Decorate Workplaces with Decorative Fence Panel

Grass fence panel, normal fence panel, pipe post fence or concrete post fence are not limited in the use of any of them. You may install it wherever your imagination reaches. But since grass fence panels are decorative products, they are preferred in regions where landscaping is more important. These regions can be listed as areas such as villas, sites, schools. You can see all of the grass fence panel usage areas on the list below:

  • Private property,
  • Land, vineyard, garden surroundings,
  • Site, building, cooperative environment,
  • Indoor decoration (home or workplaces etc.)
  • Surroundings of nature-themed construction sites.

Decorative garden fence panels can also be used even in garbage cans placed by municipalities today. So, as we say emphatically before, it can be used without any doubt in any area where imagination extends and which is desired to beautify.

General Features of Decorative Fence Panel


Decorative fence panel offers many advantages for the users. We may list these advantages as follows;

  • It does not fade, does not burn, does not spill and does not deteriorate.
  • It will not be damaged when it gets wet or it rains and snows.
  • It is decorative, durable and robust.
  • It is produced from special PVC material. PVC is a durable, light, fire-resistant, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly material.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product when it is evaluated as the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, which is called the carbon footprint.
  • It is applied on the stainless wire.
  • It is produced in rolls of 10 meters.

Technical Specifications of Decorative Fence Panel

Decorative fence panels are obtained with 0 UV protected PVC fringed in grass form of double wound wires of 1.5 mm thickness. Wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot-dip galvanizing method is carried out by dipping the wire into the molten zinc. In this way, the metal wire resists corrosion and increases its resistance. PVC is 100% UV protected.

Grass Fence for Decorative Purposes

·        Outdoor Decorative Grass Fence

Grass fence is the most popular fence type used in recent years. In addition to providing many advantages, it is also preferred for outdoor decoration. Because it is produced from non-combustible materials.

People who will prefer grass fence as fence panels buy this product much more decisively when they learn that it is fire resistant. We can say that grass fences are the grassy version of panel fences. Grass fence has a very long service life. The minimum life of a quality grass fence is 10 years. Artificial grass fences are UV protected products.

grass privacy fence

Grass fences, which are resistant to sun rays and ultraviolet rays, do not fade over time as they are covered with PVC. Artificial grass fences covered with PVC are durable and long-lasting. In this way, it has a fireproof feature and its aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate over time. The most important feature of the grass fence is its resistance to fire. It is possible for it to melt when approached with fire but the repair of the melted part is quite easy. It will not ignite the surrounding materials and products. It has resistance to chemicals and impacts. Since it is a long-lasting product, you may use it for many years.

In addition to the known garden fences, grass fences are used for decorative decoration by covering them with synthetic threads. Although the color of these threads is green, different and wide color options are optionally available. If you have plans to make your garden look beautiful, you can easily achieve the look of your dream garden with decorative fence panels outdoor with color options according to your taste.

·        Indoor Decorative Garden Fence

Decorative grass fence panels also can be used for indoor decorative fence ideas. It is seen that with the technological developments, cafes and restaurants have started to use grass fences to draw attention from the customers.

Evaligrass and Decorative Grass Fence Panels

If you want to add a natural atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces, you can work with Evaligrass and enjoy quality products. Thanks to decorative fence panels and gates you may create a lush environment in your garden or balcony or else you may use decorative fence panels for privacy in indoor places such as restaurants or cafes. You may contact us to get decorative fence panel cost information and learn in detail what factors will affect the price. If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information. Our experienced team and customer service will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for decorative grass fence panels for sale, Evaligrass is beside you! Because you are worth it.

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