2023 Grass Wall Decor Applications

Artificial grass, fake turf, synthetic turf… Probably you have been hearing these terms a lot lately. Perhaps you have started to encounter with grass wall decor in many places you have been to before, or you have visited or maybe somewhere you passed by. Yes, you have guessed it correct: Nowadays, there is an option to replace natural grass and it is literally everywhere.

Probably pretty visuals of these places drew your attention, and you found yourself adoring the beauty of fake grass decors. All the terms we listed at the beginning refers to the same product but even from various names you see above, it is possible to understand that this product is so versatile. As we can say that it can be found anywhere we turn our heads to, fake turf is appropriate to be used in a variety of settings and decorations is only one among them.

As humans, probably we all share the same idea that aesthetical and easy on the eye things are so lovely. This is why we simply love to decorate. In addition to being such an enjoyable hobby, it is also a pastime activity. In short, decoration is fun! The year we left behind was a creative year for novel ideas. How about we continue this in 2023 too?

If the check the previous year, there were lots of ideas going on about grass wall decor applications in libraries, workspaces, companies, and many more places. We definitely owe a thanks to the widespread usage of artificial turf in terms of decorations gaining more and more freshness by making use of this pleasant product. Basically to say, fake grass walls not only capture our eyes with their beauty, but also capture our hearts with the advantages they bring with themselves.

Let’s Get Creative with Fake Grass Wall Applications!

artificial-grass-wallWhat makes a product so in demand is the diversity they provide, so, this is the case for grass wall panels. Outdoor areas as well as indoor areas are suitable for this product. If you say that you are interested in finding an interior decoration idea, our advice to you is to search for fake grass wall indoor that you can use in your private office, living room, coffee shop, bedroom, and so on. It creates remarkable, modern decorations in the placed area. It is easy to get creative with artificial grass wall interior and design your environment catering to your needs.

We shouldn’t forget that fake grass wall decor can also be used in outdoor areas. Outdoor decoration areas such as walls of your terrace, gates of your house, gardens are some of the examples. You can search for fake grass wall outdoor to get ideas.

In the following section, we will give you some ideas about grass wall application, but you should bear in your mind that application areas of these practical and adorable products are not limited to what comes into our minds. Decorating permits, us to find our creative side.

2023 Ideas to Apply Fake Grass Wall

artifical grass fence maintenanceFor new ideas to apply fake grass walls, you can find some inspiration below:

  • Applying artificial grass wall decors might elevate the vibe of the place if you are hosting a party or an important event. They go well with every theme, so it is clear that they will be the main phenomenon in your party, and you will definitely get lots of compliments about the fresh and modern decorations.
  • If you are an office worker who is sick of working in a dull, boring room every day for hours, decorating your office is the best option for you. How about getting creative with grass wall designs for office?
  • How about redesigning your garden? Yes, you read it right. Synthetic turf decors might surprise you about how well they blend in with your plants, trees, flowers, grass in your garden. Who would guess that natural and artificial grass go well together?
  • Do you have pets? Then you should create an adorable living space for your little friends. Fake grass wall decor applied to the pets’ tiny houses with a little touch of nature surely will be the perfect idea for you!

As you know, artificial grass is the best option to replace natural grass. Even though they resemble each other in appearance, when you compare them, you will notice the advantages of fake turf in protecting our nature. As in the garden decoration idea we mentioned above, you can decorate outdoor places with this product to add a little touch from the natural looking lawn since it will look no different than natural lawn. Plus, you will save money, time and don’t need to put so much effort into maintaining.

Thanks to the benefits they provide, they are suitable for various environments, and you can find grass wall decor ideas catering to your needs.


2023 Synthetic Fence Types

Synthetic grass has been at the top of the customers’ wish list this year and it seems that this product will stand the test of time in the upcoming year, 2023 too. Its remarkable properties are the reason why behind this popularity. Released into the market as rolls and panels, synthetic fence will definitely be the customer’s first choice when it comes to decoration and security.

As we are slowly approaching the end of this year, we leave our old habits behind and look for novel things. Decoration is fun and grass fence wall add a little spice to it. There are various matchless ways to use them in your decoration projects when you want to change the atmosphere of somewhere as well as well-known ones.

We mentioned that what makes synthetic grass an in-demand product is that its qualities. To have a clearer idea on that, let’s discuss them together in the following section.

Why Synthetic Grass Fences?

Synthetic grass fences come into our lives as life savers, especially when we think about how dangerously our world is facing with the consequences of humans’ thoughtless acts. Our natural resources are reducing day by day, deforestation is becoming a huge problem and our nature is about to diminish.

  • artificial-grass-fenceWe are focused more and more on protecting our world and nature. Using natural grass in several areas for decoration and security purposes, might have adverse effects in the long run. That’s why fake grass is the perfect alternative to use in many areas instead of natural grass: Simply it is an eco-conscious choice to make.
  • You don’t need to irrigate them and waste so much water in this process. Synthetic grass doesn’t need watering as the natural one does. Therefore, it is safe to say that cleaning them is much easier. Brushing them regularly will keep the product in shape.
  • Synthetic grass fence elevates the atmosphere of the place it is installed to. It gives the area a chic, luxurious look. It doesn’t differ from natural grass in appearance; thus, it is difficult to separate them from each other at the first glance.
  • They are economical and help you save money since they don’t require to be irrigated or disinfected regularly like natural grass. The product is not expensive to buy as well.
  • Synthetic grass fence panel is practical, easy to install and easy to remove when needed.
  • They are hardwearing even in the harshest weather conditions ranging from cold climates to warmer ones.

Types of Synthetic Fences

Grass fences are released into the market as rolls and panels. Both of them are practical and functional products that are sold like hot cakes. Thanks to their advantageous nature and eye-catching lush appearance, these products can be applied to anywhere easily. They are especially used in landscaping areas but also can be installed to parks, restaurants, shops, living rooms, etc. As well as outside, they can also be placed inside of the places for interior decorations too.

  • Grass fence roll is a product that is 2m in width and 10m in height. Each pile is opened and connected to each other before applying.
  • Grass fence panels on the other hand are known as portable products. They are manufactured and prepared in line with the dimensions that the customer needs.

Please note that even though the standard color of grass fences is green, customers can choose between different color alternatives if they wish. Finding novel grass fence ideas and getting creative with these functional products are so easy. In accordance with what you need, you can choose the one that suits your project best.

Who Are We?

garden fence ideasWelcome to Evaligrass! Have you been looking for synthetic grass fences? Then, you are exactly at the right address. As Evaligrass, we are manufacturing and selling best artificial grass products, following the technological advancements in this industry step by step.

Using high quality raw materials and delivering eco-friendly solutions as well as customer support is crucial for us. What we value most is communication and answering the needs of our customers. Therefore, working in touch with our beloved customers is how we follow up the process in their projects. We deliver solutions in accordance with the specifications made by you.

As Evaligrass, we release different types of grass fences into the market such as panels and rolls. You can view them in detail by visiting our website.

The Cost of Synthetic Grass Fences

Calculating the exact price of artificial grass fences depends on several criteria such as the grass fence type, the color, and the size of the product, etc. Upon deciding on these points, the total cost can be calculated.

If you wish to get informed in detail about synthetic grass fences, you can contact us by filling out the form given below. Our professional team will respond as immediate as possible.

artificial wall grass

Best Wall Grass Applications for Commercial Areas

Grass fence systems, which are visually appealing due to their ornamental appearance, are employed in many settings. This fence, consisting entirely of artificial grass, will give your spaces a natural look. This grass look can be easily applied to fences, wall coverings, and mesh wires. You can ensure your safety with a natural look by choosing these grass-like fences for your outdoor spaces.

Wall grass is a coated product consisting of grass-like synthetic threads and covered on a silk curtain. Although generally used as green, artificial grass panels are products that can be colored upon request. If you have a different landscape project, you can use the color you want for the purchase.

Grass Fence Panels

wall grassGrass wall panels made of stainless steel wire are special PVC materials. They have the functions of fire resistance, fade resistance, aging resistance, and splash resistance and can be cleaned as needed. Although they are used with the panel in the part without a support element, the wire mesh between the wall surface and the column can also be used as a support element. Additionally, artificial wall grass panel is washable and paint-resistant. It can be assembled according to the desired dimensions and dimensions. You can cover the exterior walls and walls of various buildings with grass using grass fences.


Usage of Grass Fence Systems in Commercial Areas

Since artificial wall grass has a natural grass appearance, it is frequently preferred in commercial areas, sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, around pools, cafes, restaurants, gardens, terraces, venues and villas, roadsides, and walls. In addition to creating a green and spacious appearance, it is also durable and saves the company from the maintenance costs of green areas. Since it is made of artificial grass, its structure remains unchanged for a long time like the first day.

Grass fences are used for decorative purposes and are widely used today as it is resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays and is easy to clean. In fact, you can apply it to the artificial wall grass panel and use it anywhere to give it a natural look in commercial areas and you can use this product for 4 seasons to prevent rain, sun, wind, and all weather conditions without any problem. At the same time, the application range of the product can be expanded, as the product is not easy to burn when it catches fire.

Fake Grass Wall Decor

The use of fake grass wall decor has become very common today, and some cities have even started using grass fences to cover their trash cans. This material covers not only the walls but also the inside of the underground passage. If you have a garden or are implementing a construction project, you can safely use this product. New projects bring new products.

decorative grass fenceGrass fences are cut between two wires with sharp blades and winding is done. In this way, grass fences are created, and at the same time, it is a very durable product with the use of durable materials. Grass fence systems are very often preferred outdoors, especially in gardens. Stainless steel and PVC coating are used for grass fences. In this way, even in bad weather conditions outdoors, the fence is not damaged in any way. In particular, it has a stainless and non-oxidizing structure. This way, you can use grass fences outdoors for long periods.

You can choose grass fences not only for decoration but also for security and private space. These fences, which are in a frequency that prevents the view angle, ensure that your private space is kept in your home. It also keeps strangers and stray animals out of your garden. Furthermore, grass fencing is used on a variety of levels and locations.

Evaligrass and Wall Grass Applications

If you also want to get high-quality artificial grass fences for sale, you may get support from Wallgrass, an expert grass fence panel manufacturer. You will not only be able to utilize the goods for many years but you will also save money. For this reason, you may contact or take a look at our website. You can fill out the related form and create a request if you wish. Our hardworking team and experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. If you wish you may also ask us any question that comes to your mind about the installation process, wall grass decor ideas, and the cost of fake grass panels.

With our experience, expert team, and hardworking employees, we will provide you with the

best and fast fake grass privacy fence service. Additionally, our company offers support even after the application. Thanks to this support, you will have the chance to find fast and effective solutions to your problems that may occur.

decorative grass fence

Decorative Grass Fence in Landscaping Areas

Decorating is fun, especially if you plan to decorate the landscaping areas because you can be inspired about many unique ideas to recreate on your own. You might be searching through internet to get stylish and fresh ideas about how to use decorative grass fence for landscaping purposes and thinking about applying these ideas to your place. Then, we got you! We kindly invite you to keep reading this article so that you can get inspired for decorative grass fence usage in landscaping.

Grass fence is a multifunctional product. It can be placed anywhere, and you can be sure that it gives the place a novel and modern look, shifting the atmosphere from dull to bright and vibrant. You can feel how the vibe of the place can instantly change upon placing decorative fence panels. Nowadays, most of the things seems ordinary and we seem to get bored of seeing the same old things every day. Therefore, we search for some freshness in our lives. Decoration both as a pastime hobby and a dedicated job, might be a perfect solution to this.

Evaligrass and Decorative Grass Fences

artificial-fenceArtificial grass can make any place look as if it is in the center of the nature. It blends well between trees, bushes, flowers in your colorful garden, looking no different than natural grass itself. The aesthetically beautiful look it creates gives you a sense of happiness with a touch of nature.

Evaligrass produces and installs decorative garden panels. Sold as grass fence roll, artificial decorative grass fences are among the best preferred products of Evaligrass. We recommend decorative grass fences to the customers who want to use them in landscaping areas to beautify their places.

Providing the customers with environmentally conscious, economically best, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products to use in many different areas, Evaligrass has been leading the artificial grass industry for many years. Our team with professionals is always eager to help and lead you for your projects.

Landscaping with Decorative Grass Fence

Decorative grass fence is known to have numerous advantages. Among the most important ones we can list the eco-conscious property of the product, durability, aesthetically modern and pleasing look, effortless application, and dismantling, suitable to any place aspect, resistance in negative conditions. There are many reasons for why it is so popular in landscaping areas as well as in other places.

Did you know that decorative grass fence is famous for being used in many different settings? Not only for landscaping purposes but it can also be preferred for other places. You can place them anywhere you want and easily remove them if you want to change the location.

Some examples of application areas are gardens, balconies and terraces, roofs, walls, children’s playground areas, and this might be the first time you hear it but even sports fields. Decorative screens panels for interior and exterior designs are good examples of how to use decorative grass fence in landscaping areas. You can place them in your balcony, or on a wall. The stylish and modern look of this product will definitely be your favorite.

Outdoor decorative lattice panels can be the best choice for those who are looking for a lush, luxurious experience at the same searching for safety. These decorative grass fences placed outside of your house or garden can be effective in providing the safety that you want while protecting your place from outsiders with a perfect green color that catches the eye.

Short decorative fence panels can also serve a useful purpose for customers who are looking for privacy and aesthetics at the same time. You can place them in your garden to draw a line between your property and outside.

The Overall Cost of Decorative Grass Fence

fence-panelsCalculating the overall cost of decorative grass in landscaping areas depends on several criteria. Some of them are:

  • The product of the customer’s choice
  • The size of the application area
  • How much material is needed
  • The color of the grass fence product

These are some of the points that are taken into consideration before calculating the exact cost of decorative grass fences.

We kindly invite you to visit our website to get more ideas about where and how to use decorative fence panels outdoor. If you are still curious about decorative grass fence usage in landscaping areas, want to learn more or wish to get informed about the price of your decorative grass fence project, you can contact us by filling out the form given below. Our expert team will respond to you as soon as possible.

garden fence ideas

Trend Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fences are now much preferred. As the usage areas are increasing day by day, many garden fence ideas are also emerging. Since the garden fence is the visible part of your home, business or any place you use, its decoration is very important.

In order to provide a beautiful view from the inside as well as the outside view, you should choose a double-sided garden fence instead of a single-sided. If your house is very visible or your garden is very close to your neighbor’s garden, it would be appropriate to research garden fence ideas and work with a company on this issue.

As Evaligrass company, we are ready to give you new ideas about decorative garden fence and to help you. In this article, we will give information about trend garden fence ideas and installation stages of garden fences. To get this information, please continue reading the article.

Trend Garden Fence Ideas

grass-fence-coveringBefore ordering garden fence panels, you need to know the boundaries and dimensions of the area you will use. If you do not have a very small garden, you can buy standard size garden fences.

Decorating the area where the garden fence will be installed with plants will allow you to get a more natural look. Laying the garden floor with stones will make your garden more organized. According to the decoration of your garden, you can choose the garden fence as wood or metal. Since the main material of the Grass garden fence is bamboo, it is very durable and robust.

We can list other cheap garden fence ideas as follows:

  • If you wish, you can paint the Grass or metal fences you ordered in the colors you want. We recommend painting it in vibrant colors.
  • It is also possible to extend the life of the products. If the garden fence is lubricated with natural oils, it will not spill and so on.
  • Passing ivy plants over fences also provides a natural look. It will allow you to enjoy your environment and have a good time.

Metal garden fences are generally used for security. Grass fences are preferred for decorative purposes. We recommend you to choose Grass garden fences to feel like you are in nature. In addition, the garden ground must be flat when installing garden border fence. This step is very important in terms of keeping the fences equal and even. If the ground is not at the desired level, first of all, the ground must be leveled.

The most important points to consider in garden fence decoration ideas are the size of the usage area and climatic conditions. The installation of garden fences is also quite simple. Now let’s give information about the installation of garden fences.

Garden Fence Installation Steps

fake grass for wall decorBefore installing the garden fence, you should make sure that the ground is level. This step is a very important step for the fence to stand straight. Then you have to decide whether you will use a Grass fence or a metal fence. At this stage, getting help from an experienced company will make your job easier.

As Evaligrass company, we are happy to help you for small garden fences and to get help during installation. It is our main vision to take you to the result easily with the right steps by giving decoration ideas.

Our company, which is world-renowned in this field, works non-stop to satisfy our customers who prefer us with its quality products. As Evaligrass, we are currently exporting to many countries and we continue to grow day by day.

We are in every part of the world! We export to 60 countries with our understanding of quality products and services. We can give examples of countries such as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Senegal, Serbia, Greece, Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Albania, Bulgaria, and Italy.

For this and more, you can contact us to get information about small garden fence ideas and installation. To contact us, simply fill out the form below. Our 24/7 working team will contact you as soon as possible. You will never regret if you choose us.

fake grass fence

Using Fake Grass for Wall

Fake grass for wall is used in the areas where we spend time, to feel good and to get a beautiful view. Artificial grass used on the wall is preferential because it provides a natural appearance. As Evaligrass, our expert team is always ready to create spaces where you can have a good time in your home, workplaces and gardens. Having remarkable design ideas, Evaligrass provides the chance to use grass fence panels in different areas.

Evaligrass fake grass wall decor has products that you can use in summer and winter with its color preservation and grade production in all seasons. If you want to turn your living spaces into places where you can have a good time with your family and friends, you can touch us. If you are looking for a corporation related to fake wall grass, Evaligrass will be the right choice. We serve not only in Turkey but also in many parts of the world. For example, France, USA, Italy, UK, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, Nigeria, Sudan, Turkmenistan and many more countries.

In this article, you will find all your questions answer about fake grass wall panels. In the rest of the article, what is a grass wall? how to make a grass wall? Where are fake grass walls used? You can find answers to questions such as.

Where is The Grass Wall Used?

fake grass for wallThe use of fake grass for wall decor is increasing day by day. It is preferred both visually and because of the regularity of the spaces. It is also very easy to install and use. Grass fences wall do not fade and age when exposed to sunlight. It offers the user the opportunity to use it for many years. It is a product that you will be satisfied with in terms of price performance. The usage areas are also very wide. We can list the usage areas as follows;

  • garden walls
  • around the site
  • building sites
  • restaurants
  • terrace edges
  • balconies
  • road edges.

The most preferential areas are gardens, eating house and cafes. Artificial grass panels are preferred in kindergartens and nurseries. It is also used in these areas in order to spend pleasant and quality time for children. Artificial grass is preferred more because the use of natural grass is both expensive and difficult to maintain. As you can see, artificial turf has many advantages.

How to Install Fake Grass for Wall?

The installation of grass fences consists of very simple steps. We can explain these steps in two ways. We can explain it by dividing it into two as users who have previously had a grass fence and want to change it, and users who have not had a grass fence before.

fake grass for wall decor

  • For users who have built a tall grass fence before, grass fence is installed on the existing wire mesh fences.
  • For users who have not built a grass fence before, grass fence can be installed regardless of concrete, soil or stone wall. It will be enough to specify on which ground you want to have a grass fence.

When you choose Evaligrass, you can be sure that we will take action immediately upon your order and complete the installation of your fake grass fence in a short time. We attach importance to customer satisfaction during ordering and installation. We provide services to you as a fast company during information transfer by giving importance to communication. Our priority is to listen to our customers carefully and present the product you want with the questions we ask.

In the article, knowledge about the use of grass walls is given. Where the grass walls are used and how they are installed are explained in detail. You can contact us for the mentioned topics or different questions and also to get price information. If you want to order a grass wall, you can contact us at our e-mail address and place your order to If you want to get more knowledge about grass fence roll, cheap grass wall, it will be enough to fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.


Top Quality Artificial Grass Fence Manufacturers

Artificial grass fence types, which are fully compatible with the landscaping and are quite aesthetic, are among the aesthetic wire mesh options. Grasses produced from PVC are knitted on special cast stainless wires and the places to be closed are closed in an aesthetic way. Houses, villas, sports fields, cafes, restaurants, parks, private gardens, roadsides, lake edges, and many similar areas are covered in the most beautiful way with an artificial grass fence.

Installation of Grass Fences

Grass fences can be produced in the form of decorative grass boards. Box profiles with two strong legs are coated with electrostatic paint or galvanization. Wire mesh is mounted to this box profile with a mesh size of 4×4 cm. This box profile is 1×2 meters. These fake grass fence panels can optionally be mounted on the wall and on the floor. The feet of the panels are mounted very solidly. Therefore, when fixed to the wall or floor, it stands quite firmly. With its portable feature, it can be easily transported and easily mounted.

Advantages of Grass Fences

artificial-grass-fence-coveringThanks to its decorative structures, artificial grass fence covering is the most preferred artificial product in entertainment centers and cafes. As a result of artificial grass presenting the aesthetics of natural grass, a design that is pleasing to the eye has emerged. As a result, it has become one of the most beautiful closure materials with its elegant and stylish stance. It changes the atmosphere of your spaces with its magnificent air.

Grass fence application, which especially increases the splendor of the sites and makes their decor perfect, does not allow thieves to pass through with the addition of razor wires on the top. Thanks to their special designs, barbed wire or razor wire can be added.

An artificial grass fence privacy fence is also an aesthetic solution for those who are disturbed by outsiders. With the feature of being attached to the wall, you can get rid of the discomfort of glances in your garden. Compared to high wall treatments, a grass fence is both affordable and more decorative.

Grass Fences for Decoration

If you want the wire mesh to be in harmony with your green and colorful garden, the best solution to this problem is the grass fence roll produced from PVC. When you surround it with fences covered with artificial grass, the decoration of your garden will not deteriorate and will preserve its naturalness. Decorative grass is also used in floor decorations. Many examples of grass fence installation in public and private sectors can be seen.

Grass Fences for Indoor Areas

In addition to the outdoor areas, you can also close the indoor areas with a grass fence application using artificial turf. Thus, you will be able to have a more decorative interior design. If you wish you can create a lush and nice balcony, also.

artificial-grass-fence-privacy-fenceGrass Fence Prices

The length, height, and thickness of a PVC artificial grass privacy fence are the most decisive factors in determining grass fence prices. The characteristics of the wires also affect the prices of the grass fence. In order to get clear price information, one needs to get contact the company they prefer.

Evaligrass as The Top Quality Artificial Grass Fence Manufacturer

If you also want to get a high-quality artificial grass fence service, you may get support from Evaligrass, which is a specialist company. You will not only use the product for many years but also save money. For this reason, you can get in touch with us or visit our website. You can also create a request by completing the relevant form if you want. Our specialists will respond to your questions and forward your requests as soon as they can. You are welcome to ask us any questions you may have regarding the artificial grass fence installation procedure.

If you contact us, we will give you the best service possible thanks to our experience, knowledgeable team, and diligent staff. We also provide support following the application. You can resolve any problems you may have with this support.

green grass wall

Become a Green Grass Wall Our Dealers

It is easy to create an evergreen wall design with an artificial grass wall to add greenery and atmosphere to your space. That is why it is a highly chosen product in the market these days. We offer you to become the dealer of one of the best green grass wall manufacturers. Because people can design their dream part of the house to prove their closeness to nature and a certain amount of extravagance with this special green grass wall decor.

One of the most popular applications in today’s landscaping, parks, and gardens is artificial grass wall. This product looks fashionable and attractive and is more favorable than real grass. This product is also incredibly weather-resistant, works well even in arid locations, and is environmentally and economically friendly because it does not need additional irrigation or other care. Do you intend to benefit from this product, then sign up to sell our grass wall panels?

green grass wall decorSo, whether outdoor or indoor, we are offering you to help people change their environments. You can provide grass wall decors for their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens even their bathrooms since artificial grass wall designs are applicable for any interior part of a house. Moreover, artificial grass wall decor ideas can be applied to outdoor surroundings like patios, gardens, balconies, etc. Artificial wall panels are preferred and wanted widely throughout the world, they are one of the latest trends in house decoration; hence, you are able to follow one of the latest trends to increase your profits by becoming a dealer of a product that is in demand. Furthermore, you will be working with one of the most respected producers of artificial green walls.

We regularly export to many different nations. There are 70 nations in all, including Turkey, the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, and others. Along with our exports to other nations, we also provide dealerships and the chance for people to launch their businesses. You can phone us at our numbers listed below or email us if you wish to take advantage of these chances.

Green Grass Wall Use Areas

The green grass wall is installed by mounting it on an appropriate structure with support parts. It is a high-quality, long-lasting product that doesn’t hurt the environment, doesn’t catch fire, can be washed, won’t leak, won’t deteriorate, and won’t fade. used extensively. We have options for you including indoor artificial green wall and outdoor wall turf depending on the spaces you’ll be using. Artificial grass wall decor ideas are endless. Walls made of green grass are quite easy to construct. There are several ways to implement this. The foundation of the area where the grass fence wall will be constructed is crucial. Wall panels made of fake grass are portable goods. They can be fixed to any wire or the wall. The concrete wall can even be made to resemble a grass wall. However, this wall serves only as decoration. You can pick the colors and designs of your green grass wall decor goods.

The Cost of the Green Grass Wall

green grass wall manufacturerPrice considerations for green grass walls range widely. The price is greatly influenced by the business you select, the restrictions you accept, and the features of the location where the installation will be used. You should contact us and request information after examining the area if you want to receive accurate green grass wall price information.

Our Green Grass Wall Service

Our company, which has been in this industry for a long time and gathered experience, offers grass wall items that are significantly more affordable and of higher quality than those made by other green grass wall manufacturers. As a manufacturer of green grass walls, we are in the forefront. Please get in touch with us if you’d like more information about our artificial grass roll, artificial hedge, and other items. Don’t pass up this chance; sign up as a dealer for our green grass walls right away and take advantage of our excellent standards.

To conclude, you are being offered a once-in-life-time-chance to make the dreams of the people through by providing one of the best artificial grass wall panels produced and exported by more than 60 countries, whose quality has been acknowledged by thousands of the customers who have come together under the banner of our company, which has been in the business for decades. We have been producing and servicing and now we are inviting you to gather under the banner of quality and customer service. If you have any questions or if you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.


Save Your Money with Fake Grass Wall Application!

By using artificial grass walls, people have started to give their gardens a natural look and make them more attractive. They benefit from the natural color of grass. A fake grass wall is convenient to use and install. Transport and disassembly are also simple. It is also quite affordable in terms of cost.

Fake grass walls are useful not only because it has a natural appearance, but also because they do not require any maintenance. The cleaning process is also very easy. The materials used in this application, commonly known as grass fences, are made of artificial plastic. As a result, the sun and rain have no effect on them. They create a lively green appearance in all four seasons in addition to being a relatively new product category.

Where to Use Fake Grass Walls?

fake-grass-wall-decorGrass walls can withstand direct sunlight. PVC structure and various processes are responsible for its long life. Galvanized thick wires used in the construction of fake grass wall panels do not catch fire. They not only provide superior security but also cover unattractive visuals. These structures are durable in all seasons and have an aesthetic appearance. Due to their longevity, they can also be called price-performance products. They are environmentally friendly structures and the usage areas of fake grass wall panels, which are widely used to decorate gardens, are not limited to this.

What Are the Options for Fake Grass Walls?

By examining the websites of many leading companies, you can have artificial grass wall decor suitable for the areas you want to use this product. These grass fence examples offer a wide variety of styles to inspire you. Which one you choose and what style of fake grass wall decor you install is entirely up to you!

Grass wall application procedures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The strength of the structure on which the grass fence will be placed in the most important factor to consider. Wire can be drawn and artificial grass-like material can be attached to these wires or iron profiles can be used. Other repair methods can also be used. These extremely lightweight products can even be mounted on wires made entirely of profiles. It is also possible to hang them on the wall. Artificial grass panels can be made on concrete walls when necessary. If a more lush grass appearance is desired, the wrought iron garden fence should be used.

Evaligrass and Fake Grass Wall

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An artificial grass fence, which takes its place in architectural details, supports both the creation of a safe area and the implementation of a maintenance-free application. It is possible to purchase a grass fence for any area. In addition to having an easy installation, if the application area is wide, it is possible to perform the application more easily.

What Is Grass Fence?

Grass fences are special products offered with artificially produced technology. These fences, which have a fireproof structure, provide a natural grass appearance and also help to achieve a pleasant effect on the environment. The product, which is also preferred in terms of safety, consists of synthetic yarns coated on wire mesh.

Where Can Grass Fences Be Used?

Artificial grass fences can take place in many areas with both aesthetic beauty and security purposes. It can be used safely in all private properties and public buildings.

artificial-grass-fenceAs a grass fence wall is a type of grass that is very easy to use and apply, it can be purchased by taking the square meter of the area to be applied and the size of the area to be applied. It does not require any maintenance during use. Additionally, washing the product just with water will provide you with sufficient results. Although wear and tear are not very common, in case of possible damage, it can be repaired in a short time.

What Are the Advantages of Using Grass Fence?

Artificial grass fence panels bring many advantages over natural options. Easy installation options make it an essential choice for interior and exterior decoration. By examining the advantages of using the grass fence, you can have an idea about making a place for grass fence application:

  • A grass fence roll helps to cut the connection with the outside world in areas where security needs to be provided.
  • It makes room for an ideal choice by being applied around private areas such as pools.
  • It makes a contribution to decoration in interior applications.
  • It is extremely easy to use and has a practical cleaning option.
  • It provides an option in fence application that does not require any maintenance details.
  • Wire fencing is maintenance-free and resistant to sunlight. With this feature, it offers the advantage of contributing to the decoration without fading and darkening.
  • It has an extremely easy and practical installation feature.
  • It offers the opportunity to be used for many years without wearing out and in similar situations.
  • Decorative grass fence applications contribute to decoration and provide an aesthetic appearance.
  • It is economical with its long-lasting use.

What Is the Cost of Artificial Grass Fence?

While there are many different details in panel fence price determination, it is important that you make room for the best quality choice. For a quality selection, first of all, the grass fence manufacturer and seller of the company should be determined well. Purchasing from companies with high customer satisfaction and expertise will affect you to create places for a better selection.


You can get price offers from leading companies such as Evaligrass. When choosing among the grass fence cover prices, thinking that the highest price is the best quality may lead you to the wrong conclusion. For this reason, it is recommended that you pay attention to the selection of the company. At the same time, length and dimensions gain importance in your panel grass price selections. Knowing exactly the desired dimensions when getting a price offer will be the right and advantageous choice.

The Best Grass Fence Manufacturing in England

If you also want to get a high-quality grass fence roll, you may get support from Evaligrass, a specialist company. You will be able to use the product for many years and save money. For this reason, you may contact or take a look at our website. You can fill out the related form and create a request if you wish. Our hardworking team and experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. If you wish you may also ask us any question that comes to your mind about the installation process.

With our experience, expert team, and hardworking employees, we will provide you with the best service. Additionally, our company offers support even after the application. Thanks to this support, you will have the chance to find fast and effective solutions to your problems that may occur.