Modern Fake Grass Fence Applications in UK

The equipment used to create a more pleasant, aesthetic and lush place has a variety of products that appeal to different tastes. Lights, flowers, pots, sculptures and objects used for garden lighting help make open spaces more comfortable. But there is something more: fake grass fence. As one of the leader fake grass fence producers, we as Evali Grass have been producing and installing this product in the best way!

These fake grass fence models are mostly used in gardens, balconies and terraces and it is one of the most important products to ensure not only the security but also comfort of an area. The models are used specially to define the borders in the gardens. They also prevent the entrance to the garden, providing comfort to the users with their functional features. Grass fence models are generally made from fake grass fence covering but grass fence wall or grass fence panels can also be used for the same purpose. Artificial hedge fence has numerous variations in terms of size, height, building material and model.

What is Grass Fence?


Fake grass fence or artificial grass hedge that surround the gardens and limit their relationship with the outside offer safety and elegance together. They offer a modern view also.  One of the most preferred products by users in garden decorations is grass fence wire models. As a result of covering the wires with grass-like synthetic materials, garden grass fence products are obtained. The wires of the products, which have a solid and high quality structure, are produced from stainless steel materials.

Attractive and Modern Artificial Grass Hedge Models

Artificial grass hedge and artificial hedge panel in which the wires are covered with artificial grass and give a different appearance, have a realistic stance that cannot be distinguished from natural grass. The products, which have many varieties in terms of color, model and size, are very suitable for beautifying garden decorations. Although grass fence colors are mainly designed in shades of green, colors such as red, brown, gray and yellow are often preferred according to the usage area. Among the colorful grass fence models, the green ones are more suitable for capturing the natural grass image. You can choose models offered in different tones according to your personal taste.

Features of Artificial Grass Hedge

Modern fake grass fence models known for their resistance to outdoor conditions are obtained by coating metal wires with flexible plastic materials. They offer a lot of advantages to its customers. Let’s see them together!

  • They are resistant to breakage, deformation and wear.
  • They have the feature of maintaining their form for many years.
  • There are no conditions such as fading and wear in the color of the products that are used outside all the time.
  • Wires prepared at frequent intervals prevent the garden, balcony and terrace from being seen from the outside.
  • Models that create a seamless appearance always exhibit a stylish stance thanks to their easy-to-clean feature.
  • Grass fence garden models can be in different sizes and heights.
  • Grass fence dimensions can be from 50 centimeters to 10 meters.

What Are the Uses of Grass-Look Fences?

The models, which form the most important part of landscape architecture, are distinguished from each other by application techniques and installation stages. Products that are very effective for protecting personal life have a wide range of uses. The most frequently used areas of models can be listed as follows:

  • Nursery, school and playground
  • Villa, site and building surroundings and gardens
  • Surroundings of sports complexes
  • Garden of hotels, restaurants and cafes
  • Balconies and terraces of areas such as home and office

Things to Consider Before Installing Fake Grass Fence


When choosing grass fence sizes, you can pay attention to the dimensions of the area you will use. Models that are too long or too short can become useless after a while. Grass fence fences are suitable for large gardens. They shouldn’t be used for short areas because it can cause a bad view. If you determine your expectations and purpose of use correctly, you may make the right decision for your living spaces.

Evali Grass and Grass Fence Price Options

Grass fence, which is produced with the quality of Evali Grass, is offered for sale in the form of rolls. Fake grass fence covering cost has different options depending on the brand, model, thickness, height, color and material structure. As the heights, thicknesses and quality of the models increase, the prices may increase in the same way. If you live in the UK and want to get further information about modern fake grass fence applications and the fake grass fence covering cost, you may contact us whenever you want! Let’s get ready for the fake grass fence ideas!

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