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Grass Fence Cost and Usage in Schools

Parents always want their children to be successful, they want them to go to good schools and achieve good things. Well, let’s say they got accepted into a good school. Parents will also want them to be safe at school, right? At this point, you need to choose a school that ensures your child’s safety and is good for their psychology. At this point, as Integral Spor, we recommend that the school where your child will be educated uses grass fence.

Another place where grass fences are used, which offers a green, pleasant and natural atmosphere, is schools. Thanks to the grass fences, a safe area is provided where your child can play comfortably. Grass fences protect your child from external factors that may come from outside. In addition, your child will relax psychologically. Because with the combination of green and nature, your child gets away from daily stresses a little bit. Grass fences, which are widely used in Europe, are slowly gaining popularity in Turkey. Our company not only produces grass fences in Turkey but also offers a service that transcends continents. It exports grass fences to many continents such as Asia, Europe and America. At the same time, it continues to show up with its safe and quality service right next to you as well as your children! You can get detailed information by consulting Integral Spor, one of the leading artificial grass fence manufacturers, about grass fences.

Why Grass Fence?

Because grass fence cost and maintenance cost is not so high, it is possible to install them for every school to prepare a safe and comfortable area for our children. Children will enjoy playing in the green environment more and will have a relaxed attitude knowing that they will not be harmed. In addition to these, they will not go out to catch the ball that escapes into the street. Because the grass fence will prevent the ball from escaping. Thus, your child will be protected from the dangers of the street or from cars.

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Grass fence is also a very advantageous choice for school management. Because artificial grass fences are easy to install and long-lasting products. If you work with an artificial grass fence manufacturer that is competent in the field just like Integral Spor, you can have a long-lasting and reliable product. It does not make much sense for schools to use fences made of natural grass. Because weather conditions, very cold or very hot weather spoil the fences which are made of natural grass. A constant renovation on the fences will be needed.. However, artificial grass fences are one-time products that are long-lasting and are a very economical choice for schools as well. Besides the economic advantage, artificial grass fence has many other advantages.

  • It is impact resistant.
  • It does not rust and thus prevents your child from facing diseases such as tetanus.
  • It does not allow the school to be watched from the outside. Your child can play as s/he wishes or have fun with her/his friends.
  • It offers a more natural and green environment for your child.
  • While metal fences negatively affect your child’s psychology (the feeling of being trapped in a place), green grass fences will relieve them.
  • It ensures your child’s safety. It protects from external factors such as cars.
  • Artificial grass fences have a flexible structure. Thus, your child will not be injured when hitting the fence.
  • Since it is not affected by weather conditions like a natural grass fence or turns into mud due to rain, it does not cause your child to slip and fall.
  • Since it has a more surrounding structure than metal fences, it absorbs the cold air. It prevents your child from being exposed to the cold breeze.
  • At the same time, the product does not catch fire easily when it comes into contact with fire, thus it protects your child from fire.
  • Since it is a tightly woven product, it prevents the entry of cats and dogs. It prevents your child from being harmed/bitten by a cat or dog.

Integral Spor and Grass Fence for Schools

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Grass fences, which look visually beautiful, are also important products in terms of security. Since normal fences are open, it is easily visible from the outside to the inside, which causes bad people to plan what they want to do. If schools are closed with grass fences, they will be safer and they will look great visually. The most important advantage of grass fences is that they are long-lasting and resistant to UV rays of the sun. They are not affected in any way by snow, rain and hail and they always maintain their vitality. When viewed from afar, grass fences give the impression that there is grass on your wall, and it makes you feel calm. That is a great feature for children. Because they can be stressed in school. Artificial grass fences are affordable, durable, safe and beautiful products that remind nature and they are good for the psychology of your children.

Grass fence is a covering product consisting of synthetic fibers with grass look, covered on wire mesh. Although it is generally used as green, it is a product that can be colored according to demand. We, as Integral Spor family, offer this service for many years. We like to build grass fences, especially in places where more care needs to be taken, such as schools. Because the safety of children is paramount. There are so many companies that leave the job unfinished and bring poor quality products out of your agreement. For this reason, we recommend you choose a competent manufacturer. As a manufacturer of sports floors based on 15 years of industry experience, commercial experience, understanding of quality and customer satisfaction, exporting to many countries, especially England, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, both the safety and comfort of your children are at the forefront with Integral Spor!


New Trend Instead of Metal Fence: Artificial Grass Fence Covering

Would you like to create a more pleasant and more natural atmosphere while ensuring your safety? How does the idea of ​​using artificial grass fence covering instead of metal fence panels sound in our world which is getting concrete day by day? Isn’t it amazing? As Integral Spor family, we offer you beautiful, modern, decorative and economical service. While ensuring your safety, we also promise you a pleasant atmosphere.

We invite you to get to know our artificial grass fences, which have become more common everywhere and create more modern structures. As Integral Spor, we combine the beauty of nature with the quality of our institution and produce vertical grass coverings and panels based on natural appearance and aesthetics. We make private living spaces, parks, roadsides and many other usage areas greener and more modern with grass fences, especially as garden walls. We offer both security and landscaping products with grass fences, which are very easy to install and long-lasting. We continue to bring together the quality of Integral Spor with your preferences.

Artificial Grass Fence Features

artificial-grass-fence-coveringArtificial grass fence is a fence with grass on it. For this reason, they not only offer better security but also make the walls green. It is very easy to install and artificial grass fence cost is not that expensive. By the way even maintaining cost is low-cost. Wall grass fence panels can be used for many areas such as waste bins, constructional areas, security cabins, pet houses, roofs etc. and it covers all bad looking areas. We, as Integral Sport, are ready to create a luxury look!

Decorative artificial grass fence panels are also widely used in homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, fair and event areas, shopping malls, garden, roof, balcony, terrace landscaping, children’s areas, pool sides. Artificial grass panels, which is an economical product that does not require maintenance like natural grass, is an advantageous product that always has a green appearance. While the natural grass appearance improves the aesthetic appearance of the spaces, they can be used in factories, schools, villas or facilities with peace of mind where privacy is important as it does not show the inside from the outside. It is a product that is not affected by sunlight and it is resistant to cold and hot season conditions, does not wear out, has a long life and does not require maintenance. Compared to natural grass, it provides an economic advantage without irrigation, fertilization and maintenance costs.

Grass Fence Panel Usage Areas

As we mentioned before, there is no restriction on the use of artificial grass fences. In this context, assembly process can be applied in any area imaginable. Grass fence panels can be placed on both concrete and soil floors. In this context, the difficulty of operation on soil floors is more difficult than on concrete floors. The usage areas of decorative grass fence panels are becoming more and more diversified day by day. With each passing day, we see that grass fence panels are used in many different areas. Nowadays, grass fence panels in are mostly preferred in the following areas: building, site and villa surroundings, school surroundings, sports field surroundings, hotel garden surroundings, land, vineyard surroundings, nursery, playground surroundings, garbage counter decoration, around swimming pools, home, workplace or they are used on the balconies of public areas, cafes and restaurants, and many other places where privacy is desired.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Fence Covering


There are many advantages of using artificial grass fence. We may list them as follows;

  • Grass fences have a feature that is not affected by sun rays and does not fade over time, together with its superior UV protected structure.
  • It is rustproof and resistant to bad weather conditions. It is suitable for use in 4 seasons.
  • It is economical. It does not wear out over time.
  • It protects the privacy of your living spaces. It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
  • It can be produced in different colors.
  • It can be used in applications such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (garden landscaping).
  • The service life is at least 10 years.
  • There is no maintenance cost. It is very easy to clean. It does not hold dust.
  • It can be easily installed and dismantled.
  • Its green color evokes nature and grass fence panels are used to satisfy people’s longing for nature.

Additionally, the advantage of these panels is also revealed when compared to natural grass. You can also use natural grass in any wall or fence system. However, even if you take into account the maintenance difficulties and costs, you can only see these panels as green at certain times of the year. However, artificial grass fence panels do not have any maintenance or expense. You only need to clean it when it gets dirty. Thus, you will have a natural look in your garden for many years and at any time of the year.

The use of grass fence panels is preferred by more and more people every day because they are very advantageous. Its most important advantage, as we have mentioned before, is its ability to perform two functions at the same time; security and landscaping. Fulfilling these two purposes at the same time makes grass fence panels attractive for users. Thus, grass fence panels can be both beneficial and economically efficient. If you want to create a green, decorative, modern and safe area, do not hesitate to contact us. Integral Spor, which has been in this sector for years and is a highly competent institution in its field, is ready to offer you the best products with its reliable service quality, hardworking employees and disciplined vision that always aims for the better! You can reach us from our contact addresses, get more detailed information about artificial grass fence, and in this way, you can plan according to your wishes and budget.

For further information and details :

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Usage of Grass Fences and Grass Fence Rolls in Landscaping

Because the cities look more gray with every new building day by day, people seek even a slight glance of greens and other colors in the nature. Therefore, the fake grass fences are getting more and more popular nowadays. But first of all, what is a grass fence?

There are two types of fake grass fences. A grass privacy fence is a fencing system, in which the artificial grass and the mesh are joined together. It consists of panels that are combined with artificial grass. They can be used almost anywhere that the regular fences are used, and also are great for decorative purposes. They can be applied to the gardens, terraces, indoor areas that need to be divided, the kid’s playgrounds, schools and many other places. The reason why many people prefer using grass fences is that the artificial grass on the fence does not let anything to be seen from the other side.

On the other hand, grass fence rolls are similar to the grass fence panels. However, they have 2 meters of width and 10 meters of length at maximum. If they need to be installed into a bigger area, they can be connected together with wires when they are rolled out.

People in Saudi Arabia and Russia Benefit from the Advantages of Fake Grass Fences

grass fence roll - grass privacy fence - grass fence costsIf you are hesitant to install a fake grass fence system in your garden, school, indoor field or whatever, we recommend you to take a look at its advantages as you can find out some advantages that you may have not thought of yet.

The first advantage is that; the grass fence costs are much cheaper compared to the other choices. You do not need to spend a fortune on a fencing system if you install a fake grass fence. Another advantage is that; it creates a natural look in the places that you want to cover or divide. When you apply a grass fence to your garden, you will immediately see how the ambience is changed.

In addition to the advantages above, we can say that the grass fences and grass fence rolls last for a very long time. They are UV resistant and are quite durable to both hot and cold weather conditions. So, both in countries that have a hot climate like Saudi Arabia, and in the countries that have a cold climate like Russia, you almost never need maintenance or repairs. Therefore, they are great for the environment as they do not produce any waste and they are made of recyclable materials. Also, you do not need to water or mow the grass on the fences as they are synthetic, so, you do not need to use any water while enjoying the natural look of the grass privacy fences.

Grass Fences and Grass Fence Rolls in Italy

In big countries that put importance on aesthetics, like Italy, you can see that the grass fences and grass fence rolls are used quite commonly. As it looks good and is very easy to install, those countries prefer decorating parks and other public areas with grass fences or grass fence rolls. The areas that can be decorated with grass fences include parking lots, housing estates, schools, parks, and other types of indoor and outdoor areas.

In indoor areas, grass fences and grass fence rolls is great for kids’ playgrounds, indoor sports fields, and general decoration. In outdoor areas, on the other hand, grass fences can be used anywhere where real grass fences or regular fences can be used. It is especially great for recreational areas, traffic islands and parks.

As a successful grass fence manufacturer, we offer a wide range of grass fence and grass fence rolls types for you to choose from. You can pick the one that suits your project the most. The types we offer include EvaliGrass Artificial Grass Fence, which is great for gardens and recreational areas, and EvaliGrass Colorful Artificial Grass Fence which stands out for its durability and being very suitable for indoor decorations. In order to get more information about our products, you can contact us by filling the form on our website.

How Much Does Fake Grass Fences Cost?

grass fence roll - grass privacy fence - grass fence costsFake grass fences and grass fence roll comes with a variety of patterns, models and colors. So, the grass fence costs depend on the customers’ choice of pattern, model, height and how much fencing will be necessary to enclose the area that the customer wants the fence to be installed in.

We are producing high quality grass fences that look natural and bring a new ambience to your school, garden, or any other area. We export our products that are produced in Turkey to all over the world. We are putting effort into producing high quality products for the best prices. If you are considering to enclose an area with fake grass fences or grass fence rolls, you can contact us through the form on our website to get more information about grass fence costs and our products.

Countries Like Greece and Ukraine Use Grass Fences and Grass Fence Rolls for Landscaping

Throughout the years, we have served to produce the highest quality grass fences and grass fence rolls for the most affordable prices. If you are looking for a grass fence or grass fence roll manufacturer, we are here to serve you with our professional team. We work with a dedicated team of staff that brings you the best products. Apart from production, we also provide grass fence installation and maintenance services all over the world as well.

In order to bring a fresher landscape into the town you live in, we cooperate with the ministries of environment and urbanization in different countries. We successfully finish projects of parking lots, parks and other public areas. In the projects we complete, you can see how the installation of grass fences and grass fence rolls changes the atmosphere. We bring color to the street you walk on, the park you go for a walk, and the roads that you drive through.

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The Importance of Using Artificial Grass Fences in Africa

As we all know artificial grass fences have been used in many diverse areas nowadays. These innovative products provide many benefits for the clients. In particular, people who have been living in tough climate conditions, need to use artificial grass fences in their living spaces. One of them in Africa. Of course, Africa is so large region but if we need to specify our example, all regions which are located in the Africa continent, have quite a rough climate atmosphere. Those countries are known for their drought issue due to the much higher temperature than other countries all around the world. Also, these regions have so serious water issues. Most people who have been living in those countries suffer from the lack of water and many people have died from these circumstances. The situation is really tough. Nevertheless, life goes on and people are able to find many other ways to be able to survive thanks to technological developments.

One of the miracles of technological developments is artificial grass fences. Because artificial grass fences do not require water to keep their fresh semblance. In particular, the regions where have lack water like in Africa, need this kind of solution in order to protect their current water amount. Instead of watering plants or flowers, they are able to use it in order to be able to survive against the lack of water. In this article, we are going to mention the importance of using artificial grass fences and what kind of benefits these products contribute to our lives.

What Are the Roles of Artificial Grass Fences in Our Daily Lives?

artificial grass fence coveringFirst of all, we need to express that these products have so flexible structure in terms of function. In other words, you are able to use them as you are willing to make your living space more comfortable. If you would like to, you might prefer using artificial grass fences in sport fields or in your living spaces in order to add some aesthetic touches. These products have been manufactured as a perfect option for natural grass. As you are able to guess that at first everybody had started to use them in their gardens in order to avoid investing extra efforts in these areas. The most common area in use of artificial grass fence is landscaping.

But then most people started to feel their potentials which can be used in several areas. These revolutionary products have gained flexibility apparently because from time to time some models of artificial grass fences are called artificial grass rolls. This roll word is so important to understand how much they are flexible in order to change their forms. Therefore, you do not need to use them in only flat floors and walls as coverage. You might prefer using them in your living spaces in order to add some natural semblance in your comfort zone or a fresh atmosphere in your indoor fields. In particular, when we compare the artificial grass fence covering with the natural grass, it stands out obviously! In countries where drought conditions have been experienced, many people are able to ensure that the artificial grass fences can germinate effectively without any circumstances.

Which Company in Turkey Does Stand Out When Compared with Others in Europe?

There are many companies in this industry in Europe but these establishments have not been offering budget-friendly price options to the clients. Moreover, many of them do not provide professional service and care for any possible technical issues and problems. In other words, you are alone if you have been facing a technical problem that you are not able to solve by yourself. Therefore, every company cannot count on the same level. If you need to hear some recommendations on this point, surely you are able to contact EvaliGrass in Turkey.

artificial grass fence in AfricaThis company has a lot of experience in this industry also they have been serving in Europe and as well as in Turkey. Not only Europe, but they have also been providing the most artificial grass fences in Africa. As you are able to figure out that this establishment has an extremely extended business network all around the world. Therefore, they have been exporting a wide range of products to many countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and many others. If you are willing to benefit from the most budget-friendly artificial grass cost and the most professional service, you are able to make an appointment with this company and get more information about their offers and services.

Why Do People Need to Prefer Using Artificial Grass Fences in Nigeria?

The first reason is flawless fresh semblance. As we all know natural grass smells good but, over time they have been fading out and they do not look pleasant as before. However, this situation is not possible in artificial grass fences. Because they have strong resistance to any circumstances such as rough weather and loads etc. Also, they do not require maintenance care regularly. They are so long-lasting and have so strong resistance to any bad conditions. They look always so fresh because their appearances do not depend on the seasonal circles like in natural grass. Therefore, you can prefer using these products in your comfort zone as you are willing to. You can install them by rolling in any grounds and places. They can fit any floor type as a coverage system. You can bring nature into your house by using grass fences. Also, they are so budget-friendly products. When we look at artificial grass fence cost, we are able to realize that they are much cheaper than the costs of natural grass. Therefore, most people have started to prefer using artificial grass fences in their comfort zone. Because these products are so easy to clean and install. If you are talented in the installation of anything in general, even you are able to install it anywhere that you are willing to.

grass panels - grass wall panels - artificial grass wall panels

Artificial Grass Fence Manufacturers in Turkey

Artificial grass wall panels are shaped by flooring or combining stainless, non-oxidizing, or galvanized panel fence systems which have different PVC artificial grass. Therefore, these walls are getting extremely long-lasting as well as solid. Artificial grass has a strong resistance against any circumstances which can be faced during usage. Due to its strength and durability as well as budget-friendly price levels, many people have started using these revolutionary products in their sports fields or living spaces. Even in their houses, most people prefer these products in order to create a stylish appearance.

But there is one crucial point to pay attention to while using it indoor places. You should not install this product on the ground of your apartment. You can ask why you should not do it while it is used in many areas as a flooring system. But the answer is so obvious. If we have a closer look at its features, this product hides a metal skeleton inside. Therefore, it can cause many accidents and injuries if you are willing to install it on the ground of your apartment.

What Are the Benefits to Use Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

There are many advantages of artificial grass wall panels. Due to its resistance against many possible tough conditions, you are able to prefer using it in outdoor places. The reason for his it is not influenced by the sun and the grass wall panels do not fade after the installation. They have incredible strength and durability when we compare other similar products which are manufactured by many companies nowadays.

On the other hand, this revolutionary product has a strong resistance to bad weather conditions. These special features make it more preferred day by day. The artificial grass walls are budget-friendly and suitable for all seasons’ conditions. They always continue to protect your privacy in your living spaces. In addition to the security and privacy that these products offer to the clients, it has many color options in case you do not want to prefer only a green color for artificial grass. The companies like EvaliGrass offers care service for at least 10 years without any extra maintenance costs. They have a very practical structure to clean easily whenever you would like to and do not hold dust. As you can observe, the artificial grass fence panels have many benefits and offer many possibilities to use them in creative ways.

Why Should People Prefer Using Artificial Grass Wall Panels in Their Living Spaces? 

Build a concrete wall requires much more ingredients and costs much higher than artificial grass wall panels. Besides expenses materials, you need to pay for employees during the installation process if you decide to build a concrete wall around your garden in order to protect your privacy. Furthermore, an artificial grass wall panel always contributes a kind of intimacy to your comfort zone when we compare the option of a concrete wall. In addition to these points, most people have so much motivation to carry out work on their home.

Therefore, they are always renovating the atmosphere of their living areas and these people like to contribute their signatures and touch to all parts of their home including their gardens. Once you start adding some personal touches to your comfort zone, you are going to see that there are no borders. On the contrary, a new horizon which is full of creative ideas and a variety of options is discovered by yourself.

Where Are the Usage Areas of Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

With its so closer appearance to the natural grass, it is often preferred in sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, pool surrounds, cafeterias and restaurants, terraces, around sites and villas, on roadsides and walls. In addition to creating a green and spacious appearance, it also saves companies from the cost of green space maintenance with its durability. Due to the fact that it is produced from artificial grass, its structure remains as it was on the first day for a long time.

Are Artificial Grass Walls Healthy and How Should We Clean Them?

grass panels - grass wall panels - artificial grass wall panelsAs a result of the improvements in grass panels production technologies, this product has passed through important stages and has managed to look like natural grass. Therefore, it has become superior to natural grass with the conveniences it offers. Artificial grass applications, which have become safe to use even in sports fields, especially football, offer safe, practical, and economical solutions in our home life.

These products do not contain harmful substances and have antibacterial properties. They do not produce bacteria after correct application. Nevertheless, as an ac client, you need to take care not to leave the floor wet for a long time. You can ensure that our decorative landscape grass products, which you will use in your gardens and balconies, are kept clean by regularly vacuuming. The product is also stain-proof, and it is possible to wipe the stained part with a wet cloth or with soap-based cleaning products according to the spilled stain.

Are There Companies That Offer High-Quality Services in Turkey?

Of course, there are many different companies that offer diverse services in this field. According to your needs and expectations, you can do a deep search and choose which one you are willing to work with. While some companies are offering costless maintenance care regularly, others do not. But a few companies provide such high-quality products to their clients, these people do not need to take extra care of their artificial grass wall panels. In a nutshell, you need to get well-informed about companies’ offers and qualities before you choose which one you are willing to work with. In addition to maintenance, these products offer a cost advantage for the client candidates. As we mentioned before, artificial grass wall panels do not need extra costs due to continuous maintenance in the case you work for a professional company. Therefore, these products are not fading or wearing in a long term.

Moreover, many well-known companies offer a 10-year guarantee for these products. It means that you are going to get professional service if you come across a problem with it. One of these high-quality brands is EvaliGrass. This company has been exporting to countless countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Malta, the PhilippinesCameroon, the UK, the USA, and others.

grass wall manufacturer- grass wall decor - grass wall decor ideas

The Best Tips On Grass Wall Decor Application 

When summer is getting closer and closer, everyone has become enthusiastic about spending time in the outdoors. Especially if you have a garden in front of your house or apartment, this urge gets much stronger than before. From the beginning of the spring season, people who have garden areas in their house, start taking care of their comfort zones. A wide range of flowers in the refreshing scent and the scent of freshly cut grass give just relaxation and comfort that you are willing to feel.

In order to experience all these amazing feelings, you need to spend some time in your garden. But it might not be possible to organize specialized grass care in the ground of your garden every year. Sometimes you might not have enough time to show intense care in the garden. If you are not willing to wait for the seed germination period, you are able to choose to use grass wall decor in your garden. When you prefer using grass wall decors on the ground of your garden, you are going to get a perfect appearance without any extra efforts that you need to invest in the garden.

Why Should People Prefer Using Grass Wall Decors?

Grass wall decors might be preferred using in villa gardens, outdoor sports areas, parks, playground areas, and landscaping works. In addition to these different ideas, you are able to also use these applications at your home or in your private garden. You are able to organize and structure your garden with grass wall decors easily. If you do not prefer performing grass wall decors in your private garden, unfortunately, a long-term process is going to wait for you. First of all, you are going to take the grass seeds and then you are going to need to grind the soil. In the last step, you are going to plant the seeds and observe the sprouting processes.

grass wall manufacturer- grass wall decor - grass wall decor ideasAs you can see, there is a process that requires so much patience and care, if you do not decide to perform grass wall decors in your garden. By choosing to use grass wall decors, you are going to save time without any extra efforts for the sprouting process. Besides, you are going to get a nice and decent atmosphere although you do not spend too much effort and time. You are going to manage all these processes conveniently by choosing grass wall decors for covering the ground. Instead of spending time on your garden, you are able to focus on other important stuff which is a priority in your life.

Has Grass Wall Decor the Same Appearance as The Real Grass? 

The most crucial point to remind us that the grass wall decor has an artificial structure. Due to this fact, the concept of grass wall decors should be considered the same as artificial grass. Most people do not want to prefer these grass wall decor because they think that these walls are made of natural grass. They are right at some point. Because the real grass requires too much effort to invest in your living space and most people do not want to spend too much time on this.

To be honest, people are willing to have an appearance that is quite close to the natural grass. But due to increasing stressful business life and living circumstances, most people do not have enough time to take care of their gardens regularly. They do not want to spend too much time but at the same time, they are willing to have a natural semblance in their private gardens. At this point, grass wall decor ideas are coming up! There are plenty of models and brands on grass wall decor ideas. If you are one of these people who are looking for a practical solution for their gardens, you need to check them out by surfing the internet.

What Kind of Grass Wall Decors Are There?

It is so significant to prefer the right varieties in grass wall decor ideas you are willing to come across in your home. You need to carefully examine the contents of grass wall decors, as a wide range of brands might consist of different grass blending. For instance, you might choose the nylon artificial grass option if you are looking for durability and strength on this innovative product. Moreover, this kind of artificial grass wall decors is not be affected by heavyweight and high temperatures. In other words, they are not getting matted down or wearing out day by day. Due to its resistance against any tough circumstance, this product has become one of the most preferred grass wall decors which can be fixed to the walls, grounds, etc. You can be sure that the hot sun cannot damage the semblance of this product.

grass wall manufacturer- grass wall decor - grass wall decor ideasAnother one is polyethylene grass wall decor. To be honest, as a client, if you are willing to gain a natural appearance by using artificial grass wall decors, you need to choose this one. As well as their durability and resistance to all possible circumstances, these products contribute an amazing semblance with bright green colors and plenty of textures to your living space. In addition to this, it feels much softer and natural than other types. And the last type is polypropylene grass wall decor. Some people choose this type of artificial grass because of its affordable cost. To be honest, it is the least durable one. If you prefer using this type of grass wall decor, you need to pay extra costs for maintenance from time to time. If you would like to have durable artificial grass as well as with natural appearance, then you should prefer another type as it wears out so fast because of its fine texture.

All these types of grass wall decors are manufactured by many different companies in the industry. But Evaligrass, with its worldwide business network, becomes much remarkable than in the past. Evaligrass is a grass wall manufacturer that produces specially for you. This company exports many different kinds of grass wall decors to different countries such as the USA, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Greece, Nigeria, and so on. In Europe and Africa continent, this company has many strong business networks, and day by day it has become much more well-known all over the world. Team of Evaligrass continues to manufacture many different types of grass wall decors in order to offer much more options to their clients. If you are willing to learn more about grass wall decors, you can contact with Evaligrass team. They are going to inform you in the best way and give some tips and proper recommendations on your needs.


Use of Grass Wall in Indoor and Outdoor Design

We can easily say that the use of grass walls in indoor and outdoor design is essential. If you want to use high-quality grass walls in indoor and outdoor design, you are in the right place. Now let’s examine all the details together.

Fake grass wall models are one of the options that are used extensively in almost every area of ​​human life and provide you with great advantages in use. One of the most important aspects of these products, which are preferred to meet people’s security and privacy needs, is that they cover the outer eye with excellent visual protection. Grass fence models, which have natural grassy features, also manage to attract their different colors.

It should not be forgotten that these grass models, known as grass fence panels and whose usage areas are increasing day by day, are highly resistant to corrosion. Astro turf models, which have a structure that fascinates everyone who sees them with their high-quality options, reveal their usefulness against oxidation. In addition, preventing it from looking from the outside makes it very useful for use. In addition, it should not be forgotten that these solutions, which are applied by supporting different materials and offered to your use for many years, are also financially advantageous. It does not require maintenance, repair, and repair for many years after the application is proof of why fake grass wall models are highly preferred.

Although it is very resistant to fire and sunlight, it is also important not to risk human health while revealing a very successful situation regarding the use of grass fence panels. For this reason, you can get a great advantage by taking advantage of these wonderful options in your children’s spaces or living spaces.

Usage Areas of Indoor Grass Fence Panels

If you want to get detailed information about using grass fence panels in the interior, you are at the right place. Grass fence panels are products that can be used indoors in different ways.

Now let’s examine all the details about the use of grass walls in interior spaces.

Terrace Decoration

The terrace is an area that is considered interior space. For this reason, it is possible to talk about terrace interiors as the usage area of ​​grass fences when it comes to interior decoration. You can cover the walls of your decorative terrace with a glass wall in a very stylish way. In line with this process, it is possible to obtain an extremely stylish and impressive decoration. Remember that you can get a perfect look by adding artificial decorative flowers to your terrace decoration. If you want to achieve the best quality and stylish terrace decoration, all you need to do is communicate with us about quality fake grass wall models.

Balcony Decoration

Apart from the terrace decoration, another area that can be used indoors is the balcony’s decoration. It is possible to easily express that grass wall models are a frequently preferred product in balcony decoration. We can choose decorative fake grass wall models to get a very spectacular appearance. As it is known, fake grass wall models help you to get a decorative appearance with different types. Grass wall models are the best way to perfect your balcony decoratively. You can choose one of these unique products to make your balcony, one of the most beautiful corners of your home, perfect!

Sports Complexes

It is possible to use fake grass wall models for decorative purposes in the interiors of sports complexes. Fake grass models are widely used in the interior of sports complexes. To create the ambiance of a sport and create a different decoration, decorative fake grass wall models are preferred in sports complexes.

Cafe and Restaurant

It is possible to choose fake grass wall models to create a very different image in cafes and restaurants. In this context, fake grass wall models are preferred to achieve a unique decorative appearance in interiors such as cafes and restaurants. It is possible to achieve an awe-inspiring and stylish appearance with artificial flowers and different accessories in cafes and restaurants. If you are a cafe or restaurant operator, you can choose the most suitable model for your cafe and restaurant among the fake grass wall models to create a magnificent decoration.

Outdoor Usage Areas of Fake Grass Walls

Want to create a solution that benefits from quality and affordability, like almost everyone who wants to use fake grass walls? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. You should definitely pay attention to whether it is a quality and solid structure regarding the indoor and outdoor grass fence models you prefer. Apart from its solid and durable structure, grass fence panels, a very successful solution with the support of connection equipment and auxiliary products, manage to attract all the attention with their different usage areas.

With the fake grass wall models, which are among the perfect products with high material quality, it is possible to achieve the quality appearance you want with the fake grass wall products, and the use of these products will need to be supported to stand out in differentiation with the effect of facilitating human life. To understand what these products, which offer very successful solutions in decoration and landscaping areas, can do for you, it is necessary to take a closer look at their usage areas. In this way, it is possible to understand its benefits. Grass wall decor products, you can create decorative areas with excellent features and pamper yourself.

Grass Fence and Grass Walls in Gardens

From a decorative point of view, you can easily choose bamboo fences and trees for garden decoration. Many people who think about security use iron bars. However, decorative grass, which has become widespread in recent years, is used to obtain a more decorative appearance.

Knowing the boundaries of your garden is important when choosing a fence and wall type. You can use a double-sided fence by sharing your fence ideas with your neighbor. If you don’t have a small garden, you can also set a greater hedge length than a certain level. If you already have walls, you can also paint your wall with a new painting. But I definitely do not recommend painting the walls if there are plants in front of them: plants benefit nature and beautiful decoration. When choosing a fence, you can focus on closely spaced or fully enclosed models. You can use colorful flowers and pots to decorate the garden walls.

If you want to make a fence for your garden, you should work with specialized companies in their field. If your fence is smooth and shiny, you will reflect your home and business outdoors in the best possible way. Building a fence takes virtue.

Grass Wall Prices

Do you want to be informed in detail about grass wall prices? For this reason, we can’t give clear information about fake grass prices. Within the framework of our fake grass fence applications, we provide the best quality response to your requests and ensure that you achieve success in your project. In this sense, our company, which has been providing the highest quality services to its customers since its establishment, also operates in the field of grass flooring. If you want to get detailed information about fake grass wall prices and get professional support in this regard, you are at the right place. Come on, act now and choose us.

How to Maintenance for Garden Fence?

Garden fence is one of the products that help gardens to gain the most beautiful artificial grass appearance. It has begun to be used very often, especially in homeowners’ preferences who want to give their apartments a natural appearance on large farms. With the developing technology, interest in artificial grass has increased. These products are more preferred in terms of both appearance and vitality.

Chemicals are not used in washing and cleaning processes while performing artificial garden grass fence maintenance. It is enough to wash with clean water. These products, which are not affected by sun and cold, are open to using for a long time. It is important not to work with cutting and piercing tools only during maintenance. In this way, you can preserve its naturalness for many years.

Why is Garden Grass Fence Preferred?

While garden fence panels are preferred, it has become curious why the product is preferred. Because it is possible to see these panels in many areas, considering why such a wide product is preferred, it has a natural grass appearance. In addition to its appearance, it is also important that products do not harm nature.

These garden grass fence panels, which are easy to apply, attract people in their prices. These products, which are bought at a very affordable price, have started to be very popular due to their easy installation.

It is also a product known as environmentally friendly. It does not require irrigation like natural grass when it comes to its maintenance. In this case, you will both save time and save your budget by saving water.

Beautifying Living Spaces

grass privacy fenceMany people want to make innovations in their lives to improve their living spaces. For this, he enters into many various opinion types of research. It is desirable to create an environment that is both affordable and looks very good. At this point, homes and workplaces with large gardens also research with garden fence ideas.

The most advantageous product in this regard is garden grass fences. It is prevalent because it is a product that is not affected by hot and cold. The fact that it does not lose its color indicates that it has been manufactured as a product that will not compromise its naturalness. This makes people quite happy. Garden grass fences are preferred to live spring in all seasons at workplaces and homes.

How To Install Garden Grass Fences?

In addition to the beautiful appearance of garden fences, it can make people think about the installation. Although it may seem like a very complicated and difficult process, it is straightforward to set up. In addition, it is seen that the company from which you bought an artificial turf fence does this installation for free. It is up to you to beautify your gardens by getting help from our expert teams.

The size of the place where artificial grass fences will be applied does not pose any problem for the installation. It is useful to say this, especially for people who are worried about this issue. Installation is completed in a short time and is ready for use.

What is the Material for Making Garden Fences?

Grass fences, which we encounter very often today, are made of special yarns. These threads are resistant to rupture, and durable materials that are not affected by the sun do not lose their vitality. Therefore, they are products that are open to using for a long time. These threads, which are applied to the panels by wrapping method, create a natural grass appearance and change the air of the areas where it is established.

Thanks to these yarns, which are very resistant to weather events, an advanced design wonder product has emerged. In a world where green areas are decreasing, such products have been manufactured not to harm living things. If the maintenance of natural grass is not done on time, bad images are likely to occur. The most advantageous way to avoid this situation is artificial grass fence panels.

How To Wash Garden Grass Fences?

It is a known fact that garden lawn fences are in open areas. Therefore, it is known that it is frequently exposed to dirt and needs washing. It will be sufficient to use completely clean water in the washing process to remove dirt. The dirt between them is cleaned with a soft brush, and the garden fence is cleaned with water.

It is useful to stay away from chemicals such as detergents to clean your garden fence. In particular, these products may damage the structure of the product as well as causing yellowing and fading in color. In this case, the structure and appearance of the product will deteriorate and will not leave a pleasant impression. For this, you can continue to use it for many years by being very careful during cleaning. Since it will be sufficient to clean the rainwater in the winter months, they need to clean more in the summer months.

What Do Garden Grass Fence Panels Do?

Grass fence panels are decorative products used instead of garden walls of homes and workplaces. These products work in closing living spaces. It is also used to create a visually beautiful environment as well as this function. These garden fences are more preferred, especially in summer houses and farmhouses.

People who want to experience the spring weather always prefer garden fence panels. In addition, thanks to the garden fence, you can sit comfortably in your home. These products, which are produced frequently that do not show the interior, also support you to sit comfortably in your garden. Thus, it works like a secure garden wall.

Are the Prices of Garden Grass Fences High?

When researching grass fences, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether garden fence prices are high. To be clear, it can be said that their prices are not high. It should be known that especially meter-based work is done, and the price is determined in proportion to the length and length of the panels.

Since the price is given according to the area where the garden grass fence panels will be made, a different cost is charged against each individual. However, you should know that you will provide the product at an affordable price when calculating cost. It should not be overlooked that it is much less costly than building a normal wall. There is an additional expense, especially for walls that require painting after knitting. So much so that this fee comes out once a year. If you have garden fences built, you will not have to pay such additional fees.

Where to Get Garden Fences?

When you want to buy garden fences, you should choose specialist companies operating in this field. Our company, which works with assembly and installation, offers products made of high-quality yarns at an affordable price for you. You can visit our site and get support from our expert staff to do profitable shopping and obtain products.

grass privacy fence

How Do I Build Privacy Over A Grass Fence?

Grass fence models, which are among the most preferred grass products recently, are among the most curious issues whether privacy is in question. We have prepared a guide for you to find answers to all your questions about grass fence models in this direction. Now let’s examine whether privacy is possible with grass fence models and all other details.

Grass fence panels are panel fence systems that do not oxidize, rust or are covered with a galvanized coating. Grass fence models formed with PVC synthetic grass coatings or combinations are produced in a very durable and extremely high-quality way and presented to individuals. The most important factor in these fence panels, which is much more advantageous than other fence panels, is that the wear rate is extremely low. Also, grass fence panels provide great advantages in terms of privacy.

Conservative holiday homes or conservative pools have become extremely popular today. Fence panels or different products are needed to ensure privacy in these areas. At this point, grass fence panels are highly preferred. Because the appearance of the products in question is very stylish. Especially when looking at other fence panel types, you can clearly observe that grass fence models have a perfect appearance. In this direction, it is possible to give a clear answer to whether the grass fence is used to create privacy. If you want your home to be protected flawlessly with grass fence panels, you are at the right address.

Where Are Fake Grass Models Used?

grass fenceThere are many areas where fake grass fence models are used. You can contact us with any questions you have about the stage grass fence models, which we say are much more advantageous than many fence models.

It is not possible to limit the area of grass fence models in any way. For this reason, it is possible to state that grass fence models can be used in almost any area you can imagine. Grass fence panels can be used comfortably on both soil and concrete floors. In this direction, it should be said that soil selection procedures are much less than those performed on the concrete ground. Because soils do not form a flat ground. To level the floor, first of all, various studies should be done. Then the grass fence panels need to be placed on the ground. General usage areas of grass fence panels are as follows.

  • Building, site, and villa surroundings,
  • School environment,
  • Sports field surroundings,
  • Hotel garden surroundings,
  • Land, vineyard area,
  • Kindergarten, playground area
  • Garbage container decoration
  • Around swimming pools,
  • Balconies of the home, workplace, or public areas,
  • In cafes and restaurants

In addition to these, it is possible to use grass fences almost everywhere where privacy is required.

Special Grass Fence Advantages

Special grass fence panels provide several advantages. The most important advantage of these products is that they offer an aesthetic appearance. In addition to these, it is possible to list the various advantages of grass fence panels in general as follows.

  • Natural Image

fake grass fenceGrass privacy fence models have a special design, so they provide individuals with a natural look. Especially to ensure naturalness and perfection, it is necessary to take a closer look at the preferred grass fence offers at the point of naturalness.
Artificial grass fences, which are very similar to natural grass, are products obtained from different yarns. Although there is a difference in the yarns’ pile lengths, the main purpose of these products is to obtain a natural appearance. Thanks to providing a natural image, perfect solutions for people’s perception of green spaces emerge.

  • Durable Products

Artificial grass models appear as durable products. Because they are artificial products and they are not affected by rain and mud like natural grass models. The garden grass fence option has a durable structure that lasts for a very long time.
When you look at why the artificial turf models have a durable structure, it should be mentioned that the quality and the use of the right product draw attention. Natural grass is damaged immediately when exposed to the sun or environmental factors too often. This makes it necessary to change the lawn constantly. On the other hand, it is impossible to encounter such negativity in artificial turf or turf fence options.

  • No Maintenance Required

In fact, it is not true to say that it does not require maintenance. However, artificial grass fence models require much less maintenance than natural grass fences. For this reason, it is said to be maintenance-free. Natural grass is among the options that can be highly affected by different environmental effects. On the other hand, artificial turf is considered an alternative that does not affect environmental factors. If we need to compare the two options, it should be stated that artificial turf does not require maintenance, and therefore, it is straightforward to use.

  • Has a Low Cost

The costs of artificial grass fence models are meager. For this reason, artificial turf is preferred in many areas. It is impossible for individuals who want to make their grass fence choice meticulously to act without considering the prices. In this context, it is everyone’s right to examine in detail the grass fence models, which are among the low-cost options, to create quality and perfect solutions and to have detailed information about their price ranges. You can also examine the quality of grass fence models on our site in detail and have the most accurate information about these products’ prices.

  • A Modern Look

Wooden fences were generally used in ancient times. However, in some cases, stones are placed on top of each other, and garden walls are built to determine the houses’ boundaries. Fence systems from the past are replaced by various modern design fences today. With various technological developments, quality fence models have been produced. You can immediately have these modern and technological fence models and create your order in a short time. Quality grass fence models are waiting for you on our website.
If you want to benefit from our company’s experience for your projects, you can get support from our expert staff by calling +90 (212) 678 13 13.

artificial grass wall decor

Can You Put Artificial Grass on A Wall?

It is possible to see the serious increase in demand of artificial grass wall applications in almost every field. Artificial grass walls are the basis of the choices that people who are accustomed to city life but cannot break away from naturalness. If you want to use your preference for quality in this regard, you should try the right alternatives in this regard.

Garden design is one of the most important issues in homes and workplaces. On the basis of this, there is actually the quality look given by the grass walls. If you want to take the right steps about artificial grass, you should definitely take a look at the details we have listed for you. Because after the grass fence applications are completed, it is a bit challenging in terms of arrangement and revision. Let’s take a look at what artificial grass wall applications have to offer us!

Artificial Grass Wall Decor

Would you like to take a look at the quality solutions we offer you to benefit from artificial grass wall decor applications? As a company, we place great importance and we are devoted to be your partner along this special installation process. In this context, below, we list the advantages you will get when choosing a grass wall decor.

Brings a Natural Look to Your Home

One of the most important and necessary features of artificial grass wall decor applications is naturalness. Because naturalness is one of the most precious aspects of human life. Man should always long for the natural and reflect this longing in his environment. For this reason, you will need to take advantage of the right solutions for artificial grass applications.

You should not forget that the most special benefit of artificial grass wall will be to prioritize naturalness. So how does it do that? You are likely to create a lush green environment thanks to artificial grass. Especially with different grass sizes and densities, there is a chance to benefit from a quality alternative. For this reason, you should take advantage of our special solutions.

Would you like to choose one of the artificial grass that attracts attention with its bright appearance, quality and special options? In that case, you should remember that the only thing you need to do is to choose a special alternative for you and experience the quality of artificial grass walls. All of the artificial grass walls provide naturalness and make long-lasting use possible. All you have to do is choose.

It Makes Usage Perfect with Its Durability

artificial grass wallAnother detail you should pay attention to in artificial grass wall decorative applications is durability. Durability is one of the most important factors affecting your budget. Our company always tries to offer you quality and affordable products. While paying attention to this difference-making issue regarding artificial grass wall decoration applications, you will be able to achieve perfection in terms of durability.

Artificial grass wall applications generally provide usage on the basis of quality and durability. In addition to being a product that enables people to be satisfied visually, it is also free from environmental influences, opening the door to a more successful use. The deeper feeling of the environmental effects associated with natural grass applications prioritize the quality of artificial grass. For this reason, people turn to artificial grass wall, which is an alternative that does not wear out easily.

Are you wondering what alternatives are waiting for you regarding artificial grass walls? Then you can contact our company and start purchasing the best quality and successful products. You can benefit from privileges by contacting us about artificial grass wall panels, each of which means quality and perfection.

Artificial Grass Wall Panels Do Not Require Maintenance

You may want to benefit from both a quality and a perfect solution by choosing one of the artificial grass wall panels. In this sense, you should remember that the only thing you need to do is to apply for the perfect services of our company. Let’s take a look at more detailed information about the process where you will obtain both quality and durability thanks to artificial grass panels!

Although artificial grass wall panels are designed for different grass options, they are determined according to your expectations and quality demands. For this reason, it should be mentioned that the main issue that you should pay attention to will be the right solutions in practice. Make your choice about artificial grass wall panels, which are visually perfect as well as being functionally valuable.

If you want to take advantage of artificial grass walls in your garden or in any other place, what you need to pay attention to is the right applications. So, what kind of path should be followed in practice?

How to Apply Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

artificial grass wall panelsThe most special case about artificial grass is applying a solution in order to achieve protection and visual perfection in gardens. At this point, when you want to get support from our company, which promises you the best services, you should take a look at the solutions below!

Artificial Grass Wall Projecting Procedures

When you apply to our company related to artificial grass wall, you should first look at what kind of solution you should benefit from. In this sense, our project experts and our company will support you. Your needs are determined during the project phase. After that, with the necessary drawing and projecting processes, the preparation process for the next stage begins. Thus, the quality reaches the top in artificial grass wall processes.

Artificial Grass Wall Measurement Processes

Measuring procedures must be carried out in order to design an artificial grass wall. Because it is not possible to produce a special production grass without taking measurements. For this reason, our professional team should take the measurements of the place where you request artificial grass wall panels. In the measurement process, calculations should be made in centimeters.

If there is an error while measuring the area, there will be problems not only visually but also in functional terms. For this reason, the process should be meticulously managed in the measurement processes related to the artificial grass wall application. After the measurement, production phase begins.

Artificial Grass Production Operations

If you want to take advantage of quality solutions and achieve perfection in artificial grass production, first of all, a sensitive process should be taken care of at the production point. How the process will continue is determined during the project design phase. Therefore, the quality reaches a perfect point.

Artificial grass is produced by considering customer demands and all aspects taken into consideration during the project design phase. With the preparation process for the next stage, it is now possible to provide you a perfect artificial grass wall.

Artificial Grass Wall Application Stages

Artificial grass application is as important as production. It is a matter that people prefer in order to achieve a higher quality result. Especially for those who want to obtain better quality results related to grass wall applications, the right solutions will emerge.
It is necessary to be as meticulous as possible in order to achieve quality in the application process. In this sense, the knowledge and experience of our teams are very valuable.

Our team, which has previously applied artificial wall grass in dozens or even hundreds of projects, meticulously responds to all your requests at this point.
It is always important to achieve perfection in artificial grass applications. For this reason, as a company, we provide quality-oriented solutions to your requests.

Why Us?

Although there are usually similar demands regarding artificial grass wall applications, it should be mentioned that our company differentiates the solutions in order to offer quality. For this reason, your choice of us is special in terms of obtaining an extraordinary service. If you want a solution that points to quality, perfection and success in every sense, you should definitely contact us. Because we make a difference with our special projects. You can immediately find detailed information about our projects on our evaligra website or by calling our phone number +90 (212) 678 13 13.