usage area correctly in choosing a grass wire fence model. They are one of the important parts of gardens, balconies and terraces. In addition, they have many different alternatives with a rich product range. You can take advantage of enjoyable and functional use together with models that appeal to your preferences. Products that keep up with the garden layout fashion also add aesthetics to balconies and terraces. You can choose products that are prepared at frequent intervals in order to restrict the view outside, and you can spend more peaceful time in the balconies and terraces with these decorative garden fence panels.

Garden Fence Usage Areas

The models of garden fence panels, which form the most important part of landscape architecture, are distinguished from each other by application techniques and installation stages. The main reason to be preferred by many people is to determine the boundaries of open areas by providing security. The products, which are very effective for protecting personal life, have a wide range of uses. The most frequently used areas of models can be listed as follows:

  • Nursery, school and playground,
  • Villa, site and building surroundings and gardens,
  • Surroundings of sports complexes,
  • Garden of hotels, restaurants and cafes,
  • Balconies and terraces of areas such as homes and offices.

Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence panels are among the modern fence ideas used in living spaces such as houses, apartments, workplaces, restaurants. Especially in recent years, the most popular fence type grass fence panel is among the most beautiful wall garden fence ideas.


Garden fence panels have a very modern and aesthetic structure. The most important reason for using a grass fence as a wall fence is that grass fences provide privacy. Because grass fences prevent the inside from being seen when viewed from the outside. In addition, the most important reason why the grass fence is to prevent the entry of dirt, waste materials and animals from the outside. With the highly functional artificial grass wall fences, the gardens will now have a more modern and beautiful appearance. You may have a better place with simple garden fence ideas. You may also take advantage of flower garden fence ideas and you can decorate your garden with both grass fences and flowers that you will add to these grass fences wires.

Cost of Garden Fence Panels

The garden fence panel service that you will get from a company to surround your garden or the area you want may vary in price due to certain factors. Factors such as the width of the area, the quality of the preferred product, the area where the installation will be made and the color of the product will cause the price of the product and the service to change.

EvaliGrass and Garden Fence

We, as a leading garden fence manufacturer, are trying hard to serve our best at home and abroad. We produce and install garden fence panels in Qatar, also. Thanks to our exports to Qatar, we deliver quality grass fences to people all over the world.

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