Modern Design with Decorative Fence Panels

Modern design with decorative fence panels, the feature that distinguishes it from other panel fence systems, is produced for the purpose of visual design with a decorative pattern on the top, as the name suggests. Robust, durable and having decorative patterns on the upper part is one of the reasons why it is preferred by our customers.

Decorative fence panels grass is a new generation fence technology. It is a type of fence that can be applied on panel fence or wire fence. It is produced using artificial grass. However, artificial turf laid on the ground and artificial turf used for grass fence are different from each other. Decorative fence panels outdoor mainly used as a garden grass fence. Because the product that best fits the garden landscape and looks the most modern is the garden grass fence.

The grass fence, which is used as a decorative garden fence, is used in all weather conditions without being damaged or damaged. It is not affected by rain, heat and cold. So it survives all 4 seasons green. The appearance of grass fences is quite aesthetic and safe.


As Evaligrass, we produce vertical grass coverings and panels for the ever-increasing natural appearance and aesthetic needs of humanity. With the decorative fence panels we have produced, you will provide an aesthetic appearance in your gardens and also provide a modern image that can be used in any area you want by closing your walls and garbage containers.

What is Decorative Grass Fence Panels?

It is a panel fence system that is produced and used for design and visual purposes in the sector and in the market, and as the name suggests, it is preferred by our customers who attach importance to decor and visually. Decorative grass fence panels are one of the durable and decorative single panel fence systems, which are reached in the fastest way in terms of service and applied quickly by our experienced and expert assembly teams.

These products we have produced are long-lasting and useful quality decorative fence panels against rain and sun UV rays in climatic conditions. This creates a false perception and suggests that decorative grass fences are not durable compared to other fence types, but are only visually beautiful. But this is a completely wrong notion. Because decorative grass fences, artificial grasses are placed on the fence panels, and after the necessary assembly, the decorative panel fence becomes extremely modern. If you want to get information about the decorative fence panels we have produced for you, you can contact us.

Decorative Fence Panels Manufacturers

Decorative fence panels, which we have produced as our company, provide a very fast and long-lasting appearance that is closest to nature, especially in garden walls, private living spaces, parks, roadsides and many other areas. As Evaligrass, we are decorative fence panels manufacturer and have managed to become one of the most innovative landscape products in the world with high quality decorative grass fence panels. Achieving to be the most preferred brand in many countries where it is present, Evaligrass is creating its own dealer network around the world day by day. Evaligrass has gained international certificates with its decorative grass fence panels.


Today, a revolution has been experienced with artificial grass and decorative fence panels produced by our company. With the introduction of artificial grass into our lives, most areas have become colorful with artificial grass. Artificial turf, which is used especially in areas where natural grass cannot be used, comes out as very advantageous products to make our lives easier. If you are asking a question about where decorative fence panels are sold and where we can find a reliable manufacturer, then you are at the right place. Evaligrass, one of the leading companies in Turkey and in many parts of the world, provides you with the most suitable decorative fence panels service.

We provide decorative fence panels service for you from production to installation. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to build the highest quality decorative fence panels in your living spaces and to offer you a comfortable life.

If you want to work with our expert and experienced staff, you can visit our website and contact us instantly. You can create a request by filling out the form below or you can get information about cheap grass wall and cheap grass fence panels to our customer support. Our expert teams will get back to you as soon as possible and we will do our best for you as our company.


Artificial Grass Wall Panels Installation Guide

Artificial grass wall panels formed by covering or combining stainless, non-oxidizing or galvanized panel mesh systems with a special PVC synthetic grass. Artificial grass wall panel produced in this way become durable and robust in structure. Grass panels for walls began to enter our lives with the developing technology. Especially in architectural structures, people want to see innovations that appeal to their eyes more.

Artificial grass wall panels, which we have seen frequently around us lately, are highly preferred because they provide a green area on the walls. Grass fences, which provide not only a green area, but also security and privacy, are highly preferred by villas, sites, poolsides or schools. It is possible to see artificial grass wall panels in areas such as restaurants, cafes or factories. The installation of artificial grass wall panels varies according to the place where it is used, and there are also differences in its installation.

In this article, as Evaligrass, one of the leading artificial grass panels manufacturers at home and abroad, we will present you with ideas about how to install fake and artificial grass wall designs.

What is Artificial Grass Wall?


Artificial grass wall is a type of fence that is mounted on panel fences and wire mesh fences produced using artificial grass. Artificial grass wall is used in most of the landscaping works done today. It has been widely used in recent years, especially for garden landscaping.

Artificial grass wall is the fence panels used for both security and decorative purposes for home gardens, which are among the modern fence systems. Artificial grass walls produced in our company are generally requested by our customers in order to achieve an architecturally natural appearance in gardens, homes, workplaces and cafes.

How to Install Artificial Grass Wall Panels?

  1. Initially, the area where the Artificial Grass Wall panel will be installed must be prepared.

First of all, the area where the artifical grass wall will be mounted is made ready for installation. At this stage, the ground is leveled, and if the ground is concrete, holes are drilled on the concrete for mounting the fence posts. If the ground is soil, the soil is dug to fix the concrete pillars.

  1. Afterwards, the artificial grass wall posts are mounted.

The installation of artificial grass wall posts is mounted on the ground specified by you. If you want it to be mounted on a concrete floor, the poles are mounted on the floor with the help of special screws and apparatus. If you want the poles to be fixed to the soil ground, the assembly process is completed by pouring concrete after the ground is thoroughly excavated. Concrete floor or concrete wall is generally preferred for artificial grass wall panel installation. If you want to use the most robust mounting management, we recommend installing your grass wall on a concrete wall. This is the most robust mounting method.

  1. Finally, artificial grass wall are installed.

We produce grass wall in rolls. The purpose of this; to provide you with faster and higher standards of service and to provide easy installation during assembly. After the fence posts are mounted, the artificial grass wall rolls are unrolled on the poles and mounted with the help of clips. During this assembly, the clips will not be visible as they will remain between the artificial grass leaves.

The answer to the question of how to install a artificial grass wall panels is that easy. If you want to install an artificial grass wall panels outdoor or in your home, you can contact us. Our experienced team is ready to serve you quickly and at high standards.

Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas

As we have mentioned since the beginning of our article, grass fence netting has a wide range of uses. The system, which can be applied to both concrete and soil floors and is loved by its natural appearance, is the most preferred artificial grass wall design ideas by our customers as follows:

  • Sports fields,
  • In buildings,
  • Around the villa,
  • Within the site,
  • In playgrounds,
  • Gardens,
  • Around the pool,
  • In various landscape areas,
  • Cafe and restaurant decorations,
  • On terraces,
  • On the roadsides,
  • On the walls,
  • On the balconies,
  • It can be used in areas where privacy is desired for the purpose of blocking the view.

You can choose these artificial grass wall models, which can be used almost everywhere thanks to their aesthetic, modern, stylish and decorative appearance, to create security.

We can list all the other features of artificial grass wall panels as follows:

  • It has the feature of being reusable. Therefore, it is an economical product.
  • It is extremely resistant to wear and fading. It does not wear and tear over time.
  • It has a structure suitable for all seasons. It is not affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • The shading frequency is high, so it hides the field of view and creates a privacy area. In addition to being decorative, it is also very effective for separating space.
  • It has different color options, but green is recommended for a natural look.
  • It is an extremely suitable product for indoor and outdoor landscaping. It is often preferred to achieve a stylish and aesthetic appearance in gardens.
  • It has a very long service life.
  • In addition to creating a decorative and aesthetic appearance, it can also be preferred to meet the need for security.
  • It is an easy-to-clean product and does not hold dust.

What Color Are Artificial Grass Wall?


Artificial grass wall panels are generally preferred in green. As this color evokes nature and naturalness, on the one hand, security is provided, on the other hand, it creates a system that cannot be seen from the outside in a way that appeals to the eye. However, if you examine our site, you can see the colors we produce in other varieties.

What Are the Artificial Grass Wall Price?

Artificial grass wall price is determined by considering the amount of material to be used and the type of artificial grass wall. Artificial grass wall protect your home and garden against any danger that may come from outside. Artificial grass wall are designed with such situations in mind.

Many products on the market in the field of landscaping wear out quickly and become unusable. However, you can use the products produced by our expert company for years, not only you but your grandchildren will continue to use them after you. Artificial grass wall produced by our company do not catch fire, do not fade or deteriorate depending on weather conditions. The size of the artificial grass wall you want to buy will also affect the prices of the artificial grass wall. Therefore, the square meter prices of the artificial grass wall also vary depending on these dimensions determined by you.

As the Evaligrass family, we know that it is important to offer you the artificial grass wall panel assembly in the best way, and we aim to serve our customers in this direction. With our experienced team, quality products and trouble-free installation processes, we present you with grass fences that you can use for many years. If you are looking for quality products and services, you can contact us immediately or make a request on our website. You can fill out the form below for detailed information about the installation process, artificial grass wall price near istanbul, artificial grass wall price near ankara and cheap grass wall. We will get back to you as soon as possible!