Best Artificial Grass Garden Fence Panels

Do you want to decorate the walls of your garden with art? It’s now incredibly simple to turn your unattractive wall graphics into architectural walls with a natural appearance… Thousands of individuals have chosen our decorative garden fence panels as their preferred option. The unsightly barriers, which are a legacy of our society’s quickly increasing building industry, are now being replaced by natural-looking grass garden fence walls!

Usage Areas for Grass Fence Walls

Garden fence panels are mounted with appropriate apparatus and supporting parts and are made of an environmentally safe, non-flammable, washable, non-shedding, non-corroding, non-fading, quality, and durable product. This application also gives the user the option of dismantling it whenever they choose. The most frequent usage areas of artificial grass garden fence panels may be listed as follows: houses, workplaces, parks, and roadside. Additionally, it can be said that artificial grass fence panels can be used in gardens to create a lush and peaceful area for you and your loved ones! But what can you do with them? Let’s look into detail together!

  • decorative-garden-fence-panelsYou can divide your garden into sections with artificial grass garden fence panels.
  • You can create special playgrounds for your children.
  • With grass fence garden panels, you can create special concepts even in your own garden on weddings and special invitation days.
  • You can make your garden a lush place and get away from the boring city life.
  • You can create a quiet and comfortable environment to spend time on your hobbies.
  • You can create a space where your pets can live comfortably.

Artificial Grass Garden Fence Panels Specifications

Because of their endurance and attractive appearance, decorative garden fence panels can be employed in a variety of settings. These products, which are best utilized outdoors, can be employed as a roll between existing wire mesh, a wall surface, or poles, or as panels in places where there is no supporting element. The dimensions of grass fences are set by the consumers. The products offered by a leading company, which are being employed in a variety of projects and unique areas, provide consumers with peaceful and enjoyable moments.

Prices for Grass Fence Walls


Garden fence panels cost may vary depending on the materials that are used for the installation and the dimensions to be used. In order to get the most up-to-date and transparent price information, customers are suggested to contact with the company preferred. The professional teams of companies will respond to your requests. One can also use a fence cost calculator in order to find out the approximate cost.

Evaligrass and Best Artificial Grass Garden Fence Panels

If you want to create a pleasant place for you where you can spend time with your loved ones, you can choose decorative fence panels. If you get support from a specialist company, you not only use the product for many years but also save money. For this reason, you may contact Evaligrass immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below and create a request. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. If you wish you may also ask us any question that comes to your mind about artificial grass, artificial grass fences, prices, or the grass fence installation process. As Evaligrass, we are always beside you in all of the processes!

You may contact us by visiting our website

Please call us and get further information about all of the processes and services provided by Evaligrass!


Modern Design with Decorative Fence Panels

Modern design with decorative fence panels, the feature that distinguishes it from other panel fence systems, is produced for the purpose of visual design with a decorative pattern on the top, as the name suggests. Robust, durable and having decorative patterns on the upper part is one of the reasons why it is preferred by our customers.

Decorative fence panels grass is a new generation fence technology. It is a type of fence that can be applied on panel fence or wire fence. It is produced using artificial grass. However, artificial turf laid on the ground and artificial turf used for grass fence are different from each other. Decorative fence panels outdoor mainly used as a garden grass fence. Because the product that best fits the garden landscape and looks the most modern is the garden grass fence.

The grass fence, which is used as a decorative garden fence, is used in all weather conditions without being damaged or damaged. It is not affected by rain, heat and cold. So it survives all 4 seasons green. The appearance of grass fences is quite aesthetic and safe.


As Evaligrass, we produce vertical grass coverings and panels for the ever-increasing natural appearance and aesthetic needs of humanity. With the decorative fence panels we have produced, you will provide an aesthetic appearance in your gardens and also provide a modern image that can be used in any area you want by closing your walls and garbage containers.

What is Decorative Grass Fence Panels?

It is a panel fence system that is produced and used for design and visual purposes in the sector and in the market, and as the name suggests, it is preferred by our customers who attach importance to decor and visually. Decorative grass fence panels are one of the durable and decorative single panel fence systems, which are reached in the fastest way in terms of service and applied quickly by our experienced and expert assembly teams.

These products we have produced are long-lasting and useful quality decorative fence panels against rain and sun UV rays in climatic conditions. This creates a false perception and suggests that decorative grass fences are not durable compared to other fence types, but are only visually beautiful. But this is a completely wrong notion. Because decorative grass fences, artificial grasses are placed on the fence panels, and after the necessary assembly, the decorative panel fence becomes extremely modern. If you want to get information about the decorative fence panels we have produced for you, you can contact us.

Decorative Fence Panels Manufacturers

Decorative fence panels, which we have produced as our company, provide a very fast and long-lasting appearance that is closest to nature, especially in garden walls, private living spaces, parks, roadsides and many other areas. As Evaligrass, we are decorative fence panels manufacturer and have managed to become one of the most innovative landscape products in the world with high quality decorative grass fence panels. Achieving to be the most preferred brand in many countries where it is present, Evaligrass is creating its own dealer network around the world day by day. Evaligrass has gained international certificates with its decorative grass fence panels.


Today, a revolution has been experienced with artificial grass and decorative fence panels produced by our company. With the introduction of artificial grass into our lives, most areas have become colorful with artificial grass. Artificial turf, which is used especially in areas where natural grass cannot be used, comes out as very advantageous products to make our lives easier. If you are asking a question about where decorative fence panels are sold and where we can find a reliable manufacturer, then you are at the right place. Evaligrass, one of the leading companies in Turkey and in many parts of the world, provides you with the most suitable decorative fence panels service.

We provide decorative fence panels service for you from production to installation. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to build the highest quality decorative fence panels in your living spaces and to offer you a comfortable life.

If you want to work with our expert and experienced staff, you can visit our website and contact us instantly. You can create a request by filling out the form below or you can get information about cheap grass wall and cheap grass fence panels to our customer support. Our expert teams will get back to you as soon as possible and we will do our best for you as our company.


Artificial Grass Wall Panels Installation Guide

Artificial grass wall panels formed by covering or combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel mesh systems with a special PVC synthetic grass. Artificial grass wall panel produced in this way become durable and robust in structure. Grass panels for walls began to enter our lives with the developing technology. Especially in architectural structures, people want to see innovations that appeal to their eyes more.

Artificial grass wall panels, which we have seen frequently around us lately, are highly preferred because they provide a green area on the walls. Grass fences, which provide not only a green area, but also security and privacy, are highly preferred by villas, sites, poolsides or schools. It is possible to see artificial grass wall panels in areas such as restaurants, cafes or factories. The installation of artificial grass wall panels varies according to the place where it is used, and there are also differences in its installation.

In this article, as Evaligrass, one of the leading artificial grass panels manufacturers at home and abroad, we will present you with ideas about how to install fake and artificial grass wall designs.

What is Artificial Grass Wall?


Artificial grass wall is a type of fence that is mounted on panel fences and wire mesh fences produced using artificial grass. Artificial grass wall is used in most of the landscaping works done today. It has been widely used in recent years, especially for garden landscaping.

Artificial grass wall is the fence panels used for both security and decorative purposes for home gardens, which are among the modern fence systems. Artificial grass walls produced in our company are generally requested by our customers in order to achieve an architecturally natural appearance in gardens, homes, workplaces and cafes.

How to Install Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

  1. Initially, the area where the Artificial Grass Wall panel will be installed must be prepared.

First of all, the area where the artifical grass wall will be mounted is made ready for installation. At this stage, the ground is leveled, and if the ground is concrete, holes are drilled on the concrete for mounting the fence posts. If the ground is soil, the soil is dug to fix the concrete pillars.

  1. Afterwards, the artificial grass wall posts are mounted.

The installation of artificial grass wall posts is mounted on the ground specified by you. If you want it to be mounted on a concrete floor, the poles are mounted on the floor with the help of special screws and apparatus. If you want the poles to be fixed to the soil ground, the assembly process is completed by pouring concrete after the ground is thoroughly excavated. Concrete floor or concrete wall is generally preferred for artificial grass wall panel installation. If you want to use the most robust mounting management, we recommend installing your grass wall on a concrete wall. This is the most robust mounting method.

  1. Finally, artificial grass wall are installed.

We produce grass wall in rolls. The purpose of this; to provide you with faster and higher standards of service and to provide easy installation during assembly. After the fence posts are mounted, the artificial grass wall rolls are unrolled on the poles and mounted with the help of clips. During this assembly, the clips will not be visible as they will remain between the artificial grass leaves.

The answer to the question of how to install a artificial grass wall panels is that easy. If you want to install an artificial grass wall panels outdoor or in your home, you can contact us. Our experienced team is ready to serve you quickly and at high standards.

Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas

As we have mentioned since the beginning of our article, grass fence netting has a wide range of uses. The system, which can be applied to both concrete and soil floors and is loved by its natural appearance, is the most preferred artificial grass wall design ideas by our customers as follows:

  • Sports fields,
  • In buildings,
  • Around the villa,
  • Within the site,
  • In playgrounds,
  • Gardens,
  • Around the pool,
  • In various landscape areas,
  • Cafe and restaurant decorations,
  • On terraces,
  • On the roadsides,
  • On the walls,
  • On the balconies,
  • It can be used in areas where privacy is desired for the purpose of blocking the view.

You can choose these artificial grass wall models, which can be used almost everywhere thanks to their aesthetic, modern, stylish and decorative appearance, to create security.

We can list all the other features of artificial grass wall panels as follows:

  • It has the feature of being reusable. Therefore, it is an economical product.
  • It is extremely resistant to wear and fading. It does not wear and tear over time.
  • It has a structure suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • The shading frequency is high, so it hides the field of view and creates a privacy area. In addition to being decorative, it is also very effective for separating space.
  • It has different color options, but green is recommended for a natural look.
  • It is an extremely suitable product for indoor and outdoor landscaping. It is often preferred to achieve a stylish and aesthetic appearance in gardens.
  • It has a very long service life.
  • In addition to creating a decorative and aesthetic appearance, it can also be preferred to meet the need for security.
  • It is an easy-to-clean product and does not hold dust.

What Color Are Artificial Grass Wall?


Artificial grass wall panels are generally preferred in green. As this color evokes nature and naturalness, on the one hand, security is provided, on the other hand, it creates a system that cannot be seen from the outside in a way that appeals to the eye. However, if you examine our site, you can see the colors we produce in other varieties.

What Are the Artificial Grass Wall Price?

Artificial grass wall price is determined by considering the amount of material to be used and the type of artificial grass wall. Artificial grass wall protect your home and garden against any danger that may come from outside. Artificial grass wall are designed with such situations in mind.

Many products on the market in the field of landscaping wear out quickly and become unusable. However, you can use the products produced by our expert company for years, not only you but your grandchildren will continue to use them after you. Artificial grass wall produced by our company do not catch fire, do not fade or deteriorate depending on weather conditions. The size of the artificial grass wall you want to buy will also affect the prices of the artificial grass wall. Therefore, the square meter prices of the artificial grass wall also vary depending on these dimensions determined by you.

As the Evaligrass family, we know that it is important to offer you the artificial grass wall panel assembly in the best way, and we aim to serve our customers in this direction. With our experienced team, quality products and trouble-free installation processes, we present you with grass fences that you can use for many years. If you are looking for quality products and services, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. You can fill out the form below for detailed information about the installation process, artificial grass wall price near istanbul, artificial grass wall price near ankara and cheap grass wall. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Advantages of Fake Grass Privacy Fence

Would you like to gain privacy in your environment? If you want lawns, this is for you. If you don’t want to pry eyes to watch and disturb you, or if you don’t want to let the assets outside and want to enter into your privacy, you can use the grass privacy fence produced by our company.

Grass fence panels are easy to install. In this way, when you want to have a grass privacy fence, you will have a natural, spacious and stylish look without having to wait for hours. Grass privacy fences are made with galvanized wires and protect you from the adverse weather conditions of nature as well as keeping you away from prying eyes. With the products produced as Evaligrass, you can feel the nature around you, and while doing this, you can create a delicious habitat of your own.

What is Fake Grass Privacy Fence?


As Evaligrass, we strive to offer you our products, which we produce with the latest technology and our experienced staff, with maximum effect. Fake grass privacy fences not only provide privacy but will also provide a beautiful decoration to your environment.

Our expert and experienced staff carry out strict inspections after our products are produced. It can be used throughout all four seasons without any problems. The most important feature is that it does not harm nature and is environmentally friendly.

We continue our production as the most preferred brand both in our country and in other countries we export to. In addition, it continues to increase its dealership networks in the world as one of the most innovative landscape products because it creates an elegant image while protecting privacy.


Dimensions HEIGHT:

100 cm, 120 cm,

150cm, 200cm

Weight 2.700 gr/m²
Galvanized Wire 1,60X2=3,20 mm Dip Galvanized double twisted
Grass Fibers UV Additive PVC Grass
Inflammability B2 Class Flame retardant additive


Advantage of Fake Grass Privacy Fence

We offer you many advantages with our fake grass privacy fences. Easy-to-install choices are an important choice for indoor and outdoor decoration. It has an aesthetic appearance. Decorative grass fence applications that contribute to the decoration provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is economical with long-lasting us.

Tall grasses for privacy fence helps to cut the connection with the outside world in areas where security needs to be provided. Privacy comes back to you as a positive psychological effect. It can be applied around special areas such as pools, making room for an ideal choice.

It contributes to decoration in interior applications. It is extremely easy to use. It has a practical cleaning option. It has an extremely easy and practical installation feature. You save time both when using and installing.

In addition to not needing maintenance, it also shows resistance to sunlight. It has the ability to be used in four seasons. With this feature, it offers the advantage of contributing to the decoration without causing fading or darkening.

It offers the opportunity to be used for many years without wearing out or in a similar situation. In case of possible wear or damage, a repair can be carried out in a short time.

With the features we have mentioned above, our company offers you face grass privacy fences with a more professional, experienced and expert team compared to other manufacturers in the sector. Our company is in the leading position both in Europe and in our country with its high quality, stylish and economical products. Our company continues to work for you.

What is Fake Grass Privacy Fence Prices?


Fake grass privacy fences, which are a good choice for garden decoration and grass privacy screen in other areas, are priced according to the area to be built and the size they are made. When the material is compared for the maintenance and formation of real grass, we can say fake grass privacy fences prices are quite affordable. If your area is suitable, you can choose these fences directly. You can contact to us and choose the right one for you by taking the price according to the size of the area you will have it made. Since it is affordable in terms of cost, the payment you will make will be convenient for you.

For detailed information about artificial grass wall models, you can contact us at or by calling +90 (212) 678 13 13


Best Grass Fence Covering Services

Grass fence is an invention that is applied to prevent people from seeing the interior from the outside and at the same time provides a decorative environment.

Best Grass Fence Services in All Around the World

By applying a grass fence, you can create a natural look in your gardens and make your gardens attractive. It is advantageous for natural greening and offers a spacious appearance. Apart from giving it a natural look, it does not require maintenance, which makes it useful. Cleaning is just as easy. Grass fences are one of the new generation products. The artificial grass used on the floors of the carpet pitches has a different structure from the carpet. It has been specially designed to be applied in certain areas. These products are practical to use and easy to install. Dismantling and moving operations can also be done easily. It is also very economical in terms of price.


Like our company, we work to deliver our products to you first in our country and then abroad. We are in the leading position with a more professional, experienced, and expert team compared to other manufacturers in the sector. Our company provides the best service in Europe and in our country with our high quality, stylish and economical products. If you want to work with us, you can contact us with the number you give below.

But first, if you want to know the answer to the question of why you should use a grass fence, we recommend you to read our article.

What Should Be Considered in The Artificial Grass Fence Covering?

There are various variations of artificial grass fence covering processes. The most important issue to be considered here is that the skeleton on which the grass fence will be applied is solid. Iron profiles can be used as a skeleton, and wire can be drawn as well. After the wire is drawn, the artificial grass-like material is placed on these wires.

The artificial grass fence produced within our company is very strong and durable as well as light products. Today, with the advancement of technology, besides the development of electronic devices, quite new ideas and productions have begun to be made in the world of decoration. Grass fences are one of these ideas. It offers us a very stylish, natural, and high-quality image around the walls.

The use of turf has become so widespread that most municipalities in our country even cover the garbage containers with turf in order to obtain a beautiful and clean appearance. In addition, not only the walls but also the inner sides of the underpasses have begun to be covered with a grass fence. If you want to beautify the environment around you, if you do not want to look at a cold and closed wall, you can contact us and establish a new world with an artificial grass privacy screen.

How Is Grass Fence Covering Made?

Grass fence covering is made some of the products. These products, which have a natural appearance and are produced with great care against aesthetic concerns, are made of PVC material. This product, which is resistant to high temperature, flame, and ultraviolet sun rays, is also not affected by humidity and cold air.

With its qualified structure, grass fence can be easily applied in all desired areas. This application can be made on a certain base or on the metal, wooden or reinforced concrete fence structure formed from the ground, in the form of coating. This fence system, which has an aesthetic appearance from the external point in every area where it is applied, can reach a height of 250 centimeters, starting from 50 centimeters in terms of size. As our company, we can produce grass fences in the size and length you want and deliver them in a way that you can easily use.

Where are Grass Fence Usage Areas?


The use of grass fences is mostly used for decoration purposes today. In addition to being used for decorative purposes, you are protected from UV rays with the use of a grass fence. You can use the product against rain, sun, wind, and all kinds of weather for 4 seasons without any problems, and you can survive this and many other natural events without being affected.

Tall grass fence is resistant to sunlight. It owes this durability to its PVC structure and to the fact that it has undergone many processes to be durable. Fences produced from galvanized dense wires do not catch fire. Grass fence not only covers the images of the village but also provides a flawless service in terms of security. These structures, which provide an aesthetically beautiful appearance, are resistant to all seasons. Due to their longevity, they can also be considered as a price-performance product. They are nature-friendly structures. The use of grass fences, which are used for decoration for gardens, is not limited to this.

Some of the other usage areas are as follows:

Construction site, roofs, garden fence, facades, site surroundings, parking lot, mosque gardens, parks, school, hospital gardens, container coating, Cafes, Roadsides, Terrace sides and balconies, Carpet pitches.

You can have all these special grass fences by contacting us. For detailed information about artificial grass wall models, you can contact us at or by calling +90 (212) 678 13 13


2022 Garden Fence Manufacturers in Europe

Garden fence panels are products that are suitable for the structure of nature and have a solid strength. It is possible to see many manufacturers in this field, but the important thing is to choose the products of companies that produce high quality, colourfast and durable products. Garden fence panels are trend and innovative products that close your home and workplace and provide an image that the grass surrounds your fence.

What Are Garden Fence Panels Used for?

Garden fence panels increase security. Keeps the inside out and the inside out, preventing unwanted animals, unauthorized vehicles, or people from entering your property.

If you have neighbouring houses facing your yard and just want to have your own space, fences are an excellent way to divide a space. This makes your home, business, or lands yours.

You may want to aesthetically provide privacy and security without sacrificing the aesthetics of your garden. You can get it very easily with our decorative garden fence panels.

Therefore, garden fence panels are the ideal choice if you want to keep intruders out, create some privacy, or simply make your garden look prettier. You can find in our company garden fence panels in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs. Visit us and our friendly staff will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Garden Fence Panel Ideas

garden-fence-panelsA garden fence panel is a type of fence that has been used quite often in recent years. Garden fence panels, which can be produced in different sizes, can be applied to the area you want. You can find the garden fence ideas below.

1.    Garden Grass Fence Panel

A garden fence is a product that is mostly used to ensure garden security and determine the boundaries of the garden. The living area, which was quite plain and unpretentious before the grass fence was built, gained a modern and aesthetic appearance after the grass fence was built. Grass fence panels, both beautify your garden and ensure the safety of your garden. For example, if you have a garden with a pool and you don’t want the inside to be seen from the outside, grass fence panels are just for you. Grass fence panels have very narrow eye openings and protect the privacy of both you and your garden.

2.    Hospital Garden Grass Fence Panel

Garden grass fences panels are products that can be used in all areas. Hospitals are also one of the areas where grass fences are widely used. The most important reason for this is that the grass fences are green in colour and give people peace of mind. Hospitals are generally areas where people are under stress, so grass fences provide a more natural and peaceful environment in hospitals. Green represents health and this is why green garden grass fences are often used in hospitals.


3.    Sports Field Garden Grass Fence Panel

With the increase in the use of grass fences, the use of grass fences in sports fields has become widespread. There are many reasons for this. Grass fence panels protect sports fields against waste materials coming from outside. In addition, grass fences prevent wild animals from entering the sports fields. In addition, it prevents outsiders from disturbing the athletes while doing sports. In other words, grass fences both make your sports field aesthetically beautiful and add a brand new look to your sports field.

4.    Playground Garden Grass Fence Panel

Garden grass fence panel is also frequently used to ensure the safety of the playground. While children are playing in the garden or in the park, they are open to the dangers that may come from outside. In order to prevent this, the use of grass fences is very suitable. Grass fence panels both add an aesthetic appearance to the playgrounds and ensure the safety of the playgrounds. Therefore, it is a very correct decision to use grass fence in parks, gardens or children’s playgrounds.

Garden Fence Manufacturers

garden-fence-ideasOur company produces are one of the garden fence manufacturers and meeting their natural appearance and aesthetic needs. Our products are used on garden walls, private living areas, parks, roadsides and provides a very fast and long-lasting appearance.

The garden fence panels that we produce have become one of the most innovative landscape products in the world with their high quality. It has managed to become the most preferred brand in many countries where it is present and stands out every day around the world. Our products have international certificates and can be used for many years without any maintenance.

You can contact us at +90 (212) 678 13 13 for detailed information and free price information or fill out the form below. Our expert team will reach you as soon as possible.


Fence Panel Installation & Maintenance Services

Fence panels produced by our company have high technology. Fence Panel, produced in our production facilities, has managed to become one of the most innovative vertical landscape products in the world. Our company has become the most preferred brand in many countries. Grass fence panels are easy to install and portable. Also, the assembly can be done very easily.

How to Install Grass Fence Panels?

Grass fence panel installation processes are not seen as an easy action that anyone can do. Persons who are qualified and equipped in this regard should carry out the assembly operations of these materials.

Another issue that the team that will work during the fencing panel assembly process should pay attention to is the areas where the grass fence panel will be mounted. Calculations on the extent of the fence panel will be made by the assembly team. Teams that will dig pits at equal intervals must also place panels in these pits. After the fence panels are placed, the pits are closed with concrete; That area needs to be made more solid. In this way, fence panels will become more functional and more protected.


Another issue that the teams will pay attention to during the assembly is how high the fence panels will be. Thus, it may be possible to create a more sheltered area. At the same time, the function of the fence panel will be revealed more clearly.

Another issue to be calculated in mounting is that the panels are equally spaced. At the same time, the tension of the wire grass fence panels should be done in a regular way. If the tension is not adjusted correctly, situations such as throwing and breaking may also occur.

Finally, this process can be completed after the fences are attached to the panel surfaces with the help of welding or screws. It is necessary to be careful in this regard, as negative situations will arise and additional costs will be caused if any stage is made incorrectly during the assembly process. Our company will assist you in this matter in a professional way.

Add Aesthetic Appearance to Your Environment with Artificial Grass Fence Panel!

Our artificial grass fence panels products are known as our product used for aesthetic appearance. It is especially used in home and office gardens. Our product, which is incredible in terms of natural grass appearance and architecture, is frequently used. Since we work with expert teams, our products do not carry an aesthetic record. Together with our expert team, we offer you the best quality products by examining every step of the production process to the finest detail.

The biggest advantage of artificial grass fence panel applications is that they offer you a living space intertwined with nature. After having the grass fence panels made, you can feel yourself in a forest. Fence panels that offer you the most beautiful view of real nature, will also help psychologically. Especially if you are tired of the noise and confusion of the city and you want to create a private space of your own, fence panels are for you.

What are the Benefits of Using Fence Panels?

Artificial grass fence panels have many advantages. You can choose to use it outdoors because of its resistance to many possible harsh conditions.

grass-fence-panelsIt has strong resistance to bad weather conditions. Thanks to these features, it is preferred more and more every day. Fence panels are budget-friendly and suitable for all seasons. They always continue to protect your privacy in your living spaces. With these products, we offer security and privacy to our valued customers. They have a very practical structure that you can easily clean whenever you want and they do not hold dust. As you can see, artificial grass fence panels have many benefits and offer many possibilities to use them in creative ways.

What are the Usage Areas of Artificial Grass Fence Panels?

With its appearance so close to natural grass, it is frequently preferred in sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, pool surrounds, cafeterias and restaurants, terraces, suites and villas, roadsides, and walls. In addition to creating a green and spacious appearance, it also saves companies from the cost of green space maintenance with its durability. As our company, we can guarantee the quality and duration of use of the product we supply. With fence panels, you can add beauty to your life while providing security. Our goal is to always provide 100% customer satisfaction.

If you would like to have artificial grass fence panels installed, you can contact us at +90 (212) 678 13 13 or fill out the form below for detailed information and free price information. Our expert team will reach you as quickly as possible.


Decorate Workplaces with Decorative Fence Panel

Grass fence panel, normal fence panel, pipe post fence or concrete post fence are not limited in the use of any of them. You may install it wherever your imagination reaches. But since grass fence panels are decorative products, they are preferred in regions where landscaping is more important. These regions can be listed as areas such as villas, sites, schools. You can see all of the grass fence panel usage areas on the list below:

  • Private property,
  • Land, vineyard, garden surroundings,
  • Site, building, cooperative environment,
  • Indoor decoration (home or workplaces etc.)
  • Surroundings of nature-themed construction sites.

Decorative garden fence panels can also be used even in garbage cans placed by municipalities today. So, as we say emphatically before, it can be used without any doubt in any area where imagination extends and which is desired to beautify.

General Features of Decorative Fence Panel


Decorative fence panel offers many advantages for the users. We may list these advantages as follows;

  • It does not fade, does not burn, does not spill and does not deteriorate.
  • It will not be damaged when it gets wet or it rains and snows.
  • It is decorative, durable and robust.
  • It is produced from special PVC material. PVC is a durable, light, fire-resistant, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly material.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product when it is evaluated as the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, which is called the carbon footprint.
  • It is applied on the stainless wire.
  • It is produced in rolls of 10 meters.

Technical Specifications of Decorative Fence Panel

Decorative fence panels are obtained with 0 UV protected PVC fringed in grass form of double wound wires of 1.5 mm thickness. Wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot-dip galvanizing method is carried out by dipping the wire into the molten zinc. In this way, the metal wire resists corrosion and increases its resistance. PVC is 100% UV protected.

Grass Fence for Decorative Purposes

·        Outdoor Decorative Grass Fence

Grass fence is the most popular fence type used in recent years. In addition to providing many advantages, it is also preferred for outdoor decoration. Because it is produced from non-combustible materials.

People who will prefer grass fence as fence panels buy this product much more decisively when they learn that it is fire resistant. We can say that grass fences are the grassy version of panel fences. Grass fence has a very long service life. The minimum life of a quality grass fence is 10 years. Artificial grass fences are UV protected products.

grass privacy fence

Grass fences, which are resistant to sun rays and ultraviolet rays, do not fade over time as they are covered with PVC. Artificial grass fences covered with PVC are durable and long-lasting. In this way, it has a fireproof feature and its aesthetic appearance does not deteriorate over time. The most important feature of the grass fence is its resistance to fire. It is possible for it to melt when approached with fire but the repair of the melted part is quite easy. It will not ignite the surrounding materials and products. It has resistance to chemicals and impacts. Since it is a long-lasting product, you may use it for many years.

In addition to the known garden fences, grass fences are used for decorative decoration by covering them with synthetic threads. Although the color of these threads is green, different and wide color options are optionally available. If you have plans to make your garden look beautiful, you can easily achieve the look of your dream garden with decorative fence panels outdoor with color options according to your taste.

·        Indoor Decorative Garden Fence

Decorative grass fence panels also can be used for indoor decorative fence ideas. It is seen that with the technological developments, cafes and restaurants have started to use grass fences to draw attention from the customers.

Evaligrass and Decorative Grass Fence Panels

If you want to add a natural atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces, you can work with Evaligrass and enjoy quality products. Thanks to decorative fence panels and gates you may create a lush environment in your garden or balcony or else you may use decorative fence panels for privacy in indoor places such as restaurants or cafes. You may contact us to get decorative fence panel cost information and learn in detail what factors will affect the price. If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information. Our experienced team and customer service will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for decorative grass fence panels for sale, Evaligrass is beside you! Because you are worth it.


Best Grass Wall Panels Application in Europe

Grass fence is a product made of synthetic threads on a wire mesh and covered with a grass-like coating. Artificial grass panels, which are both very decorative and very useful, have started to be more popular day by day. Grass fences, which we encounter especially in gardens and terraces, can also be used to separate some sections in cafes or restaurants recently. In addition, the grass fences that you will often see around the pools are used especially for the purpose of separating the sections. Even though the grass fence is usually green, it can be produced in almost all colors. By specifying the color, you want, you can create a different effect in the areas where you want to use a grass fence.

Grass wall panels are products made of galvanized stainless steel. Since these products are stainless, they do not have a negative effect on human health. Additionally, the correct application of grass fence wires is very important for long-term use. In this sense, many companies guarantee the best application with their expert staff. Evaligrass is one of these companies and it carries out its work by taking all kinds of security measures during the assembly of grass fences by providing the necessary technical support before and after the application.

Grass Wall Panels Usage Areas


In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of wire mesh systems. Wire mesh, which we can see in every area of ​​​​our daily life, can be made very decorative by making a few arrangements on it. Grass fences, which are such a wire mesh system, offer many alternatives that can be used. We can list the grass fence usage areas as follows;

  • Railings to be made on terraces,
  • Surrounding of estates, apartments or detached houses,
  • Exterior designs of buildings,
  • Hobby gardens,
  • In cafes and restaurants,
  • Pool sides,
  • Interior decorations of various areas (artificial grass wall panels indoor),
  • Covering of garbage containers,
  • Wall covering,
  • Coating of ventilation panels,
  • Covering the roofs of winter gardens.

Grass fences can be used in almost any area where a grass look is desired. Grass fences, which have become widespread for decoration purposes today, also offer a practical application. You can create a natural look in your areas. If you want to protect your areas without disturbing the natural appearance, a grass fence is one of the products you can choose.

Why Should You Get Grass Wall Panels by Evaligrass?

Thanks to technology and innovations, many decorative products have gotten involved in our lives. One of these decorative products are grass fences and they provide you with many advantages for use. If we give the answer to the question why you should use a grass fence, we may list the answers as follows;

  • Artificial grass wall panels are tightly woven products. So, when you surround the garden and house with artificial walls, you can prevent the inside from being seen.
  • Animals such as cats and dogs cannot enter your garden.
  • Grass fences are very easy to install and use. It is not hard to use artificial grass walls. Because they do not require constant maintenance.
  • It is a product resistant to sunlight. It can be used for years without fading in color.
  • It is a product suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter.
  • It does not burn easily when in contact with fire. This is one of the most important features. It provides security and safety.
  • Thanks to Evaligrass, you can get guaranteed products. You may find detailed information below:


UV 2 Years 10% tolerance
Fireproof 2 Years 10% tolerance
Thread Strength 2 Years 10% tolerance


Grass Wall Panels Prices

Artificial grass wall panels cost may vary according to the size of the area to be used. There are some factors that affect the price. You can contact our company to have detailed information about grass wall panel prices and grass wall panel applications.

Evaligrass and Grass Wall Panels in Europe

We as Evaligrass are dedicated to do our job in the best way. For this reason, we have tried to be professional in the field of grass wall panels. With our hardworking team, experienced experts, quality products and services, today we are also one of the best grass wall panel suppliers in Europe. If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free fake grass wall panel cost information. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for quality grass wall panels for sale, Evaligrass is beside you!


Garden Fence Manufacturer in Qatar

If you are open to garden fence panels ideas we, as EvaliGrass which is a leading garden fence manufacturer in Qatar, offer you garden fence ideas that you can consider and decorate your areas easily in a modern way.

Garden Fence

Garden is a place where everyone wants to relax and become peaceful. For this reason, many people try to create a lush environment and they search for garden fence ideas that they want to consider. Garden fences not only provide a peaceful place but also a secure place for the owner. Because they prevent inside being seen from outside and other creatures to enter your garden.

Features of Garden Fence Panels

Garden fence panels are products that surround the gardens and limit their relationship with the outside. They offer safety and elegance together. One of the most preferred products by users in garden decorations is metal garden fence panels. These fence products are obtained as a result of covering the metal with grass-like synthetic materials. The wires of the products, which have a solid and high quality structure, are produced from stainless steel materials. The products, which are suitable for outdoor use, show high resistance against natural events such as sunlight, rain and snow. They do not fade and wear in the color of the products that are used outside all the time. In the production of grass, special PVC materials are often preferred. Models that create a seamless appearance always exhibit a stylish stance thanks to their easy-to-clean feature.


The products, which attract attention with their wide usage area, are very effective in outdoor security. Products installed through various equipment may need different techniques depending on the area of use. It is very important to determine the usage area correctly in choosing a grass wire fence model. They are one of the important parts of gardens, balconies and terraces. In addition, they have many different alternatives with a rich product range. You can take advantage of enjoyable and functional use together with models that appeal to your preferences. Products that keep up with the garden layout fashion also add aesthetics to balconies and terraces. You can choose products that are prepared at frequent intervals in order to restrict the view outside, and you can spend more peaceful time in the balconies and terraces with these decorative garden fence panels.

Garden Fence Usage Areas

The models of garden fence panels, which form the most important part of landscape architecture, are distinguished from each other by application techniques and installation stages. The main reason to be preferred by many people is to determine the boundaries of open areas by providing security. The products, which are very effective for protecting personal life, have a wide range of uses. The most frequently used areas of models can be listed as follows:

  • Nursery, school and playground,
  • Villa, site and building surroundings and gardens,
  • Surroundings of sports complexes,
  • Garden of hotels, restaurants and cafes,
  • Balconies and terraces of areas such as homes and offices.

Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence panels are among the modern fence ideas used in living spaces such as houses, apartments, workplaces, restaurants. Especially in recent years, the most popular fence type grass fence panel is among the most beautiful wall garden fence ideas.


Garden fence panels have a very modern and aesthetic structure. The most important reason for using a grass fence as a wall fence is that grass fences provide privacy. Because grass fences prevent the inside from being seen when viewed from the outside. In addition, the most important reason why the grass fence is to prevent the entry of dirt, waste materials and animals from the outside. With the highly functional artificial grass wall fences, the gardens will now have a more modern and beautiful appearance. You may have a better place with simple garden fence ideas. You may also take advantage of flower garden fence ideas and you can decorate your garden with both grass fences and flowers that you will add to these grass fences wires.

Cost of Garden Fence Panels

The garden fence panel service that you will get from a company to surround your garden or the area you want may vary in price due to certain factors. Factors such as the width of the area, the quality of the preferred product, the area where the installation will be made and the color of the product will cause the price of the product and the service to change.

EvaliGrass and Garden Fence

We, as a leading garden fence manufacturer, are trying hard to serve our best at home and abroad. We produce and install garden fence panels in Qatar, also. Thanks to our exports to Qatar, we deliver quality grass fences to people all over the world.

For detailed information about garden fence panels and get free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.