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Grass Fences Are Becoming More Popular Everyday!

garden grass fence

Beyond meeting our decorative tastes, grass fence, which offers a practical solution to our security and special space needs, has started to find more space in the living spaces than in the past. Today, many people prefer to use artificial grass fence panels instead of natural grass, ivy, wire mesh, metal fence or stone walls. Artificial grass fence applications are becoming more and more popular and this popularity is based on many rational reasons.

First of all, we should mention that artificial grass is a product that is easy to install and maintenance free. It is resistant to rain, sun and adverse weather conditions. Artificial grass and artificial grass fence, which continues to increase in popularity due to its practical usage features, effortless system and maximum performance, also bring significant advantages in terms of cost.

Why Artificial Grass Fences Became Popular?

In the past, people used walls or, more simply, wire fences to set the boundaries of their homes or workplaces or to separate themselves and their living spaces from other people. The use of natural lawns for decorative applications brought along a lot of trouble. Despite the high maintenance costs of natural grass, low performance, constant maintenance needs and short life span opened the door for new searches in the style of decoration. The disadvantageous aspects of natural lawns, which offer a more natural appearance rather than wire mesh or concrete walls, and which look more aesthetically beautiful, were effective in choosing artificial turf with the same appearance as natural lawns. For this reason, artificial grass fence panels continue to be a good idea to surround our living spaces with the natural look of artificial grass.

Natural Look

We all want to live in a more natural environment full of greenery. There is a side of this desire that rests the human soul and satisfies our aesthetic tastes. The fact that cities do not have enough natural areas to meet this demand, leads us to various quests and alternative practices. Grass fences offer us an excellent opportunity to meet this need. The fact that we can turn the places we live into more peaceful places with grass fences that give a natural look and feel is among the most natural reasons for the interest in grass fence panels.

Customized Areas

Our behavior of surrounding places where we live is actually based on a basic reason. The need to create our own, secure and privacy-based spaces… Feeling more peaceful and secure in our own spaces is a human feeling. We all want to set our boundaries, to feel that our personal spaces belong to us and to enjoy the areas we live in. Grass fence perfectly meets this need for privacy.

Easy Maintenance

The artificial grass fence does not require intensive care. This means extra time for us. Not only can we save time, we can also maintain our budget by reducing maintenance costs. The deterioration of the appearance of natural grass in autumn and winter and the demand for maintenance in spring brings high costs and a demanding effort. After you start using your grass fence panels, you can spend the time you spend on maintenance to drink coffee in your garden.

Low Cost, High Performance

The artificial grass fence has a long-lasting structure and requires very little maintenance, which saves costs. You don’t need to spend an extra budget for the maintenance of your grass fence. Its structure does not deteriorate in harsh weather conditions and does not require maintenance. Thanks to artificial grass fence panels, considering that you will save water costs, you also have an important reason to meet budget-friendly artificial grass fences.

Artificial grass fence panels have started to be used more frequently in many areas due to these factors, which are effective in making grass fence popular. So let’s take a closer look at the use of grass fences.

Sports Fields

Artificial grass fence is a great choice for sports fields. Artificial grass fences, which are in accordance with the spirit of the sport, give the sports fields a more beautiful appearance with their natural appearance. Football, basketball, tennis fields around the lawn fences adorned with sports fields in an aesthetic way you can determine.

Building Complexes

Artificial grass fence covering the building complexes gives a stylish and elegant appearance to the places you live, as well as help you to ensure the security of the site. The fact that grass fences do not need maintenance and the excellent views they maintain during the four seasons will enrich the areas you live.


A preferred method of covering the perimeter of the pool with a grass fence. With lawn fences that meet the need to create both privacy and personal space, you can transform the pools in estates or sports facilities aesthetically.

Cafes and Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are the main places where grass fences find the most application area. You can create elegant looking natural areas for your guests by surrounding your business gardens with grass fences.

Garden, Landscape and Playgrounds

One of the most common areas of artificial grass fence panels is gardens and playgrounds. It is possible to construct more natural and green areas with artificial grass fences, which are frequently preferred in garden arrangement systems. With artificial grass fence covering, which is also a functional system for children’s playgrounds, you can create safe areas for your children.

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green fence greener world

Our Environment Is Greener with Grass Fence Panels

green grass fence

We all want to live in a greener and more natural environment, don’t we? We intervene to make the places where we live greener, and we want to be in more communication with nature. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to meet this request. Our world is gradually losing color and the gray color becomes more dominant in our lives. But we are not desperate! There’s still a lot we can do to meet the green color. One of them is to surround our living spaces with artificial hedges!

Yes, with artificial hedge fence panels, it is possible to achieve more greenness much faster. With a simple installation, as soon as possible and at very low costs …

A Simple Way of More Green Colors: Artificial Grass Fence Panels

Who wouldn’t want to have a lush look around his house or office? If there are no trees around you that offer a green landscape, we recommend you: ecofriendly artificial hedge walls! When you wake up in the morning and open the windows you will like to see around your living areas and at the same time you can create safe living areas with hedge wall panels which also can make your lives greener. Natural grass is of course an option, but remember that it is a troublesome and costly option … Read our article to look at the reasons more closely.

Natural Lawns Requires Maintenance, Artificial Lawn Hedge Is Much More Effortless!

Watering natural grass with a hose may seem like an enjoyable job, but if you think you have to do it all the time, it can be a troublesome one for you. Unfortunately, natural grass should not be neglected. To keep them constantly green and alive, you have to devote part of your time and budget. The artificial hedge is always green. You don’t have to try and turn on the taps to make them greener. The artificial hedge wall, which maintains its natural appearance and green color for every day of the year, does not lose anything from its appearance and colors in both summer and winter seasons.

Natural Lawns Good, Pleasant; But There Are Some Drawbacks!

You should know how natural grass, which offers a green look in the summer, turns into a colorless and ugly in other seasons of the year. A faded image that has lost its freshness and vitality. There’s a lot you need to do to get them back to their old looks. Cutting, pruning, inoculating, fertilizing… It is no wonder that artificial hedges are becoming more and more preferred every day. The structure of the grass hedge, which adapts to the conditions of all seasons, does not lose its green color and performance without being affected by hot and cold weather conditions, brings important advantages for the users. Consistent green color is just one of these advantages.

Artificial grass, which has the same shades of natural grass, has different methods used to enclose living spaces. Wire fences and concrete walls are just two of these methods. Although they meet a need, these methods do not provide enough aesthetic and natural appearance and do not give the warmth of the green color of artificial hedge fence panels. Not to mention the high costs and cold footage as well.

It’s time to break down the walls!

Who likes stone walls around? And isn’t it time to knock down the walls? Time for artificial hedge wall! Artificial hedge, one of the most suitable methods of adding aesthetic value to the environment we live in, is a colorful and entertaining way to remove the serious and concrete color image of the walls from our lives. Artificial hedge fence panels are also preferred because of their eco-friendly features.

Natural Appearance

Artificial grass fence, which has a similar appearance to natural grass, offers a visual richness compatible with nature. It brings an aesthetic point of view against visual pollution with its structures that do not spoil the taste of the eye and allows you to experience a natural feeling. Because one needs a very attentive eye to distinguish artificial grass from natural grass!

Recyclable Material

The materials used in the production of artificial grass fence consist of recyclable raw materials. With artificial hedges that contribute to a sustainable environment, the environment we live in is much safer and cleaner. The product features that do not harm the nature, contain no harmful substances for human and environmental health and do not contain harmful chemicals, artificial hedge panels make it a reliable choice for decorative applications.

Water Saving

Effective use of water resources is an important problem for our world. As the need for water increases day by day, resources cannot meet this need in a balanced way. For this reason, using water resources economically is among the most important issues of our time. Artificial grass fence, which does not require irrigation, is environmentally friendly and eco-friendly in this respect.

Did you know that artificial hedge fence panels are also used as wall covering? The next part of our article contains more greenery and more art!

An Artistic Touch to Your Living Spaces: Artificial hedge walls

Writing, painting or aestheticizing walls with different methods is the result of a natural need. We want to make our living spaces more natural and enjoyable by interfering with the ugly images around us. Because nobody likes ugly-looking or empty walls. As a result of the aesthetic need that we have, we want to make the places where we spend a great time of our day harmonious with nature. For this reason, we eliminate the longing for living in gardens and forests where we enjoy spending time by inviting green color to our living spaces. Therefore, it is understandable that the effort to create the artistic features of nature in the places we live. Artificial hedge walls provide an opportunity to create artistic touches inspired by nature in our homes, gardens and workplaces.

With artificial grass fences, it is easy to decorate the walls of your living spaces in a decorative way. Decorated with fake ivy or artificial grass fence in different colors, you can create wall designs with very different installations, you can decorate your homes and workplaces in a more natural and pleasing style. On hedge wall backdrops, which do not require any maintenance, of course you are not just obliged to green color. You can create artificial hedge fencing applications with different colors and designs according to your taste and create places where you will enjoy living.

You can make your meetings more natural and give glamorous invitations with artificial hedge wall fencing applications that provide a great decor for family invitations, special events, birthdays and other special occasions. You can get help from Evaligrass for artificial hedges that add more green color and value to your living spaces.

Enjoy being in your own natural world with Evaligrass!


affortable grass fence

Where to Find the Most Affordable Grass Fence?

affortable grass fencep panels

Artificial turf is a trendy application among today’s decorative coating systems. One of the most important reasons for the widespread use of artificial turf, a new style in decoration, is that it provides a better view at more affordable costs. Artificial lawn fences are the leading artificial grass systems that provide the opportunity to decorate the living spaces at more affordable prices and more aesthetically. Artificial grass fences, which save users from many costs and troubles, provide an excellent advantage in garden decorations and provide an important advantage by keeping budgets.

What is Artificial Grass Fence? What Are Uses?

Artificial grass fence, decorative appearance in appearance similar to natural grass. It is possible with this system to give a more pleasant and natural look to garden environments, road sides and sports fields. Artificial grass fence panels serve as walls around the living spaces and meet the security needs and provide you with more beautiful images. In addition to artificial grass fences, vertical gardening applications are realized with the same system. You can get greener images at affordable prices with artificial grass wall panels that connect garden walls or roadside walls with grass.

Why is Artificial Grass Fences a More Economical System?

Artificial grass wall is an excellent choice for your gardens in terms of cost. By buying artificial grass fences to surround your living places in an aesthetically pleasing way, you can avoid many costs and create an environment that is always natural, green and livable. So why are artificial grass fences a more economical style of decoration and what additional costs do you get when you use this system? Here are the answers…

Minimum Maintenance Cost Through Artificial Grass Fences

When purchasing a product, it is an important economic principle not only to have the product at affordable prices, but also to take into account the maintenance costs of the product. A product that you purchase at affordable prices can become costly for you because of high maintenance costs and can damage your budget. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration the purchase costs. Artificial grass wall applications are a preferred decoration trend due to their maintenance-free features as well as being an advantageous system in terms of price. When you choose artificial turf walls, you don’t have to budget for maintenance because artificial turf wall does not require maintenance. The wall covered with artificial grass fence panels maintains its appearance for a long time with its durable structure after application. You don’t have to pay to make them greener, extend their lifetime or prevent them from being damaged. Because artificial turf fences are always green and durable enough to retain its structure for years. They can maintain their performance even under the harshest conditions with their weather resistant structures. They always offer a green appearance thanks to their UV resistance.

No Renewal Expenses with Artificial Grass Fences!

One of the things to consider when calculating the cost of artificial turf walls for your living spaces is that you will not face renewal costs. Because artificial turf wall panels offer a lifetime of use and you do not need to renew them often. One of the most important advantages compared to natural lawns is its durable structure that saves you from renewal costs and you can get long-lasting green appearance in your home and work places at affordable costs.

Don't Spend Water with Artificial Grass Fences!

Artificial grass wall does not need constant water. You don’t have to turn on the taps to water them. Because they always have a fresh and lively appearance. Artificial grass fences, which keep their green appearance for years, do not leave you facing high water bills. Natural grass, on the other hand, causes high water consumption due to its irrigation needs, and this may force your budget. You can save water costs with artificial grass fence and wall panels.

Artificial Grass Fences No Harm to the Environment!

When it comes to costs, one has to think about not only the financial part, but also the costs of a livable environment. Artificial grass fences not only save budgets, but also contribute to a greener environment as they save water costs. Artificial garden walls, which offer advantages in terms of protection of water resources and efficient use of water, come to the fore as an environmentally friendly decoration application.


With artificial grass fences, it is a practical solution to make your gardens look more special and at the same time ensure your safety. If you want to isolate your living area from the environment and perform this process both aesthetically and economically, artificial grass hedge applications will be a low cost, good idea for you. What are the factors that affect the costs of artificial grass fences?

Material quality

The product quality of artificial grass and the structure of the wire fences required for the implementation of the system are among the factors that affect the costs of grass fences. More useful and high-quality products can increase costs, but because of the much longer life span, you can save extra costs such as maintenance and replacement.

Door applications

You may also want to have a door for your needs when installing artificial grass fence systems that surround your living spaces. Artificial grass fence door applications that allow easy passage to other parts of your living spaces can be easily done in this system. Gate applications that will add a nice look and functionality will also affect the costs of artificial grass fences.

Square meters of the area

Artificial grass fence applications can be easily performed for areas of any size. You can cover your site, work place or production facilities with artificial grass walls and get a long life. Grass fences are designed according to the size of the area and cost is calculated. The square meter of the area will play an immersive role in its costs.

Extra decorative applications

It is possible to perform all kinds of decorative applications with artificial turf. If you want to make your artificial grass walls flashier and more special, you may need extra decorative applications. You can decorate your walls with artificial plants and shape your living spaces according to your personal tastes and style. Depending on the variety of materials to be used, the costs of artificial turf walls will also vary.

You can get to know artificial turf fence applications by contacting Evaligrass which prepares natural and greener places for you with its experience in the production and installation of artificial turf fence at the most cost effective.

New fashion on the walls: Artificial fence panels

We desire to decorate the places we live in accordance with our own tastes. We want to live in places that are more pleasing to the eye, to work in more aesthetic areas or to socialize in places that are more pleasurable in appearance and where our soul rests. As a result of this need, we tend to decorate our homes in order to make them attractive for our customers or visitors. Wall decoration is the basis of the decorative applications that we can perform in our work and living spaces. Hanging paintings on our walls, decorating with flowers or painting them in different colors is a natural result of this need.

How about covering your walls with artificial grass panels? With this system that you can follow through at affordable costs, your empty walls will have a more eye-catching look and you will have natural images you longed for. Depending on your taste, you can cover your walls with artificial grass that gives you the look of a table, or you can get amazing images. Expert in the production and application of artificial wall panels, Evalisgrass is ready to offer you the most affordable solutions!

Invitations and events are more eye-catching with artificial grass fence panels!

Birthdays, marriage ceremonies or celebrations are among the organizations that excite us all. You can use the power of artificial grass fences to make these special days unforgettable, to make them more eye-catching and to leave memories with beautiful images and memories!

If you are looking for a nice decor for your invitations, events and special occasions, but avoid high-priced solutions, you can get an artificial wall grass price from Evaligrass and make your invitations much more attractive at affordable costs. Artificial grass wall panels, which will be a stylish decor for your poolside parties, company meetings, weddings and events, will add a natural and green look to your most special days!


Artificial grass fences, which give a pleasant appearance to gardens, landscaping areas, sports fields and roadsides, are one of the trend applications of recent years that meet both aesthetic needs and security requirements. Do you know where you can find the best quality and affordable grass fences? Here’s the answer: Evaligrass, a professional brand in artificial grass fence production and application, offers you cost-effective solutions. Having accomplished many successful projects in Turkey and abroad, Evaligrass is the right address for creating environmentally friendly spaces at low costs.

Evaligrass, which creates more attractive areas by constructing the most accurate artificial grass fence systems adapted to your needs, draws attention with its product quality and customer-oriented service concept in grass fence systems. Whether you have a small garden or a giant sports facility project, you can contact Evaligrass to have the most affordable costs of the unique atmosphere of artificial grass fences in your living spaces.


what is grass fence

What is The Grass Fence? Where are They Used?

grass fence using areas

Making living spaces more beautiful is one of the oldest passions of mankind. We all want to design our homes, workplaces and the environment we live in a way that is pleasing to the eye and realize this design in harmony with nature. This is where artificial grass fence comes in. Artificial grass fence, an alternative to real grass fence, grass wall and vines, is today’s new decoration trend. Moreover, this trend offers many advantages in terms of both decoration and cost.

Artificial grass fence is one of the kind of designs used in artificial grass applications with its decorative appearance. It is applied around houses, workplaces or sports areas for decorative and security purposes, allowing the aesthetics of the living spaces to be more special. So, what is artificial grass fence? What are the features and advantages?

Artificial grass fence panels, steel wires are obtained by applying PVC. Artificial grass panels, which can be produced in desired lengths and sizes, are preferred due to their natural appearance and ease of use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor places, with grass fences you can create decorative partitions, your own space. The PVC material used in its production makes artificial grass fence resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV rays of the sun. You can use your Evaligrass artificial grass fence for many years without being exposed to rust, decay and deterioration. Fake grass fence, which stands out with its washable properties and resistant to color changes, is widely used in landscaping and wall decoration works.



Artificial grass panels offer long-lasting usage advantages with their material quality and resistant to external conditions. High UV protection and superior resistance to sunlight. Highly resistant to water and flames. It preserves its natural appearance for years and gives a fresh and fresh image to the areas it is applied in every season.

Secure Areas:

Another advantage of artificial grass fence panel is the possibility to create safe and private spaces. You can make it special for you by surrounding your living spaces in an aesthetic way. Decorating the surroundings of your home or office with artificial grass panels in a natural beauty gives you safer and more aesthetic spaces. Artificial grass fence is the most economical way to construct spaces that are isolated from the eyes and isolated from the outside environment.

Environment Friendly:

Artificial grass fence provides environmentally friendly solutions to create spaces that are compatible with nature and human life. Unlike natural lawns, you can save money on your water bills with artificial grass fence panels that do not require irrigation. With artificial grass fence, which allows you to create green areas in four seasons, you can design more spacious and pleasing spaces and beautify your environment.

Budget Friendly:

Being budget friendly is one of the most effective factors on artificial grass fences being selected for many purposes. Natural grass maintenance difficulties and high maintenance costs are not present in artificial grass fence. Since it is very durable, it does not require renewal for many years and protects your budget from maintenance and renewal costs.

Easy Setup:

Artificial grass fence panels are also very easy to install. In just one day, you can make your living spaces look more beautiful. As with natural lawn, you can design green spaces without fertilizing, sowing and growing, and you can easily perform the decorative applications you want to suit your taste.



Refers to the material covering the lower surfaces of artificial turf. It is a type of adhesive coating. Thanks to the tread applied to the bottom layer of artificial turf fields, artificial turf fibers stay together intact and without deterioration.


Refers to the reaction of the ball to the playing surface. The ball-surface interaction is important to determine the performance of the ground as the ball moves along the surface. In each sport, the competent bodies have the ball-surface interaction of the playing fields tested by the accredited institutions and report compliance.



Do you want to have a perfect garden in your home? You can make your garden more special with artificial grass fence. You can meet your security need aesthetically by surrounding your house with grass fence which is both decorative and safe application. Artificial grass fence, which you can use on your home terrace or balconies, will make your living spaces look more natural.

Commercial Areas:

Artificial grass fence is one of the most important decorative applications for businesses and commercial areas. You can use fake grass fence to transform workplace environments into more specific areas, set workplace boundaries and meet your security needs. You don’t have to spend time on fake grass fence, which is budget-friendly with maintenance-free features. You don’t need a gardener anymore thanks to the fake grass fence applications that offer unique beauty opportunities for commercial spaces!

Parks and Gardens:

Artificial grass fence, which is preferred because of its aesthetics, is an excellent solution for parks and gardens. Artificial grass fence, which is a preferred application in parks, gardens and children’s playgrounds, not only gives the landscaping a pleasant appearance, but also allows the design of safe playgrounds for children. Artificial grass fence panels come to the forefront as a product preferred by the municipalities because of their maintenance-free features, they offer the same comfort in summer and winter and do not require cutting, pruning, irrigation.

Sports Fields:

Artificial grass fence panels stand out as a decorative application for surrounding football, basketball, athletics and other sports fields. Artificial fence panels that make sports fields more pleasant and pleasing to the eye are a good solution for creating healthier and sportier spaces. Artificial grass fence panels can easily determine the boundaries of sports fields if you want to create separate sections for each sport branch.

Road Sides:

Artificial fence panels, which provide opportunities for modern urbanism, enable the design of more aesthetic and green spaces by applying them to the roadside. It is possible to make the streets look more modern and add pleasure to the roads with artificial grass fences. Since it does not lose its natural appearance in four seasons, it offers unique images for the city dwellers and it is among the indispensable decorative applications of modern cities with its environmentally friendly features.


Nobody wants to look at empty walls, right? Artificial grass wall applications are an excellent alternative that will save you from the empty and gray appearance of the walls. Artificial grass wall panels, which can be easily applied to the walls, can make the garden walls of your home and work places look perfect.