Best Grass Wall Panels Application in Europe

Grass fence is a product made of synthetic threads on a wire mesh and covered with a grass-like coating. Artificial grass panels, which are both very decorative and very useful, have started to be more popular day by day. Grass fences, which we encounter especially in gardens and terraces, can also be used to separate some sections in cafes or restaurants recently. In addition, the grass fences that you will often see around the pools are used especially for the purpose of separating the sections. Even though the grass fence is usually green, it can be produced in almost all colors. By specifying the color, you want, you can create a different effect in the areas where you want to use a grass fence.

Grass wall panels are products made of galvanized stainless steel. Since these products are stainless, they do not have a negative effect on human health. Additionally, the correct application of grass fence wires is very important for long-term use. In this sense, many companies guarantee the best application with their expert staff. Evaligrass is one of these companies and it carries out its work by taking all kinds of security measures during the assembly of grass fences by providing the necessary technical support before and after the application.

Grass Wall Panels Usage Areas


In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of wire mesh systems. Wire mesh, which we can see in every area of ​​​​our daily life, can be made very decorative by making a few arrangements on it. Grass fences, which are such a wire mesh system, offer many alternatives that can be used. We can list the grass fence usage areas as follows;

  • Railings to be made on terraces,
  • Surrounding of estates, apartments or detached houses,
  • Exterior designs of buildings,
  • Hobby gardens,
  • In cafes and restaurants,
  • Pool sides,
  • Interior decorations of various areas (artificial grass wall panels indoor),
  • Covering of garbage containers,
  • Wall covering,
  • Coating of ventilation panels,
  • Covering the roofs of winter gardens.

Grass fences can be used in almost any area where a grass look is desired. Grass fences, which have become widespread for decoration purposes today, also offer a practical application. You can create a natural look in your areas. If you want to protect your areas without disturbing the natural appearance, a grass fence is one of the products you can choose.

Why Should You Get Grass Wall Panels by Evaligrass?

Thanks to technology and innovations, many decorative products have gotten involved in our lives. One of these decorative products are grass fences and they provide you with many advantages for use. If we give the answer to the question why you should use a grass fence, we may list the answers as follows;

  • Artificial grass wall panels are tightly woven products. So, when you surround the garden and house with artificial walls, you can prevent the inside from being seen.
  • Animals such as cats and dogs cannot enter your garden.
  • Grass fences are very easy to install and use. It is not hard to use artificial grass walls. Because they do not require constant maintenance.
  • It is a product resistant to sunlight. It can be used for years without fading in color.
  • It is a product suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter.
  • It does not burn easily when in contact with fire. This is one of the most important features. It provides security and safety.
  • Thanks to Evaligrass, you can get guaranteed products. You may find detailed information below:


UV 2 Years 10% tolerance
Fireproof 2 Years 10% tolerance
Thread Strength 2 Years 10% tolerance


Grass Wall Panels Prices

Artificial grass wall panels cost may vary according to the size of the area to be used. There are some factors that affect the price. You can contact our company to have detailed information about grass wall panel prices and grass wall panel applications.

Evaligrass and Grass Wall Panels in Europe

We as Evaligrass are dedicated to do our job in the best way. For this reason, we have tried to be professional in the field of grass wall panels. With our hardworking team, experienced experts, quality products and services, today we are also one of the best grass wall panel suppliers in Europe. If you want to work with us, you can fill out the form below for detailed information and free fake grass wall panel cost information. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are looking for quality grass wall panels for sale, Evaligrass is beside you!


Garden Fence Manufacturer in Qatar

If you are open to garden fence panels ideas we, as EvaliGrass which is a leading garden fence manufacturer in Qatar, offer you garden fence ideas that you can consider and decorate your areas easily in a modern way.

Garden Fence

Garden is a place where everyone wants to relax and become peaceful. For this reason, many people try to create a lush environment and they search for garden fence ideas that they want to consider. Garden fences not only provide a peaceful place but also a secure place for the owner. Because they prevent inside being seen from outside and other creatures to enter your garden.

Features of Garden Fence Panels

Garden fence panels are products that surround the gardens and limit their relationship with the outside. They offer safety and elegance together. One of the most preferred products by users in garden decorations is metal garden fence panels. These fence products are obtained as a result of covering the metal with grass-like synthetic materials. The wires of the products, which have a solid and high quality structure, are produced from stainless steel materials. The products, which are suitable for outdoor use, show high resistance against natural events such as sunlight, rain and snow. They do not fade and wear in the color of the products that are used outside all the time. In the production of grass, special PVC materials are often preferred. Models that create a seamless appearance always exhibit a stylish stance thanks to their easy-to-clean feature.


The products, which attract attention with their wide usage area, are very effective in outdoor security. Products installed through various equipment may need different techniques depending on the area of use. It is very important to determine the usage area correctly in choosing a grass wire fence model. They are one of the important parts of gardens, balconies and terraces. In addition, they have many different alternatives with a rich product range. You can take advantage of enjoyable and functional use together with models that appeal to your preferences. Products that keep up with the garden layout fashion also add aesthetics to balconies and terraces. You can choose products that are prepared at frequent intervals in order to restrict the view outside, and you can spend more peaceful time in the balconies and terraces with these decorative garden fence panels.

Garden Fence Usage Areas

The models of garden fence panels, which form the most important part of landscape architecture, are distinguished from each other by application techniques and installation stages. The main reason to be preferred by many people is to determine the boundaries of open areas by providing security. The products, which are very effective for protecting personal life, have a wide range of uses. The most frequently used areas of models can be listed as follows:

  • Nursery, school and playground,
  • Villa, site and building surroundings and gardens,
  • Surroundings of sports complexes,
  • Garden of hotels, restaurants and cafes,
  • Balconies and terraces of areas such as homes and offices.

Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence panels are among the modern fence ideas used in living spaces such as houses, apartments, workplaces, restaurants. Especially in recent years, the most popular fence type grass fence panel is among the most beautiful wall garden fence ideas.


Garden fence panels have a very modern and aesthetic structure. The most important reason for using a grass fence as a wall fence is that grass fences provide privacy. Because grass fences prevent the inside from being seen when viewed from the outside. In addition, the most important reason why the grass fence is to prevent the entry of dirt, waste materials and animals from the outside. With the highly functional artificial grass wall fences, the gardens will now have a more modern and beautiful appearance. You may have a better place with simple garden fence ideas. You may also take advantage of flower garden fence ideas and you can decorate your garden with both grass fences and flowers that you will add to these grass fences wires.

Cost of Garden Fence Panels

The garden fence panel service that you will get from a company to surround your garden or the area you want may vary in price due to certain factors. Factors such as the width of the area, the quality of the preferred product, the area where the installation will be made and the color of the product will cause the price of the product and the service to change.

EvaliGrass and Garden Fence

We, as a leading garden fence manufacturer, are trying hard to serve our best at home and abroad. We produce and install garden fence panels in Qatar, also. Thanks to our exports to Qatar, we deliver quality grass fences to people all over the world.

For detailed information about garden fence panels and get free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Grass Fence Roll Prices in Turkey

Grass fence is a product which is widely used as one of the new generation products. Grass fences are in a different structure from the grass carpet, which is generally used when making carpet pitches. Therefore, it is considered as a new generation fence. Unlike grass carpet, it is designed to be used only on certain surfaces and it is offered to customers as fence rolls. The use of grass fence products is very practical. In addition to being easy to install and practical, it is also very practical to disassemble and move to a different area.

As one of the best grass fence roll manufacturers at home and abroad, we are trying hard to serve you the best quality grass fence roll and we install it for you!

Advantages of Grass Fence Roll


Grass fence, which is produced and installed by Evali Grass, is used in all indoor and outdoor areas and its main purpose is to obtain a lush panel / wall. Additionally, it provides the closest appearance to natural grass. Other advantages of this product can be explained as follows;

  • Grass fence wall can be easily used as a partition and short wall material indoors and outdoors.
  • It can be produced in different sizes and heights according to your preferences.
  • It is also produced as flower beds, panels, decorative shapes, garbage container coating, restaurant ventilation, railings and flat grass. It is decorative and light.
  • Optionally, logo and decorative wrought iron works can be done on the front surface areas with grass fence.

Usage Areas of Grass Fence

In general, wall grass panels are structures made of PVC, which is a very strong and durable material against sunlight. It goes through many processes and as a result, it gains durability. These fences, produced from galvanized dense wires, do not catch fire. They are produced and installed not only for security but also for functionality.


Grass fences remain green and look aesthetically elegant and they can be used in all seasons. As they can be used for many years, they are purchased once and used everywhere. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also very easy to assemble and disassemble. Grass fence panels are generally used on fence surfaces. We may list the other usage areas as follows;

  • On the wall,
  • On balconies,
  • On terraces,
  • In concrete areas,
  • Wire mesh surface sections,
  • In carpet fields.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are open to grass fence ideas and want to have grass fence, you may have some questions in mind. As one of the leading grass fence manufacturers, it is our responsibility to answer these questions. There are two main questions that everybody asks:

  • Why should I get grass fence service?

Imagine a maintenance-free, weather-proof product that outperforms natural grass, and has a lifespan of up to 10 years. It is possible! With the quality grass fence by Evali Grass, you will see that grass fence is a better option. Additionally, when you compare a grass fenced area with natural grass, you will see that these products will save your time and provide affordable prices. Because there is no irrigation or maintenance cost for the grass fence and it is too easy to install it.

  • How can I understand that a grass fence is quality?

The quality of grass fence derives from the materials it is produced from. The grass fence types installed are made of PVC materials that are resistant to sunlight. In this way, it can be produced outside even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, its quality can be understood by the fact that its color does not fade. Because the colors of the artificial grass fence covering, which are made of durable and quality materials, do not fade over time.

Grass Fence Roll Prices

The grass fence roll prices may vary according to the width, length, color of the product or the extra details preferred. For detailed price information, the only thing to do is to contact the preferred company and explain your preferences to that company.

Evali Grass and Grass Fence Roll

As Evali Grass, which has an important role in the sector for many years, we operate in many fields both at home and abroad. One of these fields of activity is grass fence rolls. In order to offer our customers, the newest, most decorative and best grass fence roll, we first consider their preferences and then we inform them by making the necessary measurements. We work with our customers during the grass fence installation process and include their ideas and demands into the process. As a result, we manage a successful process together with them.

For detailed information about garden fence panels and get free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Why Should You Buy Synthetic Grass Fence?

It can be said that with the development of technology, many effects have emerged in architectural fields recently. Synthetic grass fence, which has taken an important role in architectural details, supports both the creation of a safe area and the implementation of a maintenance-free application. It is possible to use and purchase fake grass fence for every area. In addition to having an easy installation, if the application area is wide, it is possible to perform the application more easily and in a short time. While the grass panels are offered in different sizes and lengths, they also help to achieve a very natural appearance within the application area.

We, as Evali Grass, are a leading synthetic grass fence manufacturer and we are dedicated to produce and offer you the best products at home and abroad. Get ready for the modern grass fence ideas!

What Is Synthetic Grass Fence?

Synthetic grass fences are special fences offered by artificially produced technology. These fences, which have a fireproof structure, provide a natural grass appearance and also support to create a pleasant effect in the environment. Being preferred in terms of security, it consists of synthetic ropes covered on wire mesh. The easy application feature of these synthetic grass fences, which is also called artificial grass fence, also contributed to its being the most preferred product both in architecture and in many fields. The fact that the product does not have any maintenance feature is an advantageous application, also.

What Are the Advantages of Using Synthetic Grass Fence?



Synthetic grass fence or grass fence panels application brings many advantages over natural choices. By examining the advantages of using a grass fence, you can have an idea about making a place for synthetic grass fence application. Let’s see the advantages of synthetic grass fence produced by Evali Grass, a leading synthetic grass fence manufacturer.

  • It helps to cut the connection with the outside world in areas where security must be ensured.
  • It can be applied around special areas such as pools, making room for an ideal choice.
  • It provides contribution to decoration in indoor applications.
  • It is extremely easy to use. It has a practical cleaning option.
  • It offers a choice that does not require any of the maintenance details. With this feature, it offers the advantage of contributing to the decoration without causing fading or darkening.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • It offers the opportunity to be used for many years without wearing out or similar situations.
  • It can be repaired.
  • Decorative synthetic grass fence applications that contribute to the decoration provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • It is economical with long-lasting use.
  • It doesn’t require irrigation.
  • It is eco-friendly and it doesn’t harm any human, animal or plant.
  • It can be installed for every area.
  • It is also possible to cover your old fences with synthetic grass fence rolls.

Evali Grass and Synthetic Grass Fence


If you look for quality artificial grass fence panels or artificial grass fence covering, as Evali Grass, we are here to offer you the best at home and abroad. As one of the leading synthetic grass fence manufacturers in the UK, we also have an important role as synthetic grass fence manufacturer in Australia and synthetic grass fence manufacturer in USA.


Q: Is it quality?

A: Synthetic grass fence is not plastic, carpet, boxwood, or leaf fence products but they are produced from special PVC reinforced against sun rays. As it is made of galvanized dense wires, it is very durable. Grass fence does not catch fire in addition to providing a more aesthetic appearance.

Q: How can I buy it?

A: To purchase, you can make an order by contacting Evali Grass.

Q: Will the grass fence color fade?

A: Grass fences love water, cold and heat. It is practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and aesthetic.

Q: How can I apply it?

A: It can be easily applied on the pole for application. We also offer mastery and application support for jobs that require high stock and processing. Labor charges are calculated excluding the product price.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Please contact us for order and price details. +90 (212) 678 13 13

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.


Modern Fake Grass Fence Applications in UK

The equipment used to create a more pleasant, aesthetic and lush place has a variety of products that appeal to different tastes. Lights, flowers, pots, sculptures and objects used for garden lighting help make open spaces more comfortable. But there is something more: fake grass fence. As one of the leader fake grass fence producers, we as Evali Grass have been producing and installing this product in the best way!

These fake grass fence models are mostly used in gardens, balconies and terraces and it is one of the most important products to ensure not only the security but also comfort of an area. The models are used specially to define the borders in the gardens. They also prevent the entrance to the garden, providing comfort to the users with their functional features. Grass fence models are generally made from fake grass fence covering but grass fence wall or grass fence panels can also be used for the same purpose. Artificial hedge fence has numerous variations in terms of size, height, building material and model.

What is Grass Fence?


Fake grass fence or artificial grass hedge that surround the gardens and limit their relationship with the outside offer safety and elegance together. They offer a modern view also.  One of the most preferred products by users in garden decorations is grass fence wire models. As a result of covering the wires with grass-like synthetic materials, garden grass fence products are obtained. The wires of the products, which have a solid and high quality structure, are produced from stainless steel materials.

Attractive and Modern Artificial Grass Hedge Models

Artificial grass hedge and artificial hedge panel in which the wires are covered with artificial grass and give a different appearance, have a realistic stance that cannot be distinguished from natural grass. The products, which have many varieties in terms of color, model and size, are very suitable for beautifying garden decorations. Although grass fence colors are mainly designed in shades of green, colors such as red, brown, gray and yellow are often preferred according to the usage area. Among the colorful grass fence models, the green ones are more suitable for capturing the natural grass image. You can choose models offered in different tones according to your personal taste.

Features of Artificial Grass Hedge

Modern fake grass fence models known for their resistance to outdoor conditions are obtained by coating metal wires with flexible plastic materials. They offer a lot of advantages to its customers. Let’s see them together!

  • They are resistant to breakage, deformation and wear.
  • They have the feature of maintaining their form for many years.
  • There are no conditions such as fading and wear in the color of the products that are used outside all the time.
  • Wires prepared at frequent intervals prevent the garden, balcony and terrace from being seen from the outside.
  • Models that create a seamless appearance always exhibit a stylish stance thanks to their easy-to-clean feature.
  • Grass fence garden models can be in different sizes and heights.
  • Grass fence dimensions can be from 50 centimeters to 10 meters.

What Are the Uses of Grass-Look Fences?

The models, which form the most important part of landscape architecture, are distinguished from each other by application techniques and installation stages. Products that are very effective for protecting personal life have a wide range of uses. The most frequently used areas of models can be listed as follows:

  • Nursery, school and playground
  • Villa, site and building surroundings and gardens
  • Surroundings of sports complexes
  • Garden of hotels, restaurants and cafes
  • Balconies and terraces of areas such as home and office

Things to Consider Before Installing Fake Grass Fence


When choosing grass fence sizes, you can pay attention to the dimensions of the area you will use. Models that are too long or too short can become useless after a while. Grass fence fences are suitable for large gardens. They shouldn’t be used for short areas because it can cause a bad view. If you determine your expectations and purpose of use correctly, you may make the right decision for your living spaces.

Evali Grass and Grass Fence Price Options

Grass fence, which is produced with the quality of Evali Grass, is offered for sale in the form of rolls. Fake grass fence covering cost has different options depending on the brand, model, thickness, height, color and material structure. As the heights, thicknesses and quality of the models increase, the prices may increase in the same way. If you live in the UK and want to get further information about modern fake grass fence applications and the fake grass fence covering cost, you may contact us whenever you want! Let’s get ready for the fake grass fence ideas!

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

artificial grass fence manufacturer

2021 Best Artificial Grass Fence Manufacturer

In our developing age, building is increasing very rapidly. The wooded areas or forests that we have seen in the past years are becoming more and more concrete. In this concretion process, people can be very happy when they see even the slightest green area. At this point, we, as Evaligrass and a leading artificial grass fence manufacturer, want to make a contribution to your happiness. With our lush products, we aim to both improve your mood and for you to get a quality service. For this purpose, we produce not only artificial grass fence covering but also install artificial grass fence roll in order to both bring you green area and protect your privacy.

Artificial Grass Fence

Grass fence wall or grass fence covering is a wire mesh system which is combined with artificial turf (also known as synthetic turf or artificial wall turf).  This product is widely used today and it is mostly preferred in decorative areas. However, it can also be used for security measures. Our product has different color options depending on the landscape color in the area where they will be used. But as Evaligrass, we recommend you to prefer green color for a natural look.

5 Main Reasons to Choose Grass Fence

artificial grass fence price

If you want to get an artificial grass fence covering in your garden or your place, you are so lucky to make this decision. Because this fence functions as an artificial grass privacy screen. Additionally, it has many advantages for you! Now, let’s find out the five main reasons to choose a grass fence!

  • It is an economical product. Because it doesn’t require constant artificial grass fence maintenance. Being a suitable product for 4 seasons and for all air conditions, it doesn’t wear out over time so you don’t need to think about artificial grass fence maintenance and artificial grass maintenance cost. Additionally, the artificial grass fence price is not that high. Because the price varies according to the color, the area that it will be installed.
  • In addition, it is a durable product. Being extremely resistant to all weather conditions, sunlight and UV effects, it is also resistant to fire and other environmental effects.
  • The eye openings are very small. Therefore the privacy of your living spaces is protected. It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
  • It can be produced for many purposes and in different colors. If you are open to grass fence ideas, you may use the product in different places for your decoration purposes. For example, you may get a grass fence for the playground of your children or your pet. Or you may use it for installations such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (or garden landscaping).
  • It is very easy to use. Because you may clean it easily. It doesn’t get dusty. Apart from that, the grass fence panels can be easily attached and removed if desired.

As you can see, we cannot finish explaining the advantages of the grass fence. We are proud to offer you such an advantageous and high quality product which is both beneficial and economically efficient.

Installation of Artificial Grass on Fence

You have decided to get an artificial grass fence as you don’t need to think about artificial grass fence maintenance or because of its advantageous use, but you want to get information about how to install artificial grass on fence. Right? Let’s explain how you can install it to your garden or your place.

artifical grass fence maintenance

As a leading artificial grass fence manufacturer, Evaligrass considers some of the issues for the installation of the fence.

Firstly, Evaligrass team pays attention to the areas where the grass fences will be installed. Calculations on the area and the extent of the fences will be made by the team.

The other issue that our team will pay attention to is how high the fences will be. The length of the panels placed will also be determined in this way and will be clearly determined in the time frame before the operation.  For example, if our customer wants to have a tall grass fence, the plan will be different than the other types of fences.

Another issue to be calculated for the installation of artificial grass fences is that the panels are equally spaced. It is a point that should never be skipped at the point of installations that the same lengths should be equipped with fences. If the tension is not adjusted correctly, situations such as throwing and breaking may also occur.

Artificial Grass Fence Price

If you have decided to take advantage of the artificial grass fence service, you can contact us and get information about the artificial grass fence price from a leading artificial grass fence manufacturer and enjoy this service as soon as possible!

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

grass fence panel

Grass Fence Panel Installation

In this article, we will talk about grass fence panel installation mostly, which has been very popular recently.

What Is a Grass Fence Panel?

As a leading grass fence panel manufacturer at home and abroad, we call grass fence panels “the combination of security and nature.” Because the area where we use fake grass fence panels (artificial grass fence panels in other words) offers us a lush green area. In addition, it provides our security, prevents our house or garden from being seen from the outside and offers us a place where we can be comfortable. They are even called privacy fence grass panels because of this feature.

Grass Fence Panel Installation

Artificial grass fence covering, which is highly preferred around the building, site areas, parks and gardens, roadsides, industrial zones, villas or detached houses, can be installed very easily. Of course, it is recommended that the first grass fence panel installation be done by experts. However, disassembly and transportation can be easily done by anyone. The most important thing to know during the installation of the fence panel is that the distance between the two poles installed should be equal and the fence wire should be well stretched.

grass fence panel manufacturer

As Evaligrass, we follow some steps to offer you the best grass fencing panels.

  • After you contact us, we will visit you and see the area that you want to get a grass fence panel.
  • In this visit, we analyze the area and talk with you about the process. Then we will ask you how you want to get your panel.
  • We ask you whether you want an outdoor grass fence panel, garden fence panel or decorative garden fence panel. Considering your preference, we make some plans with you.
  • Then we ask you what the size of the panel should be. If you want a tall grass fence, we make measurements.
  • When we finish our analyzes and measurements, we offer you the grass fence panel price. If you are agreeing with you, we will start our adventure for your artificial grass privacy

Grass Fence Panel Features

grass fence panel price

The most important feature of the grass fence panel is the security it provides. In addition to this feature, it also provides a beautiful appearance for decoration. For this reason, many people know this product as a decorative fence. Additionally, artificial grass fence covering does not bring costs such as maintenance costs and other costs, especially irrigation costs. So it is taken once and assembled. Afterwards, it can be used easily for many years without touching it. Grass fence panels aren’t affected by any problems such as bending and breaking. If you are buying this product from a reliable grass fence panel manufacturer, just like Integral Spor, the seller offers a guarantee in this sense. Other features of artificial grass fence panels can be listed as follows;

  • It prevents the outside from being seen from the inside and the inside from the outside.
  • It can be preferred for both security and decoration for landscaping.
  • There is a wire in the inner part. Grass is knitted on wire.
  • The wires in the inner area are generally galvanized wires.
  • It never catches fire. It is resistant to heat and sparks.
  • It has a structure resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Thanks to its green color, which is the standard color, it shows itself in harmony with nature.
  • It can be produced in rolls, also.
  • It shows itself as an extremely nice accessory in garden decoration.

Evaligrass and Grass Fence Panel

As a leading grass fence panel manufacturer, we are offering many countries grass fence panel and we help them for grass fence panel installation. With our affordable grass fence panel price, we consider both their budget and customer satisfaction. We are able to produce fence panels at the desired height and desired colors. Our fence panels can also be evaluated and produced with different alternatives according to your preferences.

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.


Things to Consider When Choosing Artificial Fence!

What is Artificial Fence? – Artificial fence is a coating product that is covered on wire mesh. Even though it has a natural grass appearance, it is actually made with artificial grass. The standard color for artificial fences is green. However, according to the place colors such as brown, gray, yellow, red can be used. If an additional dyeing is not desired, green is applied. If our customer wants to have a natural appearance, green color is applied.

Artificial fence, artificial fence covering and artificial hedge panel have become one of the most preferred fence types today. Because they are so functional. They not only offer a natural place but also they provide security. It can be used for both safety and aesthetic perception at the same time. They are generally used in places such as villas, gardens or sites. Additionally, their installation is quite simple. They can also be easily disassembled and re-installed in another place.

What Are the Usage Areas of Artificial Fence?

Artificial fence, artificial fence covering and artificial hedge panel can be used everywhere. For this reason, they have been very popular lately. They can be placed on both concrete and earthen floors. In this context, the difficulty of operation on soil floors is harder than on concrete floors. Because the uneven ground structure must first be made flat, and then the application and concrete operations must be carried out.


The usage areas of decorative grass fence panels are getting more and more diversified day by day. With each passing day, we see that artificial fences or panels are used in many different areas. We may list the usage areas as follows;

  • Building, site and villa surroundings,
  • School surroundings,
  • Around the sports field,
  • Hotel garden surroundings,
  • Land, vineyard,
  • Kindergarten, playground area
  • Garbage container decoration
  • Around swimming pools,
  • On the balconies of home, workplace or public areas,
  • In cafes and restaurants,
  • Anywhere privacy is desired.

Artificial fence and artificial hedge panels, which offer a very modern and decorative appearance in these areas, also provide security.

What Are the Advantages of Artificial Fences?

  • Artificial fence is galvanized. Thus, it will prevent rusting.
  • It is weaved well.
  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • It is easy to maintain and is not affected by many environmental factors.
  • It has a feature that is not affected by sun rays and does not fade over time, together with its superior UV protected structure.
  • It is also resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • It is economical.
  • It does not wear out over time.
  • It is suitable for use in 4 seasons.
  • It protects the privacy of your living spaces.
  • It can be produced in different colors.
  • It can be used in applications such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (garden landscaping).
  • It can be used for many years without fading.
  • The service life is at least 10 years.
  • If you have a house with a garden, it eliminates the security problem. It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
  • There is no maintenance cost.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It does not gather dust.
  • It can be easily installed and removed.
  • It is also resistant to fire and other environmental effects.

Why Should You Prefer Artificial Fence?

As we wrote above in this article, artificial fence is a very advantageous product. The most advantageous aspect is that while providing you with a decorative area, it also ensures your safety. Who would want their home or garden to be viewed from the outside? Nobody, right? That’s why, as the Evali Grass family, we recommend you to use artificial fences. Since Evali Grass has been working in this field for years, we know the product in detail and recommend it to you because of its advantages.

Points to Consider While Choosing Artificial Fences


Let’s say you decide to have an artificial fence or artificial hedge panel. Then you’ll have a few things to think about. First of all, will the place you cover with an artificial fence be indoors or outdoors? What is the size of the area you will cover? Which color do you want to choose? Is the area that you will cover with an artificial fence an earthen area or does it have a concrete floor? You must consider all of these questions. Then you should ask the company that you choose. You should study with the company on your demands to have an appropriate artificial fence for you. As Evali Grass, we ask many questions to our customers about the area and their demands. In that way, we start to plan the artificial fence that we will install for you.

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Artificial Fence?

After deciding what you will choose, you may think about artificial fence cost. Actually there are 5 critical factors affecting the cost.

  • The cost may vary by the differences between the artificial grass fence panel and the artificial grass fence roll. Because in the panel, iron is used more on the edges. Therefore, the cost of iron will also affect the total cost.
  • There is also the cost factor due to color choices. Since green is generally used, choosing a different color will affect the cost.
  • There may be differences depending on the size of the area. The larger the area, the higher the cost will be.
  • Whether the area to be covered will be fenced or walled may be a factor. Because before starting the process, a field study is done. In areas where installation is difficult, the cost will increase.
  • Whether it is made decoratively or standard can affect the cost. Because normally there is a standard price. If the customer requests additional features, this difference will affect the cost.

Evali Grass and Artificial Fence

As you can see, there are lots of advantages of artificial fences. As Evali Grass, we are proud to offer you such an advantageous and high quality product. If you are going to have a decorative artificial fence and want to have information about it, as Evali Grass we are ready to help you! You may reach us through contact information and you can ask any questions that come to your mind!


5 Highlights About Top Quality Hedge Panels

Hedge panels are used in many different areas as one of the most preferred panel systems. Hedge panels, which meet the security needs with their stylish and modern appearance, also have a very practical use. Additionally, the hedge panel cost is not that high and the product can be used for a long time. For this reason, many customers mostly prefer it. Artificial hedge panels can be installed according to the dimensions that customer demands. It can also be produced with a width of 2,5 meters and the panels can be connected to each other very easily. It can be easily disassembled in case of relocation such as moving.

What are the Usage Areas of Hedge Panels?

Since it can be applied on soil floors, grass, concrete floors and walls, the usage areas of hedge panels, which provide versatile use, are quite wide. Hedge panels are very likely to be seen in places such as parks and gardens, roadsides, estates, villas and industrial areas. In addition, hedge panels can be prepared in any size and desired thickness as they are prepared in line with the demands of the customers. After the installation of panel fences, the same fences can be used for many years without rusting or easily damaged.

What Are the Advantages of Hedge Panels?


Hedge panel is a security solution that provides advantages in many ways, also. It is especially preferred to prevent strangers, cats and dogs from entering your garden. It also prevents harmful rodents from entering your garden. Additionally, it also creates a safe and aesthetic area. For this reason, it is one of the widely preferred garden walls. Other advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Hedge Panel Cost

Since it is prepared in the size and thickness you demand, it does not require any extra expense. It also does not need constant maintenance. Therefore, you save money!

  • Maintenance

Artificial hedge panels are resistant to heat and sun as they are very durable and robust fence systems. It protects its appearance in all seasons and it does not wear out. It has a non-rusting galvanized coating. Therefore, it can be used for many years. Thanks to its durable structure, it does not require constant maintenance. As long as you have a quality hedge panel, there is no need to worry!

  • Easy Installation

Persons with sufficient qualifications and equipment can install the hedge panel quite easily. They can complete this process in a short time. However, before the installation, these authorized people examine the area and choose what type of installation will be made.

  • Different Color Options

Since hedge panels are also used for decorative purposes, colors other than green continue to be produced. Evali Grass continues to produce the most suitable grass colour for you!

  • Decorative Hedge Panels

You may make decorative walls with artificial hedge panels. You may choose the colour, the thickness and material however you want. You may create the pleasant environment of your dreams with artificial hedge panels by Evali Grass!

Why Hedge Panel?


There are many reasons to choose hedge panels. For example; you may surround your home, workplace, garden by hedge panels. Or else you can use them if you are a person with aesthetic concerns. You can have it made in any color and form you want. Also, you can save money. Because they are completed at a much lower cost than other security measures.

What is Hedge Panel Cost?

Hedge panel prices are more suitable than other security application products. Panel fence prices are determined according to many factors. Prices are determined according to quality, the area to be applied, the ground to be applied and the type of hedge panel.

Of course we, as Evali Grass, recommend high-quality hedge panels. Because they can be used for a longer period of time without getting rusty, damaged or discolored. If you want to have quality panels also, you can contact us for detailed price information and the discovery of the area to be applied. You may visit our website to see more products, also.

Evali Grass and Hedge Panels

We, as Evali Grass family, are trying hard to offer you the best products. We have been working for many years on hedge panels and we follow the latest developments. Thanks to these developments, we are ready to offer you the best hedge panels!

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Grass Fence Cost and Usage in Schools

Parents always want their children to be successful, they want them to go to good schools and achieve good things. Well, let’s say they got accepted into a good school. Parents will also want them to be safe at school, right? At this point, you need to choose a school that ensures your child’s safety and is good for their psychology. At this point, as Integral Spor, we recommend that the school where your child will be educated uses grass fence.

Another place where grass fences are used, which offers a green, pleasant and natural atmosphere, is schools. Thanks to the grass fences, a safe area is provided where your child can play comfortably. Grass fences protect your child from external factors that may come from outside. In addition, your child will relax psychologically. Because with the combination of green and nature, your child gets away from daily stresses a little bit. Grass fences, which are widely used in Europe, are slowly gaining popularity in Turkey. Our company not only produces grass fences in Turkey but also offers a service that transcends continents. It exports grass fences to many continents such as Asia, Europe and America. At the same time, it continues to show up with its safe and quality service right next to you as well as your children! You can get detailed information by consulting Integral Spor, one of the leading artificial grass fence manufacturers, about grass fences.

Why Grass Fence?

Because grass fence cost and maintenance cost is not so high, it is possible to install them for every school to prepare a safe and comfortable area for our children. Children will enjoy playing in the green environment more and will have a relaxed attitude knowing that they will not be harmed. In addition to these, they will not go out to catch the ball that escapes into the street. Because the grass fence will prevent the ball from escaping. Thus, your child will be protected from the dangers of the street or from cars.

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Grass fence is also a very advantageous choice for school management. Because artificial grass fences are easy to install and long-lasting products. If you work with an artificial grass fence manufacturer that is competent in the field just like Integral Spor, you can have a long-lasting and reliable product. It does not make much sense for schools to use fences made of natural grass. Because weather conditions, very cold or very hot weather spoil the fences which are made of natural grass. A constant renovation on the fences will be needed.. However, artificial grass fences are one-time products that are long-lasting and are a very economical choice for schools as well. Besides the economic advantage, artificial grass fence has many other advantages.

  • It is impact resistant.
  • It does not rust and thus prevents your child from facing diseases such as tetanus.
  • It does not allow the school to be watched from the outside. Your child can play as s/he wishes or have fun with her/his friends.
  • It offers a more natural and green environment for your child.
  • While metal fences negatively affect your child’s psychology (the feeling of being trapped in a place), green grass fences will relieve them.
  • It ensures your child’s safety. It protects from external factors such as cars.
  • Artificial grass fences have a flexible structure. Thus, your child will not be injured when hitting the fence.
  • Since it is not affected by weather conditions like a natural grass fence or turns into mud due to rain, it does not cause your child to slip and fall.
  • Since it has a more surrounding structure than metal fences, it absorbs the cold air. It prevents your child from being exposed to the cold breeze.
  • At the same time, the product does not catch fire easily when it comes into contact with fire, thus it protects your child from fire.
  • Since it is a tightly woven product, it prevents the entry of cats and dogs. It prevents your child from being harmed/bitten by a cat or dog.

Integral Spor and Grass Fence for Schools

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Grass fences, which look visually beautiful, are also important products in terms of security. Since normal fences are open, it is easily visible from the outside to the inside, which causes bad people to plan what they want to do. If schools are closed with grass fences, they will be safer and they will look great visually. The most important advantage of grass fences is that they are long-lasting and resistant to UV rays of the sun. They are not affected in any way by snow, rain and hail and they always maintain their vitality. When viewed from afar, grass fences give the impression that there is grass on your wall, and it makes you feel calm. That is a great feature for children. Because they can be stressed in school. Artificial grass fences are affordable, durable, safe and beautiful products that remind nature and they are good for the psychology of your children.

Grass fence is a covering product consisting of synthetic fibers with grass look, covered on wire mesh. Although it is generally used as green, it is a product that can be colored according to demand. We, as Integral Spor family, offer this service for many years. We like to build grass fences, especially in places where more care needs to be taken, such as schools. Because the safety of children is paramount. There are so many companies that leave the job unfinished and bring poor quality products out of your agreement. For this reason, we recommend you choose a competent manufacturer. As a manufacturer of sports floors based on 15 years of industry experience, commercial experience, understanding of quality and customer satisfaction, exporting to many countries, especially England, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, both the safety and comfort of your children are at the forefront with Integral Spor!