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Grass Fence Cost and Usage in Schools

Parents always want their children to be successful, they want them to go to good schools and achieve good things. Well, let’s say they got accepted into a good school. Parents will also want them to be safe at school, right? At this point, you need to choose a school that ensures your child’s safety and is good for their psychology. At this point, as Integral Spor, we recommend that the school where your child will be educated uses grass fence.

Another place where grass fences are used, which offers a green, pleasant and natural atmosphere, is schools. Thanks to the grass fences, a safe area is provided where your child can play comfortably. Grass fences protect your child from external factors that may come from outside. In addition, your child will relax psychologically. Because with the combination of green and nature, your child gets away from daily stresses a little bit. Grass fences, which are widely used in Europe, are slowly gaining popularity in Turkey. Our company not only produces grass fences in Turkey but also offers a service that transcends continents. It exports grass fences to many continents such as Asia, Europe and America. At the same time, it continues to show up with its safe and quality service right next to you as well as your children! You can get detailed information by consulting Integral Spor, one of the leading artificial grass fence manufacturers, about grass fences.

Why Grass Fence?

Because grass fence cost and maintenance cost is not so high, it is possible to install them for every school to prepare a safe and comfortable area for our children. Children will enjoy playing in the green environment more and will have a relaxed attitude knowing that they will not be harmed. In addition to these, they will not go out to catch the ball that escapes into the street. Because the grass fence will prevent the ball from escaping. Thus, your child will be protected from the dangers of the street or from cars.

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Grass fence is also a very advantageous choice for school management. Because artificial grass fences are easy to install and long-lasting products. If you work with an artificial grass fence manufacturer that is competent in the field just like Integral Spor, you can have a long-lasting and reliable product. It does not make much sense for schools to use fences made of natural grass. Because weather conditions, very cold or very hot weather spoil the fences which are made of natural grass. A constant renovation on the fences will be needed.. However, artificial grass fences are one-time products that are long-lasting and are a very economical choice for schools as well. Besides the economic advantage, artificial grass fence has many other advantages.

  • It is impact resistant.
  • It does not rust and thus prevents your child from facing diseases such as tetanus.
  • It does not allow the school to be watched from the outside. Your child can play as s/he wishes or have fun with her/his friends.
  • It offers a more natural and green environment for your child.
  • While metal fences negatively affect your child’s psychology (the feeling of being trapped in a place), green grass fences will relieve them.
  • It ensures your child’s safety. It protects from external factors such as cars.
  • Artificial grass fences have a flexible structure. Thus, your child will not be injured when hitting the fence.
  • Since it is not affected by weather conditions like a natural grass fence or turns into mud due to rain, it does not cause your child to slip and fall.
  • Since it has a more surrounding structure than metal fences, it absorbs the cold air. It prevents your child from being exposed to the cold breeze.
  • At the same time, the product does not catch fire easily when it comes into contact with fire, thus it protects your child from fire.
  • Since it is a tightly woven product, it prevents the entry of cats and dogs. It prevents your child from being harmed/bitten by a cat or dog.

Integral Spor and Grass Fence for Schools

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Grass fences, which look visually beautiful, are also important products in terms of security. Since normal fences are open, it is easily visible from the outside to the inside, which causes bad people to plan what they want to do. If schools are closed with grass fences, they will be safer and they will look great visually. The most important advantage of grass fences is that they are long-lasting and resistant to UV rays of the sun. They are not affected in any way by snow, rain and hail and they always maintain their vitality. When viewed from afar, grass fences give the impression that there is grass on your wall, and it makes you feel calm. That is a great feature for children. Because they can be stressed in school. Artificial grass fences are affordable, durable, safe and beautiful products that remind nature and they are good for the psychology of your children.

Grass fence is a covering product consisting of synthetic fibers with grass look, covered on wire mesh. Although it is generally used as green, it is a product that can be colored according to demand. We, as Integral Spor family, offer this service for many years. We like to build grass fences, especially in places where more care needs to be taken, such as schools. Because the safety of children is paramount. There are so many companies that leave the job unfinished and bring poor quality products out of your agreement. For this reason, we recommend you choose a competent manufacturer. As a manufacturer of sports floors based on 15 years of industry experience, commercial experience, understanding of quality and customer satisfaction, exporting to many countries, especially England, Germany, Kosovo, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, both the safety and comfort of your children are at the forefront with Integral Spor!


New Trend Instead of Metal Fence: Artificial Grass Fence Covering

Would you like to create a more pleasant and more natural atmosphere while ensuring your safety? How does the idea of ​​using artificial grass fence covering instead of metal fence panels sound in our world which is getting concrete day by day? Isn’t it amazing? As Integral Spor family, we offer you beautiful, modern, decorative and economical service. While ensuring your safety, we also promise you a pleasant atmosphere.

We invite you to get to know our artificial grass fences, which have become more common everywhere and create more modern structures. As Integral Spor, we combine the beauty of nature with the quality of our institution and produce vertical grass coverings and panels based on natural appearance and aesthetics. We make private living spaces, parks, roadsides and many other usage areas greener and more modern with grass fences, especially as garden walls. We offer both security and landscaping products with grass fences, which are very easy to install and long-lasting. We continue to bring together the quality of Integral Spor with your preferences.

Artificial Grass Fence Features

artificial-grass-fence-coveringArtificial grass fence is a fence with grass on it. For this reason, they not only offer better security but also make the walls green. It is very easy to install and artificial grass fence cost is not that expensive. By the way even maintaining cost is low-cost. Wall grass fence panels can be used for many areas such as waste bins, constructional areas, security cabins, pet houses, roofs etc. and it covers all bad looking areas. We, as Integral Sport, are ready to create a luxury look!

Decorative artificial grass fence panels are also widely used in homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, fair and event areas, shopping malls, garden, roof, balcony, terrace landscaping, children’s areas, pool sides. Artificial grass panels, which is an economical product that does not require maintenance like natural grass, is an advantageous product that always has a green appearance. While the natural grass appearance improves the aesthetic appearance of the spaces, they can be used in factories, schools, villas or facilities with peace of mind where privacy is important as it does not show the inside from the outside. It is a product that is not affected by sunlight and it is resistant to cold and hot season conditions, does not wear out, has a long life and does not require maintenance. Compared to natural grass, it provides an economic advantage without irrigation, fertilization and maintenance costs.

Grass Fence Panel Usage Areas

As we mentioned before, there is no restriction on the use of artificial grass fences. In this context, assembly process can be applied in any area imaginable. Grass fence panels can be placed on both concrete and soil floors. In this context, the difficulty of operation on soil floors is more difficult than on concrete floors. The usage areas of decorative grass fence panels are becoming more and more diversified day by day. With each passing day, we see that grass fence panels are used in many different areas. Nowadays, grass fence panels in are mostly preferred in the following areas: building, site and villa surroundings, school surroundings, sports field surroundings, hotel garden surroundings, land, vineyard surroundings, nursery, playground surroundings, garbage counter decoration, around swimming pools, home, workplace or they are used on the balconies of public areas, cafes and restaurants, and many other places where privacy is desired.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Fence Covering


There are many advantages of using artificial grass fence. We may list them as follows;

  • Grass fences have a feature that is not affected by sun rays and does not fade over time, together with its superior UV protected structure.
  • It is rustproof and resistant to bad weather conditions. It is suitable for use in 4 seasons.
  • It is economical. It does not wear out over time.
  • It protects the privacy of your living spaces. It prevents your home from being seen from the outside.
  • It can be produced in different colors.
  • It can be used in applications such as indoor landscaping or outdoor landscaping (garden landscaping).
  • The service life is at least 10 years.
  • There is no maintenance cost. It is very easy to clean. It does not hold dust.
  • It can be easily installed and dismantled.
  • Its green color evokes nature and grass fence panels are used to satisfy people’s longing for nature.

Additionally, the advantage of these panels is also revealed when compared to natural grass. You can also use natural grass in any wall or fence system. However, even if you take into account the maintenance difficulties and costs, you can only see these panels as green at certain times of the year. However, artificial grass fence panels do not have any maintenance or expense. You only need to clean it when it gets dirty. Thus, you will have a natural look in your garden for many years and at any time of the year.

The use of grass fence panels is preferred by more and more people every day because they are very advantageous. Its most important advantage, as we have mentioned before, is its ability to perform two functions at the same time; security and landscaping. Fulfilling these two purposes at the same time makes grass fence panels attractive for users. Thus, grass fence panels can be both beneficial and economically efficient. If you want to create a green, decorative, modern and safe area, do not hesitate to contact us. Integral Spor, which has been in this sector for years and is a highly competent institution in its field, is ready to offer you the best products with its reliable service quality, hardworking employees and disciplined vision that always aims for the better! You can reach us from our contact addresses, get more detailed information about artificial grass fence, and in this way, you can plan according to your wishes and budget.

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