Evaligrass, an Integral Group brand that has become professional in artificial turf fence manufacturing and applications, is always with you to provide sustainable ways of creating green fields! Our environmentally friendly, cost-effective and maintenance-free grass fence panels and rolls are the commitment of a new approach.

With our talented and creative team, we have been serving in the grass fence sector based on quality for many years. We create high-performance and unique atmospheres by greening many living spaces at home and abroad with the expertise of Evaligrass.

The focus of our projects is to manufacture the most accurate artificial turf fence systems that meet the needs of the area, are safe, long-lasting and tailored to the needs and create more attractive spaces by implementing their applications.

We work as a reliable partner to make life more beautiful, easier, greener and fun by offering turnkey solutions under the umbrella of Evaligrass.

We are constantly looking for new ways to develop ourselves to become a leading brand in consumer experience and services through our long-standing R&D activities and the strength of the Integral Group.

Our greatest passion is to improve the look and style of gardens, sports fields, and landscaping areas, to make them environment-friendly and to make them remain unchanged for many years. With this passion, we offer you the most natural state of creating environment-friendly fields with Evaligrass expertise.